Remove Politics Of Divisiveness, Negativity:Priyanka To Voters | ABP News

Remove Politics Of Divisiveness, Negativity:Priyanka To Voters | ABP News

23 thoughts on “Remove Politics Of Divisiveness, Negativity:Priyanka To Voters | ABP News

  1. speech is written by someone else. Both subnormal and bipolar not capable of writing anything since they failed university like corrupt Italian Mafia Mama. Both citizens of Italy. Trash Ghand-hi family running in our country. Throw them Out!

  2. Baap boforse ka ghotalebaj
    maa national herald ki ghotalebaj
    bhai koyla 2G common wealth ka ghotalebaj
    beti abhi hawa main chal rahi hai congress ke ghotale
    ginaana ke bajay janta ko bebkoof bana rahi hai

  3. सुप्रीम कोर्ट जज डाक्टर राबर्ट वाड्रा भारत के प्रधानमंत्री और लड़का, लड़की होम और फायनान्स मिनिस्टर। प्रियंका वाड्रा डिफेंस मंत्री अब राहुल को मारो गोली ।

  4. Priyanka Gandhi is for vision and modi is for Television 😂😂😂😂😂modi is wasting Our Tax money spending buying media

  5. What an irony. This anti-national woman who, along with her husband, has looted 100s of crores of rupees from the very poor she pretends to help, has defrauded small farmers of their farm land, illegally owns tens of crores of benami properties in London, has defrauded the national treasury of tens of crores of rupees by evading taxes; a woman whose very name is fraudulent; now stands in front of poor people and lectures them on the PM"!!! Dear Priyanka, please tell the poor people about the huge palace you and your family live in Shimla – how much did it cost and where did the money come from? Tell us how much money your mother made by using her diplomatic immunity to smuggle valuable Indian temple treasures to Europe and sell them through her sister's antique business? What do you think of your grandma imposing national emergency to grab power when could not win at the ballot box; Please describe to us the genocide your father inflicted on the Sikhs of Delhi and used the powerful state machinery to let the killers go free. Clearly, she uses her pretty face and hides a whole lot of skeletons in her Khandan's
    closet. What a fake, a fraud, and a phoney is Ms. Priyanka Vadra.

  6. Hamara desh loktantra hh to sirf gandhi surname vale congress ke president kyu hh?? Party mei loktantra nhi?? Emergency bhi bhul gye?? Tb kha tha loktantra??

  7. स्टेट बैंक से 4000 रुपये निकाल कर राहुल Khan और प्रियंका सब्जी खरीदने पहुँचे
    राहुल : 2 लीटर टमाटर देना !
    सब्जी वाला और प्रियंका जोर से हँसने लगे ।
    हँसते हँसते सब्जी वाले ने प्रियंका से पूछा
    : मैडम आप क्यों हँस रही हो ?
    प्रियंका : ये पागल बोतल तो लाया ही नहीं !

  8. Bhakt jahil bolte 50 saal me kiya kiya are 50 saal me hindustan ko aik jhut kr k rakha kbhi sunata deshdrohi aik hindustani dusre hindustani ko bola kbhi 50 saal me

  9. केवल चुनाव के समय दिखती हैं आप बरसाती मेंढक की तरह

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