30 thoughts on “Remote Viewing ""Pi"", Pt 1. The Governing Force of Our Reality

  1. I'm wondering if all the million+ digits of pi may not have a large "chunk" that repeats within the decimal places. Would NOT surprise me if it did….something else to keep an eye out on.

    If you aren't aware, Fibonacci numbers are used all the time in stock market technical analysis because, simply put, it works. I've done analysis over more than 20 years myself and it's a very, very basic tool used by even fledgling chart analysists and is the first thing we go to when looking at chart patterns. It's just how the charts behave, for whatever the reason. That's why they have fundamental analysts and technical analysis, I guess.

    Loved the info in even this short video! The "captive mind" idea is really something to wrap your brain around, as you put it. Great work, Ed!

  2. "Octopus"- but from your drawing the first thing that came to my mind was the Vesica Piscis — maybe explore that? Sorry, I haven't seen much other than this video and I think one other short one on this subject…plus the Gematria stuff.

  3. btw, a lot of Gematria crossovers with Pi; you would be amazed. I've been seeing a lot about Pi from that angle and the relationships in Gematria – "The geometry of language" – interwoven. Think of "26" being sort of a "portal number." — 25 is 5 x 5 or a square; 27 is 3 x 3 x 3 or a cube; 26 is the number between the two, a two-dimensional object and a three-dimensional object. Not directly related but the larger idea is.

  4. I wish I had the time and organized ability to do a channel on RV, and put my own wrinkles into it but no way could I do a lot of viewing with the tornado that my life is. I just thought how ironic it is that this "Universal symbol" of Pi is a circle with a line through it; we are ALL in TROUBLE!!! lol

  5. Ed, you need to receive an award and recognition for you mind bending work. So important and under appreciated. You are respected and revered more than you know.

    **Beware of the AI / cryptocurrency path; We want a natural resource, not AI -driven future.

    ***Watch Martin Kenny flat earth videos( Santos speaks on the Elohim being imprisoned on Saturn) and also how Max Spiers describes Earth as the galactic Heart with layers of our soul fractures being imprisoned in thought forms in 3D.

  6. Bashar – The Prime Radiant Story

    Imagine if you will that in the beginning there was a particle. This particle had no mass. Then imagine on top of that, that the particle was conscious of itself. Of course this is not exactly how the Prime Radiant was, it was not really a particle but it serves as an adequate enough examples for the purpose of the picture I am trying to paint. It was just consciousness.

  7. Hi Edward Riordan, thank you for the information and video. I just made a video in response to what you say. I say how I feel and what I see and have experienced. Very serious situation for me. Thanks again. Sincerity – oh, and I have a video of 'Spirits' , an experience I had — that proves the severity of what I am dealing with. k, thanks.

  8. At 7 minutes into the presentation the UFO is drawn. PIe is a conceptual constant for the measurement of curving and roundness. The UFO is probably a sketch of the concept pie represents. Interpretation can probably go a bit more concrete though the symbology of the subconscious here is very interesting. After the UFO then you have greater focus and hone on the actual mathematical use. It is really cool session. I think the overlay is symbolizing and trying to make an abstract more concrete and describable. It's not AOL you are on target. the UFO triggered AOL of the alien intelligence. But I think it was just a sketch of what the target is used for. The captivity is capturing infinity of the sphere and circle into an equation. Just my 2 cents worth. The viewer knows his or her subconscious.

  9. I can't stop thinking of the I Ching, and how the 64 hexagrams are made up of 6 constantly changing lines of yin and yang.. Also the line representing the 'in between' of the two being, or suggesting, the connection of both like the beach being both land and sea..and each containing the seed of the other..Wonderful stuff 😉

  10. maybe it seems held captive because it is constrained by reality, i.e. you never measure a circle find pi to be 2. it would be interesting to RV another constant such as Phi (golden ratio) or 'e' and see if the viewer also perceives something held captive.

  11. Maybe describing the AI cloud brain and sensing the limitation of the rules of Pi, maybe? I love abstracts. This is great. Feeling the matrix in other words? This is really cool sensations. Thanks. How about we live in only 4% copy of the 100% of Creation?

  12. Thank you for sharing your work with the public. I very much appreciate your insights and discoveries.


  13. Great job as always. I agree with your summary of circles, spheres, etc. PI is used to calculate (by us humans) the circumference and area of a circle (2nd dimension). Through Calculus we can also derived the volume of a sphere (3rd dimension) which maybe is the closer allusion to what you're describing. As far as being captive…..could it be a dimension that isn't able to be crossed? Just throwing things out for conversational purposes.

  14. Edward, you might be interested to know that in all the ufo’s collected and studied, all the controls were designed for beings that had three fingers. When pi is calculated using a numeric system of base 3 or base 6, it is not an infinite number, but has a finite value. It seems that when humanity was genetically modified to have five fingers on each hand it was a way to limit our understanding of the universe. Because you exist in a base 10 paradigm, this could explain the weirdness and confusion.

  15. Hi Ed. The symbol is simply the lower case Greek letter for the "p" sound. Many mathematical constants have letters chosen for them by mathematicians for one reason or another.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing remote videos like this with us. You're one of the most interesting channels on YouTube! A few thoughts:

    (1) You quoted the Wikipedia article about Pi where it said "representing the sound [p]" and asked what that even means. It's just saying that the Greek letter π (pi) phonetically represents the "p" sound when we speak. Just as we write "p" in English to represent that phonetic sound every time it appears in any word, the Greeks did the same by writing π. Mathematicians later chose letters of the Greek alphabet to represent various mathematical constants, so they adopted π as the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (3.1415926….)

    (2) I'm not surprised that you got the sense of intelligence when remote viewing Pi. I'm fascinated by the fact that it appears all over the place in physics formulas, including some very important ones such as the Schrodinger wave equation that is at the heart of quantum physics. It's really quite remarkable that Pi, originally defined as a simple geometric ratio, would keep appearing in very unexpected places. There is a real beauty and elegance to the mathematics describing our physical universe and I've long believed that it's evidence of a "Higher Power" having designed our reality.

    (3) I'm not sure how to interpret your results, but I'll share a few general ideas that came to my mind while listening to your presentation in the hopes that they are relevant somehow. The image you received of a "brain in a jar" resonates with the idea of a grand overarching Consciousness without a physical body using its "brain" to simulate/dream our universe into existence. It has long been speculated by certain philosophers (especially within the Hindu, Buddhist and New Age communities) that the Higher Power is synonymous with the universe itself (called pantheism or monism). Perhaps the Higher Power created a simulation so that it can live and have life experiences through the many beings that exist within this simulated reality? It learns and is intellectually stimulated as we learn and grow and express our creative potential. So perhaps the feeling of "movement" you got so that it can feel and process is related to "intellectual movement" through continual learning and experiencing?

    (4) It's very interesting that you get the sense that this Intelligence is being "held back." When we make bad choices out of selfish intentions and fail to love others as we should, that cause others to get hurt or prevent them from reaching their full potential. This holds humanity back in the grand scheme of things – and by extension the grand Intelligence that manifested this reality we live in because it is held back from having the full range of experiences it desires through us.

    (5) The image you received of an "octopus" is interesting to me because I've seen maps created by astronomers trying to create a map of our observable universe. It turns out that galaxies aren't randomly distributed, but tend to form "clusters" that may be connected with other clusters by long streamers or tendrils. Do a Google search on "Galaxy clusters, near and far" for an example. There is definitely a visual analogy here to the network of neurons in a brain, or even an octopus. If the universe itself is conscious, then the universe could be a giant brain!

  17. Hey, were..or can you do abother video explaining ur remote viewing about Q anon.. I didnt get what was it about..

  18. Edward, you're going exactly in the right directions, Saturn, spheres…. etc, in astrology/metaphysically Saturn plays a big part of the "suffering" in our (existential) lives. Saturn is a big and heavy planet and moves slow, it's the planet of karma and is generally considered a "block" or blockage. And there is also a really interesting concept in astrology where… you have the snake with its head representing spirituality (where we are supposed to go) and the tail being materialism, and the snake is cut in two… or it keeps eating its tail, I don't remember exactly remember how it was or what the notion was, but there's a constant process going on (just like with Pi, the irrational number, a constant endless flow of numbers…). Like the snake is trying to reach its head/tail or something to reach full circle (it keeps eating its tail, like a dog would follow his tail endlessly). It is seeking that spirituality (seeking itself). These are called the south node (past life) and north node (future/direction), but spiritually/metaphysically or in a more deeper meaning, this is what it really means / or what the meaning of it really is (with the tail etc). There is a constant storm on Saturn, the planet IS a storm, it has a hexagonal shaped storm on its pole, did you know that? You can fit 3 or 6 Earths into that single hexagonal shaped storm, did you know that? And I agree (I saw that part now, the following text is written before you started talking of what I'm about to write here, in the following lines), I think what you percieved was us, our consciousnesses, and how they're being "held in", or being held captive. A system built to hold us in, this is what Buddha broke through too, when he got "enlightened". In the gnostic teachings (early christianity, all whom got killed, lol.. not funny, but yeah, the "lol" is just there to show how stupid the situation is, or how stupid it is) there is talk of a "demiurge" or whatever, basically a system that was created to "hold us in". Some sort of "architects" built it. I'm quite sure this cage is the limen that you're talking about. And the brain inside is our consciousness. "Powerful awareness – how was it like before being held captive? – 360 degree sight – omnipresent" – that's how our consciousnesses are. We are being taught that that's all there is, but that's not it. Here we go, found it, Ouroboros: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouroboros and do look at the egpytian picture as well, you'll see an immediate circle lol…. Here's an interesting link (if you're interested), there's talk of infinity…. lol, infinity.. 🙂 https://www.crystalinks.com/ouroboros.html There was a NASA scientist that discovered huge cylindrical shapes (or crafts, you could call them) near the ring of Saturn and seemed to point toward the fact that these shapes are actually building or "tending to" or "forming" the ice ring of Saturn. The Ringmakers of Saturn! is the book, you can get a pdf if you google, do check it out. There's stuff going on here and I'm sure this is all connected. Here's an image for a sneak peek: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/wK4TrgL4JPk/hqdefault.jpg It is my firm belief that these rings have some sort of implication for how.. or what is going on on Earth, maybe? …. Since it's made of ice, (water), crystals, carriers of information, that information is being sent here and the moon is the antenna or radio for that (since the moon is an artificial object, could even be hollow..) and the moon has not been and WAS not a natural companion to our Earth (actually Earth was a bigger planet, or rather we were on a bigger planet before? Or there was a bigger planet before…, but something happened and the order of planets was rearranged, even scientists say that there seems to be something missing, if you take a look at our solar system, there seems to be like a "hole" where you would THINK that there should be a planet – that's where I think the old big planet was that got destroyed when that big disaster or cataclysm happened, which is when I think this system got "hijacked" by these so called architects… that's my feeling at least, for now.) I think saturn is what creates the grid and the ice ring sends it out, and the moon is the reciever and deploys it on Earth? lol, however funny that might sound… But I don't think it's like a "physical" type of thing, I think it's more to do with the planets, how they "interact" with each other as in the beings in them, the moon is doing "something" to Earth …. (inner core? thoughts about the inner core, your session etc….) The moon is holding Earth captive… perhaps? … Thus all beings that are born on Earth are so called captive or in the "grid"? …. This might be far fetching but this is where my feelings leads me lol.. I don't know if its true however, just a feeling.. 😀 Or is it a system wide thing – a solar system wide thing.. I don't know.. there's definitely something going on anyway… a grid… the moon…… so on so on…..

    And remember you said you felt the same as when you would do the Earths core session? These things are connected, there's definitely something going on….. as you got closer, the lamp fell down…. shit's happening man! You got too close, they did not want you to find out, SOMETHING. Or it might've been… well, it's too difficult to speculate, but yeah… the lamp did fall down, whether it was "someone" or something else that worked toward your benefit actually, for you (to protect you or whatever), it could've been anything…. you never know…

    and yeah, we recently had a visitor from another galaxy! Oumuamua, hope I spelled that right lol, a whistleblower said that NASA/CIA/NSA had kept a long eye on that object already for a long time, as it entered our solar system, but yeah, they said that it was from another galaxy, a derelict old craft. And no one seems to talk of how it actually for no "visible" reason produced a thrust (it actually made a turn and went out the solar system lol), and everyone was dumbfounded, including scientists… them most of all, how it from nowhere just produced a thrust and left the solar system!!!

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