31 thoughts on “Reflections on Singapore's General Election 2015

  1. Well done for sharing this! Truth be told, Singaporeans are scared of change! Sounds like China or Russia!

  2. Dumb politicians is not the problem….
    The problem is the Dumb people that keep voting them in……
    Pity the elderly who still hv to work instead of spending quality time n impart life experiences to the children n grandchildren…
    Wat to do ppl are so Dumb…they dnt realise the govt gv a chicken wing now n will take back from the ppl…a whole chicken thru taxes n levies etc…….sighs…

  3. Don't be surprised if PAP's manifestos do not have any promise. In Malaysia, Tun Mahathir said, manifesto is not a holy book.

  4. wait! (21:18) there had been cases where people's CPF had been taken away because they don't toll the line! This is a serious accusation, any supporting evidence?
    (I keep myself unbiased and neutral when listening to this. I should say some are facts but not all are entirely true. the above is a good example)

  5. The accusation of detaining opposition is kinda bullshit in today's context. There has not happen in the last 30 years. CSJ case doesn't count if since he was on a civil disobedient campaign of which the purpose was to get arrested
    Also negative campaigning is how the opposition conduct their entire campaign. They do not make any policy proposals. Most GE they just spend the entire time slamming PAP

  6. o urgently we need to replace fm , mom, dm , pm n also 1 pres (really can) do the planning not just sign / stamp – – approve , _ stop gst , no more thinking o increase any form o collecting more revenue fr poor citZ till we c ourself misery sad old folks cum slavery plus working pioneer g n lastly – drop d @99

  7. Today is 12 June 2017 and it's almost half way through b4 the next GE.
    Very interesting to hear the narrative of Dr Thum. He has my support.
    Now, I think the PAP has done their ground work in house visits, some of them doing ok and some doing scantily obviously if you have seen them in your Constituency.

    So what happen to the opposition, have they done their part in house visits? I think only WP have done a good job so far but only in Aljunied grc, SDP very little here and there, SPP lesser than SDP, and the rest I think is less than 100 blocks of flat.
    So we can see in summary the opposition itself has not put up a solid ground work in the Heartland.
    And my question is, what are the chances now for the opposition to win the next GE.
    I'm afraid only WP shall return Aljunied grc in the next GE as I see it.

  8. Refreshing discussion. I do however disagree that TOC is a credible news source.
    When it comes to political opinion, there are no credible sources. Exercise sound judgment.

  9. So sad that Singaporeans will not organize and have a general strike until the Lee's and the whole PAP step down. They are nice people but are oppressed by a dictator who rigs the electoral process and pillages all the wealth of the country. The Singaporean people are slaves to this corporate dictatorship and the west thinks that they are a democratic country. China is less oppressive to it's people.

  10. it's a fact that the system is heavily biased to the PAP. Even you if you love the PAP, you have to at least admit that

  11. Dr. Thum, not totally convinced by your comments on Lui Teck Yew. Earlier you said he was sacked for screwing up big time with vindication. Towards the end you can't confirm the truth. Hope you are not putting up a show as if you know the truth but in actual fact you don't have a clue.

  12. Dr. Thum, see you in next GE as an opposition candidate. Spread your sense of unfairness like the gospel!

  13. Why is Singapore So mean by In posing $40K if Candidate must had a mere of 40% vote. That is Really BS Government Autotorian Rule

  14. Dr. Thum, thanks for your work in providing a non-"pro govt" historical narrative. I was wondering about one thing you mentioned though – at 1:00:57 you mentioned Ng Chee Meng's brothers – "one was Chief of Air Force, one was Chief of Navy and one was Chief of Army"

    Did you mean to say Chief of Defence Force instead of Chief of Army? Ng Chee Meng was CAF before becoming CDF, Ng Chee Peng was CN around the same time period as Ng Chee Meng's CAF appointment, and Ng Chee Khern was CAF before handing over to Ng Chee Meng.


  15. Horribly bias description of Singapore. Obviously he has lost touched with Singaporeans, for him to create such a misleading representation of us.

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