27 thoughts on “Reaction From A Black Journalist To President Duterte Interview By CNN

  1. Amen President Duterte! The whole world knows what time it is!!! AMERICA is a very RACIST country against Blacks, Hispanics and Asians..I'm a Filipino born in the Philippines I see how WHITE WOMEN look at me here with such Hatred and JEALOUSY..WHITE BITCHES are the most jealous of all the race of women. And I'd say MAJORITY because that's how they were taught since childhood..that they are a SUPERIOR RACE…NOW the world is changing and they are becoming so THREATENED and INSECURE! Oh well!!

  2. Hindi nasayang ang boto ko sa taong ito na napakalakas ng sense of humor . Proud dutertard here♥️

  3. I agree Brother. White supremacy is dead. They like to meddle with other people’s business, while their own backyard is full of shit. White people, stop telling us what should be offensive to us or not. Our president so far is the best we ever had in 30 years!

  4. After Senatorial election the administration of President Duterte got more powerful now we move to federal state and bring to the death penalty we will change the world

  5. To be honest theres alot of drug addict in our place before he became a president and now 2019 every single drug addict in this place change some of them start working.

  6. I wish there is a popular app like YouTube to troll America's bullshit behaviour and teach them how to handle their fork and spoons properly 🤣🤣

  7. Wow! What an intelligent response from our President. Bullseye! That man shut up right away and never uttered a single word.

  8. WE ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE A PRESIDENT LIKE PRESIDENT RODRIGO DUTERTE. We rather have a president who has a colorful mouth and not well spoken but a golden heart than the one with a sweet coated talk and well dressed but they are corrupt to the bones,

  9. You know, our pastors when they were doing prayer intercession, they had a vision that PDU30 was actually chosen by God to lead our country it may sound crazy but it's true. They had that vision before PDU30 got elected. And last week we did a church rally–showing support for our president. Thank God for giving us a leader like him.

  10. As a filipino I'm afraid…of war! I'm not saying that I prefer canada… I'm just saying that im afraid of war…

  11. Aquino family is trash… They ruin Marcos plan to improve Philippines… And now Duterte is ready to rebuild it,

  12. Now that everyone had access to a video camera with their phones, the hypocrisy of racism by white America is in full display.

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