30 thoughts on “Rep. Rouda says arrest of Giuliani-linked associates makes impeachment inquiry

  1. Trump knew he could not do his dirty business with an honest Ambassador in Ukraine, therefore he gave Giuliani the specific Mission to create a smear Campaign in Cohorts with his 2 Crooked Colleagues. This was due to the fact that, Trump couldn't just remove the Ambassador without any explanation at all. However, once the smear Campaign started rolling, he went ahead and removed the Ambassador and the way was cleared for his plans to go ahead.
    Trumps Actions are clearly acts of Extreme Corruption, which also highlight his Complete disregard for the Constitution of the USA.
    With all the mounting evidence , Trump is still defiant calling those running the Investigation traitors, when in fact they
    are Patriots standing up to Uphold and Safeguard the Constitution of the USA.

  2. More russians falling out of the trees .really america how many more russians need to pop up in our political circles to tell us this bunch is in thick with them.

  3. There is no doubt that Dumbo Donald will appeal these court rulings. He will drag this out as long as passable Especially the 1 about his taxes & financial records. As for Yuvonovich, she has more guts than anybody, certainly more that Bone Spurs Trump.

  4. Donald Trump is narcissistic and is incapable of loyalty to anyone but himself street thugs have a unspoken rule if you fall and go to prison you say nothing ad  that is a loyalty that has sent innocent people to prison. Their is mor loyalty in the street that in TRUMP !

  5. Ms Rice made a marked difference here between Obama (normal) administration and the counterpart of Trump in an impressive manner!

  6. What an moron ! How is this posible ?! Does anyone have an idea or plan to eliminate this infection, of carear diplomats & american people becoming Lunatics ?! This is unreal. This is creazy, people ! Unseen !

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