Rep. Scalise defends Trump in fiery interview on impeachment

Rep. Scalise defends Trump in fiery interview on impeachment

100 thoughts on “Rep. Scalise defends Trump in fiery interview on impeachment

  1. It's funny how when democrats say Donald Trump is doing something illegal by asking the Ukraine to investigate Biden that would help him in his campaign, yet when Donald Trump was running, the democrats were investigating him. So I guess when the democrats do it it's just getting to the truth, is that how it works hypocrites?

  2. This Insufferable Chris Wallace is too stupid to understand what Scalise is telling him. His father must be rolling in his grave. Wallace needs to go where Shep went!

  3. Fox News…the minute the clip is Wallace, people leave. You can have the best guests that we want to hear…and Wallace tanks any chance. Get rid of him!

  4. Just let these clowns in the "news" media spout their own opinions on their network grandstands, and don't bother appearing on their shows. They constantly interrupt answers, so why bother appearing?

  5. Why is Chris Wallace such a weasel prick?! He is an argumentative saboteur of truth and logic. Don't you want to hurl a bucket of ice water at him?

  6. This is a democratic demonic madness at its highest. How can a whole country now revolve around a single phone call.

  7. c w is as corrupt as his chump dad was Surprised he can talk with all that pedoleft stuck down his throat …. and I'm glad I didn't buy his wife's stupid soup book Blah!!

  8. hay need another wittnes i talked to someone who talked to someone herd something that might be important send me a first class ticket an 10 grand and ill swear like hell about BS to. living in canada makes me a no it all .look at our leader that proof right there how much we know up here

  9. also what Sunland was quoted saying there wasn't about individual investigations it was about anti-corruption policy that's required before we give aid to a foreign country.that statement had little to do with anything the president said and more to do with the requirement that before we give aid to a foreign country they they are required to State publicly they're going to fight corruption there supposed to have a public mandate to fight corruption.I personally don't want my tax dollars ending up in the corrupt pockets of some ugly ark doing business in Ukraine and taking the money back to Russia

  10. I mean go back and read that goddamn statement nothing in there is specific that's talking about a general anti-corruption policy

  11. Trump is an imbecile. No president has ever attracted to much negative press. We in europe agree he's an orange imbecile

  12. What idiots like this Chris Wallace don't realize is that the people of our country know that our President has every right to have some one investigated that is suspected of corruption in our government. We can see how idiots like Wallace keep trying to twist the truth around to fit their agenda of trying to make Trump look bad. I don't understand why anyone in President Trumps administration go on these lying liberal media shows, all these media idiots do is lie and try to cut off the host from telling the truth.

  13. Chris – shut up and let the man answer – just because you don't like his answer doesn't mean you should be rude and talk over him.It's like the gentleman said – bottom line is Ukraine did get the money – so quit with the innuendos. We all know that the demorats wouldn't lie – what a joke!

  14. The issue is his complete lack of any substance in his argument. In fact if we study closely his rhetorical tactics we can identify two very clearly.
    Ad hominom- He continuously redirects the questions back to Obama and other distractions.
    Repitition- He continuously uses the single statement that Zalensky denied any withholding based on investigation. But this does not answer the question of why Republicans and Democrats alike, career and honorable officials with lengthy bi-partisan public service records, have come forward to testify. The fact is that there is one claim in his defence and an overwhelming amount against him.

    Unfortunately, the comments below do not reflect an informed and reasoning electorate. Red herrings such as "coup" and denouncing a reporter's line of questioning as a sign of his working for "CNN." I support some of Trump's policies and reject others. Because I stand somewhere in the middle, I am not opposed to the re-election of a Republican candidate or a Democratic candidate. But a serious reflection of the ongoings needs to occur here. And the people need to be smart enough to recognize that neither Trump nor Warren nor Biden are really concerned with you or whats best for you. They continue to try to create a rift with words like "impeach" and "coup" and "civil war." My fellow Americans, may we put each other and the future of our united great homeland before any of the petty and self-interested agendas of these people who are quite out of touch with the reality of US, all of US, the American people. Republican and Democrat alike. I watch news from Fox, BBC, AP, Rueters and take notice of how each one can frame the issue just so to fit their agenda. Dont fall victim to the radicalization created by hyper bi-partisan echo chambers.

  15. Chris everyone you're mentioning it's their opinion it's what they're feeling they suck their supposed to do what the President says regardless what they feel what their opinion is.

  16. Also, bear in mind the sheer number of these nonsensical comments are generated by those same hyper- partisan algorithms. We the people, the majority are not the radical liberals or radical right-wings portrayed by the media. They falsly generate this nonsense with bots, lies, and other things. CNN TOO!!!

  17. Chris Wallace, can we stop with the speculation & wait to hear the testimony? Sheesh! Speculating this way is useless and pointless.

  18. I don't get it, WHAT exactly is wrong about going after Biden, even if that is advantageous for Trump in his re-election? Are not him and his son criminals? Does not that matter? You covering up for the CRIMINALS? You COLLUDING with the criminals? Did they pay you? Just thinking aloud! How is it that the alleged crime against the state via corruption with a foreign state does not matter to Wallace the Plasticine man, but he does not like that Trump likes to focus on the big stuff? Surely, it must be against the laws of journalism for news hosts to befuddle crimes against the State? Hmmm?

  19. Why does FOX lie about the description of this interview. This fake old man with dyed hair should been hung out to dry. Stupid ole sh1t!

  20. I am sure all the Trumpettiers wont listen to the fact but believe on the pathetic excused that his lap dogs are saying, Keep tell the lie over and over and people will believe it. GOP has fall so low is become a lying corrupt party.

  21. Donald Trump is the most corrupt liar the presidency has ever seen. Anyone with basic common sense can tell that Trump is a compulsive liar not fit to be president.

  22. Republican Scalise will loose his job for protecting a con, narcissistic and very insecure President . Shame
    for protecting a con, the president broke the law by holding $391 millions from Ukrainian to find dirt on his opponent. The Ukrainian president was intimidated by trump and that is how trump run his presidency.

  23. It's so obvious the Democrats are involved in the Deep state government coup to remove the elected president this should scare all Americans this shows just how free you actually are

  24. Wake up America, this president is a crook, narcissistic, insecure. Due your homework and find out about this president inflating and deflating his properties so that he does not have to pay millions on taxes.

  25. When did law become about what people think? I've thought about choking my exwife. I've said to people both jokingly and maybe not, that I'd like to curb stomp her. But I haven't. Never laid a finger on her. Did I break the law?

  26. Why didn’t Scalise agree to impeach POTUS if the evidence proves Trump used government funds to get political favors? It would be the right thing to do. Simple… right verses wrong! I prefer that my representatives do the right thing.

  27. Taylor is that guy that sits behind you and tells you where you should have turned, knowing full well you'll get there anyway, just not "his" way.

  28. Chris Wallace is a totally ignorant and biased, what a fool to take only one side of facts and calling them as truth. Please get rid of him

  29. Fox, do us a favor….if you're going to act like CNN, change your name to FoxCNNJr. We trusted you as the only conservative channel out there but all we're seeing is CNN lite. I'll take InfoWars, Louder with Crowder, Stephen Molyneux, and even Tim Poole over the likes of the fake news that you're spewing out over the air. Your anti Trump bias is clear here.

  30. Shame on those of you criticizing Wallace for actually asking for a straight answer. You don’t want the truth. Just come out and say you don’t care what Trump does. It’d be more dignified.

  31. Seriously Republicans SUCK at responding with the facts. The fact is even if these people worked in the Trump administration, Trump DID NOT PICK ALL THESE PEOPLE!!!! They were CAREER POLITICIANS WHO WERE THERE DURING THE OBAMA ADMIN. SOME IN THEIR POSITIONS AND SOME NOT. They have Loyalty to Obama. PERIOD.

  32. Folks this is what real journalism is like. Chris Wallace is a great journalist. One who is not afraid to ask the tough questions. He does this to democrats as well. So stop the never trumper non sense.

  33. Disgusting Chris Wallace……….
    "I'm gonna beat you Scalise until you tell me what I want to hear."
    Fox is packing in the lefties

  34. I really don’t see what the issue is. You can read the the entire transcript online. What I cannot believe is how some people seem to have no issue with Biden’s alleged abuse of office, and are not calling for this to be investigated. If proved true, this is an actual crime, and surely you would not want someone with this background as a President. If he is proved innocent, then it clears up any doubts. If an allegation is made, attacking the people who make the allegations just makes one look guilty. An innocent Man would not fear an investigation, he would welcome, and even call for it.

  35. While I’m not pro-Trump, he’s NOT the first President to be accused with cause for playing dirty. I don’t see the impeachment being successful, so it seems a waste of money. However, if it is successful, it needs to be a precedent, not a one time thing. Even if unsuccessful, attempting impeachment for corruption or dirty political play needs to be used every time there is substantial doubt (whether hearsay or proof is the source because in politics, hearsay seems to be considered proof). I think it is important to have these conversations when doubt like this in the President elect comes into play, not necessarily to persecute, but to clear their name if that’s the case. It just shouldn’t be drug out after the trial is over because in the end, the President’s time needs to be dedicated to the people, no matter which President that is. There just needs to be more openness in hearings and less changing the subject. Just get to the point and one side will end up wounded in the end. In this particular case, I think it will be the accusers who leave wounded. And the Democratic party should be focusing on their campaign for 2020. Smearing never works, and I am unsure if smearing the President’s name is the game or if they sincerely think he will be impeached.

  36. Chris is rude. I wouldn't agree to an interview with him. In total, the people brought in are anti-Trump and had their feelings hurt. What do you expect?

    Chris: go away.

  37. Wallace is a worthless piece of worthless trash! Hopeless worthless piece of shite. He shouldn't get the time off day from this administration.

  38. That guy inturuiting what Trump says or ment is a fake! Worrying about his cushy job, he has no idea of what conserns Trump! He hasent reported anything like the DNC server or what Democrat's were doing! He not honest.

  39. Wallace needs to retire and go to that big radio piece of furniture in the corner, like in the 1930s. About as relevant as that furniture, as he is to us. I hate him and i can't listen to anything he ever says. I hate him and his voice gives me the creeps.

  40. If you would list upfront that Chris Wallace was the interviewer nobody would open this feed, The man sucks and I will not listen to any of his BS, I give it a thumbs down even though I like Rep. Scalise, I hope the paid advertisers pay attention because their add dollars are being wasted.

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