41 thoughts on “Recessions and Fiscal Policy- EconMovies #5: Cars

  1. economics is interesting but textbooks are all designed to be boring! you make it fun! awesome teacher! thank you very much for making the world better!

  2. 1:33 GDP
    2:03 Consumer Spending
    2:25 Investment
    2:35 Government Spending
    2:43 Net Exports
    3:23, 4:59 Business Cycle (Expansion, Peak, Recession, Trough)
    4:00 Depression= Economic Crash or Downturn
    4:18 Fiscal Policy: (1) Increase G or (2) Cut Taxes

  3. I always thought why modern gangsters films (like The Departed) is set in the worst part of town. Closed business and large unemployment. Mainly because from what I learn in this video is they don’t let the business expand and losing money every week, which close down, which spend less on other businesses, which turns into a broken down place.

  4. These are some great videos. very helpful. you make it very easy to learn. I can't wait till i get my review guide. But i need to review some more concepts.

  5. I'm wearing earphone. when he speaks the sound only came out from the left earphone, when the car speak it's from the right.

  6. Mises already disproved all of the Keynesian theories in Human Action. The main one being the failure to understand that malinvestment by governments is what leads to depression once the cycle reaches its bust stage.

  7. The combination of visuals and your description is actually VERY helpful. Thank you SO much! I'm a college student at LMU and this is still very useful.

  8. this sound has to be fixed to come from both left and right Mr. Cliffordthe North Korea joke was glorious

  9. Clifford you're the man!!

    You helped make my least favorite subject… NOT my least favorite!! Is there anything I can do to help the future of these videos? Feel like a bit of a 'free rider' here

  10. You should think about adding accurate captions to your movies. I work with Deaf students in an economics classd and they would love to be able to fully understand your videos when they view them from home.! 🙂

  11. This is the reason why makeup, fashion accessories, and fancy 'girl stuff' are over marketed to please women. This is I think the real reason feminism caught fire in the west cuz if consumer expenditure is the biggest factor in determining the GDP, the government benefits immensely due to the strong and independent woman project. Number of households increases (cuz the nuclear family is pretty much abolished), the demand for pre-marital sex is at an all time high resulting in tons of bars and clubs selling the already highly taxed booze at an even higher rate plus entry fee, since the rise of the sluts and makeup, regular women must out compete them sluts in terms of beauty to increase their sexual marketplace value (by makeup and other consumer accessories), women are also naturally more impulsive when it comes to purchasing stuff (common knowledge) and unlike the past, women are employed now so they end up spending a lot of money. There is also the feminization of men (to spend more money on consumer goods).

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