18 thoughts on “REALIST NEWS – SF cops explain why they raided journalist, cite "B.S" conspiracy probe

  1. This happened to Brian Vukadinovich who sued the Indiana cops for false arrest and he became a expert in Per Se law.  Brian Рand Joe Рare two of my heros!!!

  2. You nailed it !
    The police are criminal gangs!
    They kill, steal and destroy with impunity.
    So why is Trump honoring them?

  3. Pretty much all the police departments across the country have been militarized need I say more

  4. Like we say back home and Baltimore the Bloods and Crips are bad but the Blues are the nastiest gang in the whole city. Matter of fact it is the Blues City

  5. 'We believe that…." and therefore we have the right to knock down his door with a sledgehammer, and handcuff him for 6 hours. This is insane and scary!

  6. there is no one more disgusting than a cop. they are the assholes of the community. mothers, I know you want your kids to have a job when they grow up so they can have a life. but for God's sake don't let them become cops.

  7. My woo woo friend said bitcoin is going to 7.1k and headed to 9.5k+ then it will consolidate at 8k thats when alt season starts

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