Report: 2nd Official May Blow Whistle On Trump’s Ukraine Dealings | The Last Word | MSNBC

Report: 2nd Official May Blow Whistle On Trump’s Ukraine Dealings | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Report: 2nd Official May Blow Whistle On Trump’s Ukraine Dealings | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. The most stunning revelation in all of this is that there is one, maybe even two, patriotic Americans working for this regime who haven't had spine, character and testicle amputation surgery.

  2. OK, the second official was in no position to say that he was out of bounds. We all saw the replay right? Ya got to drag that foot and have two feet inbounds or your out. And do not juggle the ball as you catch it! Laces out Dan!

  3. We all conduct relationships with lots of people. An ordinary person does not demand loyalty from associates and friends, unless that person is up to no good. Some of Trumpโ€™s acolytes are now in jail. Others will follow.

  4. Diplomatic messages make clear loyalty to Trump is far more important than official US policy or Institutional norms.

  5. They're all shitbird traitors, trump, guliani, Pompeo, Graham, pence, McConnell. . All these turncoats need to be locked up!

  6. Hey, guess what Trump just did, please read the news….He just blamed Mitt Romney for the entire Ukraine problem. Because, all of it was โ€œRomneyโ€™s faultโ€. Oh, and it was a witch hunt. Remember, it is always a witch hunt.

  7. I have a thought for all of us who see mr. Trump for the absolute traitor he is. Feel free to share this with your friends if you agree with me. I think everywhere Trump shows up in public, thousands of us need to be there with whistles around our necks. The moment he starts to speak, everyone should blow their whistles at him. That would say it all at once, and it would show all other whistleblowers out there that we stand United with them. And yes, the worldwide press coverage will be something beautiful to behold. No translation would be needed. It's time to blow our whistles on traitor Trump, because the sound of whistles will drown out the sound of hateful tweets.

  8. Now the 2nd whistleblower has already said that they no more than the 1st whistleblower they have to come forward surly otherwise they will be holding something back that could be detrimental to your security America so now is the time to get rid of your president

  9. How much more loyal would all the president's men be if he were less willing to throw them under the bus to protect himself, if he didn't ask them to help him commit high crimes and misdemeanors, like selling out the nation's security for his own, as if he were the nation, the most important thing to protect? That idea never occurs to the president. They know that. Amazing how much information leaks out of the White House, but one piece of information the leakers manage to keep secret is their own names. Must be incredibly frustrating for Trump. May he be frustrated again and again.

  10. Considering that a good number of Americans actually support Trump I think the damage is done to foreign relations. If all this was engineered to create division with longterm allies with Russia benefiting from it I don't think anything that happens to Trump will heal the rift. Trump didn't destroy the Republican party – the Tea Party did. Trump just finished the Republican party off.

  11. If you have to think about weighing the crimes. Itโ€™s a crime. Whistle blow it! Donโ€™t let the propagandist smear the truth! Do it for America!

  12. Michael Schmidt thanks for the story but please put into perspective that what the president wants from his staff is to hide the truth and it is illegal. Loyalty is not a word that can be used by scoundrels. Please use those words for respectful diplomats that do not ask staff to lie to the country. Say what he is doing and say the truth. Thanks Michael , please get more dirt on this abomination. Thank You Lawrence

  13. The media and dems are in panic mode, amping up the same tired, zero substance stories, say it it as often as you like, it's still bs. What are they so scared of anyway, don't worry the cold light of truth and proof will set ya'll free. Never seen them in lock step, thay are all now lined up, kinda crazy? Their problem is, that even if Trump was guilty of this desperate straw clutch, it's still nothing, and nobody cares anyway…
    Justice is coming, watch the rats scramble, it'll be easier to know who's guilty …can't wait, finally humanity will evolve beyond war pestilence and famine.
    Love and Peace to everyone, everywhere, always

  14. Trump has the killer/survivor instincts of the most dangerous animal predators. He's much more dangerous than any predator because the defunct GOP, the white supremacists, and Putin made him the world's most powerful leader. He's terrified of impeachment, but if he goes down he's taking many of his Ex-GOP whores and corrupt minions with him. Trump has involved them (including his kids) in his crimes and he's ordered them to support him unconditionally, or else…!

  15. This is another Fake News, and everyone on the side of Truths and honour should be glad that Liberals and Crooks should be deceived by their own News- Fake Hosts again and again.

  16. Is that guy always cold? every time he's on camera, he's got some coat or jacket or some outer layer on. Get this person a space heater, for goodness sake.

  17. lol another whistle blower who heard from someone who heard from someone now has another whistle blower to do what? the dems has ABSOLUTELY lost their minds .

  18. Thatโ€™s a THIRD whistle blower, the SECOND blew the whistle on Trumps taxes being held up in the IRS illegally to stop anyone from seeing them or tampering with them as well as Penceโ€™s taxes!

  19. All of the people in this administration that know all or even some of what's going on will come forward because they know they will do time. It's going to get much deeper in do time, this is a big freaking mess. We have a want a be mob boss in the whitehorse the longer this GOES on the worse it will get this country is the embarrassment of the world. He has been a CON MAN all of his life. It makes you think, are the people who voted for him, what were they thinking. Are they just like PRESIDENT DUMB DUMB or did they just hate Obama to . It has to be 1 or the other. It just SHOWS people haven't changed they just were hiding it till this creep came around, THEY WOULD RATHER HATE OBAMA JUST FOR HIS COLOR YOU CAN NOT SPEAK ON HIS CHARACTER OR HIS INTENTIONS. THE MAN HAS NOTHING BUT CLASS

  20. If DT seriously releases his tax returns to public knowledge, he can exonerate himself… if he does not… his talk about corruption Cannot be taken seriously….and obviously is guilty…. its as simple as that… everybody has forgotten about his Tax returns…..

  21. All these crooks have been encouraged by the weakness shown by the democrats after the Muller report. And on the other hand: people who try to do the right thing get discouraged by the threats and corrupt behaviour of the people in the White House and can expect only reprisals if they dare to do the right thing as happened to the Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch who was fired for not 'playing ball' and to the acting Attorney General Sally Yates who denounced general Mike Flynn in 2017. Just 2 examples. Who knows how many more are there.

  22. I don't know why anyone is whistle blowing knowing their lives are in danger and he will remain in office even if he is impeached. Impeachment needs fixed to remove from office or what good is it?

  23. "Look," does NOT make me want to listen. It's ANNOYING. You all do it. It's deliberate and manipulative. Find another word. The third time he used it I turned you off.

  24. There are SOOOOO MAAAANNNY smoking guns! You could impeach at least 20 presidents. The reason for the entire failure is Barr who has turned the DOJ into the buffoon's bleaching crew. No one in the DOJ has tried to make Barr's impeachment possible. Are they all complicit in the WH FUBAR?

  25. People should get together about 1/2 million of them in front of the White House and all blow their whistles nonstop until the walls come down or Trumpty Dumbty . Sort of like the story in the bible with the trumpets ! That would drive Trumpty Dumbty insane! ๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽบ๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ”Š LMAO !!

  26. Simply put,Trump is out to destroy America.There is no Republican Party and he is getting all the help he needs from his sycophants,xenophobes and evangelicals.
    "When fascism comes to America,it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the Cross"
    Written by Sinclair Lewis from his 1935 novel"It can't happen here".

  27. About time for Kelly Ann to come forward she can only swallow but so much I'll just leave it to your imagination think about it whatever? A natural true whistleblower?

  28. Lots of demonrat paid trolls on here covering for this latest deep state narrative to be conjured up by the jilted obuma holdovers operating cloak and dagger operations in cooperation and coordination with the yellow press and commie news media hacks.

    You are a true American hero! Thank you to the second one to step up. May they keep on coming.

  30. Mr. Schmidt's argument about other potential WH whistle-blowers seeing that earlier efforts to hold the pr*tender pr*sident accountable had failed and are looking for another route, can also possibly see those earlier failures as a substantiation of the "killing on 5th Avenue" metaphor. PS: Mr. Schmidt, using "look" and "so" to begin a sentence suggests that your audience is subservient or ignorant.

  31. If he/she has to think about it… they must not be a patriot, or the crime must not be to bad, or it would be an easy decision for a patriot..

  32. Something is very odd about this. These people are not hiding that they are out to get Trump by hook or by crook. It's an attempt at coup d'etat by the deep state masked under the guise of "concern for the constitution and the country". It doesn't work. Trump released the transcript of this phone to the leader of Ukraine. EVERYBODY CAN READ IT. EVERYBODY CAN MAKE THEIR OWN MINDS. EVERYONE CAN SEE WHAT IS BEING SAID ON MEDIA LIKE MSNBC AND CNN and witness the contrast. If anything, this (Dem) 'impeachment' process is galvanizing Trump's supporters for 2020. Schiff (for brains) has already beed reproached by the media for lying (Four Pinocchios) . This stuff about a 2nd whistle-blower is just another attempt to rescue the (Dem) impeachment process.

  33. The cockroaches are all coming out. Now we have a first hand account. So how does it differ? What phrases are moving the innocuous document into high crimes and misdemeanors?

  34. Bwhahahahaha. Dummies. They already released the transcript, already talked to the Ukraine Pres.
    Big nothing burger.

  35. To this person: please come forward and save our democracy. The American people can see that the government is not cooperating with most of the subpoenas that are being given by the House. This tells you that these people have alot to hide.

  36. Biden was not the target of Trump's investigation into Democrat-Ukrainian collusion. His confession video just happened to go viral on YouTube, which is not Trump's fault

  37. Without a "formal" complaint, this person is not a "whistleblower, " but just an unknown source spouting hearsay.
    And if it is another CIA agent, the person is not a whistleblower, but simply running an 'op'. The only time a CIA agent can be considered a whistleblower is when s/he is blowing the whistle on the CIA itself.

  38. The whistleblowers are the real Patriots…and deserve protection from these corrupt individuals in the Whitehouse…

  39. Just think of one thing: both whistleblowers had lawyered up with the law firm that connects to Hilton and pedesta: they actually pay for the mortgages and all other expenses for anyone who can find dirt on trump. How is this not dirty tactics? They literally paying people to dig anything they can to overthrow my president. Thays why all this crap doesnt pan out. Because they want to get paid. MSNBC not reporting real facts about all these dirty democrats. If any one of you believe this is so dumb.

  40. Bhahahaa, is this what Democrats call news??? Omg the more juicy details about all this is on this news station

    Polosi took dirty money
    Shumer took dirty money
    Obama took dirty money
    Biden and son took dirty money
    Urianium one Clinton and Obama scam.
    Awan brothers, extortion info scam.
    Washermanshults frauds
    DNC and Bernnie Sanders
    DNC Clinton ordered Seth Rich murder.
    Pedophile lobbyists Podesta.
    Crupt HRC Hillary . Emails and murders
    Bill Clinton, elites loleta express
    With Jeff Epstien pedophiles.
    Plus too much more to mention.
    This deep state cabal must be eradicated.
    If you agree with the Democrats
    If you vote with the Democrats.
    If you side with the Democrats. ..
    you tie your soul to these evildoer criminals.

  42. Arent you guys getting tired yet of constantly getting your hopes up and then finding out it was all horeshit in the end over and over and over and over and over?

  43. Whistleblowers have unique power: they can provide information directly to Congress. This means they avoid the silliness of asking the Trump Justice Department to evaluate a case (Nothing to see here, move along!). Congressional hearings are far from perfect as a means of revealing the truth, but at this juncture, they are far and away the most effective. Trump cannot control whistleblowing, and while he compares it to treason, Senator Grassley has a far more accurate view: a high form of patriotism.

  44. We are finding how deep the root of WH. goes !!! It not just Trump , folks !! he has lots of help. I wonder how long before the rats desert the ship ?? lol.

  45. People. Look up this on google: "NSA paralell construction" and see what you get. Then look at what is going on right now.

  46. Dont need a whistleblower or journalists to tell us what we can read for ourselves.Ukraine President is first witness…he was not pressured. End of story.

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