37 thoughts on “Reagan Government is not the solution to our problem government IS the problem

  1. Reagan was right he was always right we don't need Government in our lives.

  2. We're living in a World War II that what's theirs is theirs and what's yours is negotiable I've got something in the go she ate with them six. Chambers filled up liberal bastards

  3. “in this present crisis government is not the solution to our problems… Government is the solution to our problems"

  4. Brought to you by the Friends of Iran-Contra. America truly was never the same after Reagan. Look at where and when criminally severe economic inequality started in this country and when the 1 percent took over. Thanks, Ronnie…

  5. Let Is blame government for regulations. So that no one is forced to wash their hands before going back to work in food industry.

  6. "In this present crisis…" Why is it that, almost always whenever this line is quoted, the first four words are dropped?  They provide essential context for the times.  The political tug-of-war of the late 1970s was very different from today's.  Confronted by the problems of the day, old-fashioned Johnson-Humphrey era Democrats favored using heavy-handed regulations and prohibitions, while market-oriented Republicans favored relying on personal freedom and innovative pricing mechanisms.  Republicans won the debate!  From the Clinton era forward, Democrats have favor using market-based solutions wherever possible to solve society's problems.  But what happens when we can't even agree on the existence of problems?  The tragedy of our times is that many are so worshipful of "the market" and viscerally disdainful of government that they have stepped off the edge and refuse to even acknowledge the existence of urgent problems such as climate change, crises in health and education, and corrosive, widening social inequality.  Reagan was enough of a pragmatist that he would have adapted to the times. The glib misuse of this quote to poison public attitudes toward government is surely one of the most damaging aspects of his legacy.

  7. Extol a simplistic one-liner and the herd will follow…! Hitler's play-book? Proof of Americans' love for "appearance over substance? Probably…

  8. *Starts a slow clap* Yes, we build our nations military in case countries decide to start a war. North Korea is just one country on the break of war with the U.S. If we slow down, our military experience and weaponry would slow us down and ultimately cause demise to our country. We DO SPEND a lot of money, but it's for our country's own good.

  9. The United States spends more on military spending that the next 20 nations combined. This view is actually from Rand Paul not MSNBC.

  10. Unfortunately, youre clueless about history, and simply repeat MSNBC talking points.

    When Regan took office DOD spending was 4.7% of gdp. Now its under 4 and is near an all time LOW of 3.6.

    We are definitely spending ourselves into demise, but it isn't the DOD spending doing it. Its the $125 trillion in unfunded handouts going forward.

    Facts refute liberals EVERY time.

  11. The highlight of the Reagan Presidency should always be the defeat of the Soviet Union without firing a shot. How did he do it. The USSR was overly-focused on military build-up, neglecting domestic troubles that would play a major role in bringing down the USSR. This was largely due to the perceived need to keep pace with the massive U.S. military build up.
    Unfortunately the US has continued these massive military budgets into the 21st Century and they may be our demise.

  12. "Reaganomics does just the opposite." History proves you wrong yet again.

    Liberals have difficulty understanding (anything, really) a very simple concept. investment IS economic activity. Investing isn't e vending machine where you put in $1 and $1 million comes out.

    Wealthy people aren't keeping they money in coffee cans buried in the back yard. as money is invested, business are created or expanded, creating more jobs.

    You deserve to be a liberal. Youre too stupid to be anything else.

  13. This country has difficulty understanding a simple concept. Wealth people don't create jobs, jobs are created by economic activity & that happens when middle and lower class families have more disposable income. Reaganomics does just the opposite.

  14. In Supply side economics, top 10% win & America loses. Reagan did not understand that but his economic team did and their plan has succeeded to widen the divide between the rich and poor.

  15. "Senator Ted Kennedy, "When will the GREED Stop?"

    Answer. August 25th, 2009.

    Notably, you couldn't deny the proven successes of Supply side economics. So you change the subject to money in politics.

    Change of subject noted and rejected.

    Edge wins!

  16. Yes, we are a representative republic. However, because Big Business has been granted unfettered access to our elected officials and because political contributions by corporations are now unlimited. Only Big Business has access to our elected officials from both parties. The top 1% are controlling our political process.
    If you want to quote a Kennedy about economic policies in the
    21st Century, try Senator Ted Kennedy,
    "When will the GREED Stop?"

  17. Hey, Home schooler:
    1) We're a Republic, not a democracy.
    2) It worked exceptionally well. Just as it worked for JFK when he did it. Revenues to the treasury doubled, real wages and standards of living rose, and we had (at the time) longest peacetime expansion of a US economy in history.


    As confirmed there, the myth of the "rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer" is just a myth.

    That's a problem libiot revisionists always have. Conservatives have facts. =]

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