Report Suggests Possible Intimidation Of IRS Whistleblower | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Report Suggests Possible Intimidation Of IRS Whistleblower | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Report Suggests Possible Intimidation Of IRS Whistleblower | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. They’ll do anything and everything, to sit on this. Our Republic has become a corrupted gangster state. Failed rule of law; Failed Democratic Process; Failed State . . .

  2. Is there any truth to the rumer that the incumbents is so old and weak that at his wedding someone threw a hand full of rice at the newlyweds, a piece of rice hit the incumbent and it knocked him out.

  3. Why does this not shock me. This is Trump 101! Witness intimidation. All this makes Nixon look like amateur hour. You elect a Mafia trained Pres., You get everything it comes with!

  4. Asked the first lady," would you be surprised if I got up and gave you a kiss?" She said," I'd be surprised if you got up."

  5. I'd like to believe that Richie Neal would do the right thing here. But after the way he drug his feet with the asking for Trump's tax returns, I can't put ANY faith in him doing the right thing here.

  6. Rachel you're clearly a transgender man which helps explain your mental. Issues. Btw I'm voting Trump no matter what you say

  7. The whislteblower is a fake just like MSNBC and Rachel Maddow is a sick puppy. The House Democrats have a fake partisan narrative for impeachment that is a waste of time, because the Senate republicans and a small percentage of Democrates will not impeach on this fake premise of a case. Monday some facts should be coming out with the IG report and action by a real criminal prosecutor John Duraham that will start to show the American people that there was and still is ill intent and crimes being committed by the Democrat deep state. When President Trump is re- elected in 2020 he will be able to put in another supreme court judge and further clean the swamp by firing many Obama leftovers that are subversive to the sitting government!

  8. How many whistle blowers were attacked by the Obama administration? Did Obama use the IRS as a means to attack people who disagreed with him? Is this report insinuating that Trump is doing the same thing? Journalism that is unbiased would leave no stone uncovered to get at the truth.

  9. MSNBC doesn't show important videos like Biden admitting to what they blame Trump of. This is not news its bias propaganda.

  10. The person who "informed" the whistleblower about maybe going to jail has broken US Federal law and should be indicted and brought before a Federal court and tried just like any other criminal..

  11. A "Report" "Suggest" "Possible" "Whistleblower"

    This is fiction storytelling at it's transparent finest. I trust the Onion more then these clowns at "BS"NBC

  12. I wish you Trump haters wouldn’t be so Serious about trump It’s only going to be a lot sadder when he wins in 2020 lol


    Unemployment just dropped at 3.5%, 266,000 jobs were added in November 2019.

    These Democrat Reprobates want to Impeach this Greatest most accomplished President for here-say crap, this should be Front Page News, best economy ever!
    Trump's winning the Trade War more jobs coming! 🇺🇸

  14. "Trump’s approval right now exceeds that of Obama at the same point in his first term." I don't think Trump can win 49 states like Reagan, but I think he can win 45.

  15. "Trump’s approval right now exceeds that of Obama at the same point in his first term." I don't think Trump can win 49 states like Reagan, but I think he can win 45.

  16. America has fallen short in the definition of foreign Russian intervention in elections. If 17 security agencies have declared that Putin and his oligarchs interfered in the elections, is not clear how much. News barely mentioned hijacking of computers in Broward County. Probably the truth is more damaging. If this intervention came to the level of data corruption, I believe this is a terrorist act, and an act of war. The threatening of our democracy is more significant that the 911 attack that meant thousands of lost lives and assets. If so, why CNN is hosting the misinformation campaign of RT NEWS, – A Putin’s instrument of war- that is clearly targeting the credibility of American media in African American population????

  17. Expose the whistleblower and force him to testify… call (202) 224-3121  to give your voice.  Truth belongs to everyone

  18. Leftist media is very sickening. They are making the country sick and divided by focusing on the negative stories with their propaganda. America is doing way much better November 26000 job added record low unemployment rate. Except for dems and the leftist media Americans are doing very good. Shame on MSNBC and their negative approach.

  19. The information would be in the hands of the Republican majority Senate. The Democrats definitely do not want that. The dems would be able to control that information.

  20. RBG blocked the release of the democrat demands to see Trumps taxes. You think it's ok for the republicans to start making the same demands on , say, medications certain public servants are on? Well, those public servants that are past 70 yrs old, of course

  21. Oh yeah that's right, the Evil Millhouse hasn't been talked about lately. He too should be removed for his obstruction of the law.

    When our Democrats win in 2020, REMOVE EVERY SLIMY SLUG TRUMP APPOINTED from education, housing, etc.

  22. Definitely need to impeach this president, they'll literally came in here like there's no rules were the boss no oversight . This is absolutely absurd.

  23. As a national security measure, Americans, are routinely reminded " If you see something say some" via Public Service Messages; and whistle-blowers are doing just that. What patriot do not agree with this?… Please, stand up to be recognized…
    These people, who are against whistle-blowers need to just get rid of ALL home and business security systems, they find comfort in knowing they have.

  24. This is useless because it's a baseless and ridiculous impeachment inquiry built on nonsense..but, what's weird is not one msm channel talking about the terrorist shooting at the naval base? Doesn't fit the liberal media agenda?

  25. Intimidation sounds like something the trump administration and gop loves to do. trump and gaetz threaten witnesses all the time…..Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the cowardly gop thugs!

  26. lol . rachel ,stop it . 4 years of your lies . tell your viewers 266.000 jobs created again in November. ,unimployment 3.5% the lowest since 1969 ,we have the best numbers in all our life times . and we would have thousand of more jobs and dollars if Democrats would sighn the umcs trade agreement ,but can't make Trump look good,so fk the American people . the fake whistle blower is a long time Trump hater,then how's the rules of wistleblowing Chang 2 days before he comes out in a secret meeting ,. really ? but yet he hides,we know who you are come out and stand behind what you said,lol . Democrats or him don't want that . because there fake ,just like impeachment,no proof,no evidence,just opinion,and they brought in collage law professors that hate Trump,not even wittness to anything,tell there oppinion,roflmmfao . how fake can u all be ? you all don't give two fks about the American people ,just gays and ilegals,that's all u talk about for 4 years ,never seen any of u runni g to our homeless camps,but break your necks getting to the border. lol . your fake .

  27. How is guy who got paid >$200 Million to push Unhinged Conspiracy Fantasies, only worth $2 Million in Public??
    Transvestite "Rachel" must be using Offshore Tax Havens for his holdings.
    Lets Audit YOUR taxes, Drag Queen "Rachel"!

  28. Chairman Neal even though he’s a democrat will protect frumpy. He could have frumps tax returns in front of him that were offered by the SDNY and he said “no thanks”.

  29. Democrats are economic illiterates. November:
    266K New Jobs
    54K Manufacturing Jobs
    3.5% Unemployment
    3.1% Wage Growth

  30. Off-topic. Another exploitation of children in politics! Why the organizations keep silence??

  31. Artificial meat and climate change. How make huge money and grow whole generation of addicted people.
    Today people buy food in a supermarkets. They do not need fishing, hunting, gathering everyday. They addicted to the supermarkets around the world. The generations of the future will be addicted to artificial food.

  32. You MSM mongrels keep babbling about ALL of these crimes that Trump has committed, and yet you Mutts have yet to even tell the American public JUST ONE of these crimes? You have YET to apply ONE name to ONE crime – NOT ONE !!!!

  33. More Chump45 crime syndicate dirty deeds: whistleblower harassment, intimidation, witness tampering (:-( Save U.S. from #GOPutin deep, insidious cancer!

  34. Adam Schiff’s illegal wire taps are the “Whistleblower.” So, you’re saying Schiff was intimidated? Total BS.

  35. Of course trumpy would have his puppets intimidate others. Though nobody for sure knows who the whistle blower is though Trump Supporters speculate, one thing is for sure, they know the Whistleblowers attorney so Trumpy has a starting base to intimidate the whistle blower.

  36. Why Do putins trump N The republican GOP (Goverment Of Putin) Keep Showing Their Are Crooks ? Because No One Can Do Anything About Them Or To Them ? : /

  37. The so called "whistleblower" does not even qualify as a "whistleblower" under the statues . This whole whistleblower thing is looking to be like a lie in the first place. There is no proof there is one. And if there is this so called "whistleblower" he has no such protection under the law and needs to testify. He will when this gets to the senate and this whole thing blows up in the democrats faces.

  38. Machiavellian Evangelical falsehood backed terrorism campaign, the GOP Russian propagandists Godless criminal obstruction and sedition

  39. You morons!!!
    Everyone of your democratic witnesses all said there is no evidence of wrongdoing!!!!! How blind are you all going to be????

  40. Trump and his syphilitic goons have intimidated someone? No way! All of them are traitors to America and a waste of good air.

  41. Political parties are a scam >
    Clinton's/Gore NAFTA, Al gore Global warming hoax, 9/11, invasion of Iraq, mass Surveillance, illegal wiretaps Bush and Obama illegal wiretaps, mass Surveillance, Obama and Clintons attempted to Fix presidential elections 3 times, Obama spread war globally, Mass propaganda campaign and more.. Rinos/Dinos everywhere to confuse the masses.. All of Congress are Traitors.. Sold America out to COMMUNISM…
    This isn't politics and has nothing to do with political parties ,
    It's a CIA, MIC Operation, all military Generals to sell Americans out to the Communism, *universal income *
    The Feds are Bankrupt, And Global debt is maxed out..

  42. This is my complaint about MSNBC. The use of the term "evidence of possible misconduct" seems overly dilute. What's next? Evidence of the appearance of the possibility of having committed a crime? .

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