36 thoughts on “Reporter Serene Branson: Not a Stroke Just a Migraine (02.18.11)

  1. "Just a migraine" Ouch. That's a horrible title. It wasn't a stroke, thank goodness, but migraines are far worse than most people think. "Oh you've got a bad headache." No. I don't. I have a MIGRAINE. It's not the same illness. There are lots more symptoms, even temporary blindness.

  2. i get this too when i get migrain, i lose my sight in one eye, i get a numb face and hands and i cant put words together, sometimes i dont even get the head pain i just get very muddled up

  3. I started getting these migraines a few years back after starting birth control. I'm no longer on hormones or medication, I get them about once a year and they are often triggered by stress. My mom also gets bad migraines like this, so it is definitely hereditary, so ask around in your family if they have them. Make sure you speak with with a neurologist, that's how I go diagnosed.

  4. people who haven't had this kind of migraine can never possibly understand how scary it is, I am only 14 but this has happened to me twice, once at school, its so scary because you don't know why it happens, when it will stop, or what is wrong with you.

  5. As someone with Hemiplegic migraines I can remember the time my whole left side had gone completely limp and I was confused — mind you I’m 17, so, when the doctors were saying stroke I was like, “My life’s over.” — I wasn’t able to move my arm, leg, left side of my mouth wasn’t able to see — it’s awful.

  6. uh no…medical mystery NOT solved…until you fix it…bet they gave her some highly addictive pain killers and considered it "solved". I solved it, see my other comment…that's how you SOLVE a medical problem.

  7. I bet you doctors are fucking clueless but I could tell you just by looking at her what is going on. Her jaw looks slightly receded, due to tmj probably caused by muscle tightness pulling it back. This causes a "difficult to diagnose" form of sleep apnea…basically while she sleeps, her jaw is partially closing her throat. I bet she snores quite loud from it as well. This is causing abnormally low levels of oxygen in the blood (and in turn obviously high carbon dioxide levels) which is leading to vascular contraction. Usually this causes "auras" or partial blindness then migraine headache (very painful), but in very rare occasions (usually in women but even VERY rare for women) it can impair speech. The reason it's similar to a stroke is because it's a similar cause…lack of blood and/or oxygen to parts of the brain. I only have basic knowledge of the brain but i'm going to go ahead and assume she had lack of blood in the cerebrum, whereas aura migraines would be visual cortex. Okay so how do we fix it? BUY HEROIN FROM DOCTORS? No. (yes most prescribed pain killers are derived from heroin). First of all if i'm right about the jaw problem, that needs to be dealt with. Doctors won't do this because they just aren't too bright from my experiences, and also it's more profitable to mask the symptoms (yes with fucking heroin derivatives). A quick fix…well some things do exist actually on the market, in the form of pre-workout supplements. Things like the amino acid L-arginine and many other nitric oxide increasing ingredients (ever heard of N.O. xplode?) can help, but again this is just a quick fix for that specific migraine…much better to tackle the root cause. The BEST thing to do is often natural. In this case I recommend a Tony Robbins technique called priming. You pump your arms up and down while deep breathing, but tbh just generally breathing more is a solid fix. Deeper breaths, and more of them in a day will make up for the loss at night. BUT there can still be issues until she fixes whatever is obstructing her night-time breathing! (probably the jaw) Congratulations you just read some next level shit that you probably can't find anywhere on the internet (in this time period)…some day it will be …so like if you read this in 2021 then MAYBE some dumbass doctor will have read my comments on one of these migraine videos and wrote a paper taking credit for my discovery, which is cool really as long as it helps people. CALL ME DR. HOUSE BITCHES ( I actually only saw a couple episodes of that show, but that's how I feel when in a room full of doctors..like i'm babysitting half-wit children)

  8. I've had migraines for 15 years but today was the first time I had aphasia with it. It wasn't this bad, thankfully, but I was stumbling over my words. My boss knew I had a migraine and was 'toughing it out' to get done some stuff I couldn't put off but he sent me home to sleep when I couldn't find the word "Thursday." The pain wasn't even bad, I would have rated it at a maybe 3, definitely something I could ignore, but all the other symptoms with it was too much.

  9. OMG its hysterical – It happens to me and always gives me the giggles. I'm not sure if that is a symptom or if I just see the humor because one is very aware of their "babble." Of course everyone around me thinks I'm having a stroke and I have to really reassure myself.

  10. They're no joke. Non migraine sufferers don't know what it's like at all. A bad one makes you want to reach for the shotgun…

  11. But this something that happen not just once but from time to time, sometimes once a year once a mounth … for me it comes with one side paralysis, aura, speech problems, pain, vomiting …

  12. I have these. The first time I had one was my freshman year in high school. I came home from school with a blindingly bad headache and spots in front of my eyes. I decided to lie down, this didn't help, so I went to ask my mom for ibuprofen but I could barely get my words out I said "Ireporfen" "Ibrerofen" "Ibofen" but none of it was right. My mom laughed because she thought it was just a brain fart. But then she asked me to state my name and I couldn't. Then my whole right side of my body went NUMB. I couldn't move or walk. I fell on the ground. My mom helped me up and all I could get out of my mouth was "JESUS" so my mom was like "huh?" and then I said "Tell God to pray" (whatever that means) So my Mom hugged me tight and prayed over me. After she finished, My speech was back to normal and the tingling was going away. She still took me to the ER to get checked out though. I had little faith in God/Religion before that. It changed my life.

  13. I get migraines all the time. I was assuming that screwing up words caused me to stress out and then caused my migraine.
    I happy to hear that this is not the cause. Thank you for informing me!

  14. I have this multiple times per year. It's annoying and nasty. My vision is also garbled, sentences do not make any sense and I cannot comprehend what others are saying. Not to mention I sound like I'm drunk.

  15. I have chronic migraines and also symptoms of similarities with the onset of the auro. I suffered a stroke in 2016. I too have been accused of substance abuse because of my symptoms. I suffered over 5 months of palsy in my right arm, also known as claw arm. It was so horrible and terrifying. I suffer from severe vertigo and balance problems. I lost my career at the postal service as a Regular Rural carrier, I lost my hand and eye coordination and depth perception. I was on topermaite for 7 years and now have the early stages of open angle glaucoma as a result of long term use of the medication.
    I receive Botox injections and they are helping, My heart goes out to you. I really cannot say “hey I know what you’re going through “ I can say I know how it feels to have a auro or complicated migraines and hypertension. I have blood pressure numbers that are stroke levels and take several blood pressure medications along with the cholesterol medicine.
    I just wanted to express what it’s like to have a migraine and not a headache and viewed by others as being on some kind of drugs or under the influence of alcohol. I still suffer with brain damage and still have days that are to difficult to get out of bed.
    I am sorry for anyone who makes judgement about someone that has a health condition that presents as a stroke or something like that. No one knows the way it feels and the unbearable pain we experience as migrainers. Drugs are far from reliving the pain and we know that only a rescue type medication works. Myself and my amazing neurologist have worked now 6 yrs how to effectively manage my conditions and triptans are the only effective treatment for me and Botox combinations.

  16. I have chronic migraine so this happens to me very often. I wish people would understand all the odd symptoms that come with migraines and how it affects the sufferers. If only 🙁

  17. I'm 13 I get bad aura migraines messed up vision headache nausea and today I couldn't get out a sentence that made sense I sounded like her 😥

  18. I deal with these types of migraines like this I used to have as many as 4 a month they are horrible and hurt like you would not believe I cried when I had my first one as well I was scared and could not tell my mother what was happening my thoughts were right but my voice did not match when I was asked "how do you feel" I responded with "triangle watermelon" when I wanted to say not any better thankfully with the right doctors and continuous monitoring of brain I was able to get put on the right prescription and now I have only had 3 in the past 6 months

  19. The people she works with sat her down and gave her water. Wow. Luckily it was a migraine and not a stroke. They should have taken her to the hospital.

  20. What if she was actually channeling a 5th dimensional entity, but the station is forcing her to tell people it was just a migraine to keep the media overlords' presence a secret?

  21. She got mixed up and thought she was back at her home planet speaking in her native alien language but she covered her mistake and said it was a migrane so she wouldn't blow her cover , the truth is she is an alien in human form sent to infultrate our societies

  22. I also a migrain sufferer. It starts random. Sometimes with aura but mostly with aura. The worst case is when my family doesn't believe about it and don't help me out. They say I just have to take fresh air, water or eat something. At this time while having migrain attack I hate the taste of water and barely can eat because of the muacle weakness. The best cure is to sleep it out and grab some headache killer with liquid.

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