13 thoughts on “Ray Franz — How do you leave "God's Organization"? Why quit Watchtower Governing Body– at 57?!

  1. Sounds like the organization is run like a business…certain people get 6 weeks vacation certain rooms and other things are available. I thought everyone was treated like brothers and sisters? That in it self tells alot.

  2. the ways of disciplining people are varied through the different congregations. And because we have internet now, those things are brought up and the media has a hey day with it. It is restrictive because these people are trying to live both mosiac and Christs laws. And according to what a man not called of God decided, this is how they operate. The have some truth, but not enough. And they think those who sin should feel shut out meanwhile trying to repent, and it's stupid . They took some of the LDS teachings in the 1800's and stuck them into their beliefs, it's true, you need to look at both on a list together. They continue to pattern them self after the LDS church in many ways. It is interesting. People who feel suicidal because of pressures, wherein they know they can't live it anymore but they feel so horrible, causing a crack in the psyche and a circle of those who believe in God but are not associated with this group and yet it is very much a cult.

  3. 1 Corinthians 13 : 1 – 7 // MATTHEW 12 : 7 // MATTHEW 18 : 21 – 22 // JAMES 2 : 13 // 1 Corinthians 16 : 14 //Luke 1 : 55 // Colossians 3 : 12 // JUDE 1 : 2 // Daniel 9 : 9 // Micah 7 : 18 // Matthew 5 : 7 // theres that one that says without love and mercy — there is no godliness // I know its not the same – but it gives a start — more coming — old — memory problems — no one verse – can do this any justice — the only unforgivable sin was against the holy spirit ! ! they may have a bit of scriptural knowledge — but they seem to lack one little thing — the biggest thing god asked of his people — BIGGEST THING — somethings wrong with this picture ! any body know what he asked — it is the thing I noticed wrong from the very beginning ! ! ODDDDDDDD ! ! Exodus 33 : 19 // 2 Samuel 24 : 14 // 2 Samuel 21 : 51 // psalm 9 : 10 // psalm 83 : 5 // psalm 103 : 11 // ISAIAH 63 : 11 // // Matthew 18 : 33 // Matthew 23 : 23 // Luke 1 : 78 // acts 2 : 21 // J A M E S 2 : 13 //Psalm 89 : 2 // now for that main one ? ? my goodness — there are so many — dozens more ! ! FORGIVE 7 X 70 was the answer JESUS gave — they have been trampling all over his works ! ! — thats the first thing I noticed WRONG — HATE – hidden within – – LOOKS HORRIBLE — bet JEHOVAH would be turning in his grave — oh wait — in his clouds — hahahahahehehehahahaha ! ! ! ! NEHEMIAH 9 : 32 // ISAIAH 63 : 7 ! ! ACTS 20 : 24 — JUDE 1 : 2 // — oh — do I repeat myself ! ! does this HELP ! they may even be from SATAN — hahahahahaha — they surely have none of the CHRISTS love in them ? !

  4. Thank you from my heart, David, for carrying on Ray's legacy. He was the best GB member when I was at Bethel. The Society got their chance in Ray Franz to reform in a most positive way, but they botched it. Christianity will go on its way nonetheless because it needs no structure other than the Christ and His congregation.

  5. I really appreciate your readings from COC . I have a copy and want to re read it. Brother Franz was instrumental in easing by conscience when I left jw in 2008. Thank you again

  6. I canโ€™t say everything on the internet is true but in a comment section and a site on Reddit I read franz was part of masionic behaviour leaving me co fused it sure didnโ€™t seem like him, of cource other names were involved with the fingers pointing the most to the g b , and then I saw a few videos with channeling going on in the bethel, I know you canโ€™t say much or anything in this but it sure can shake ones faith

  7. DEMONIC Apostate๐Ÿ‘ฝRay Franz, was nothing more, than a ARBITRARY ANDSELF RIGHTEOUS LIAR. LOL!!!๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. Our love for Jesus and his father lead us to TRUTH. Branded loyalty to anyone or anything else is as useless as tits on a frog. "GET THAT WASP OFF MY SANDWICH"!

  9. ~~ Has God An Organization On Earth Today ? ~~

  10. David, I got to know Ray and Cynthia personally a few years prior to his death and even visited Ray at his home in Georgia. That day, changed my life. I don't say this often, because it is a very deep and personal feeling, but I feel it was divine Providence. Anyway, we shared some emails. Ray and Cynthia truly loved our heavenly Father, as I sense you and your wife do too. You and your wife, I deeply respect. We never met. I would enjoy meeting you both some day, but if not, your videos, truly help me to readjust my thinking and provide encouragement. I disassociated myself in year 2000. I "lost" my son, and stepfather, mother, brother ,uncle due to shunning. You know the rest. Anyway, Ray's books and emails and visit, delivered me from severe depression and gave me a "new day" or "new start" …anyway, you and your wife are my new "Ray and Cynthia" encouragement, as we all live our lives serving our Father, as best we can. Thank you for your time and effort….don't laugh, but you're making me broke….hahhahah….buying many books you reference….hahahha…agape

  11. When you leave JW.Org. you are not leaving God's Organization. You would be leaving a cult where child abuse is covered up. GOOGLE AUSTRALIAN ROYAL COMMISSION for further information.

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