“Rarotonga,” a new novel from Christian Williams

“Rarotonga,” a new novel from Christian Williams

Hi, I’m Christian Williams. “Rarotonga,” a
novel. This is available as an e-book and also as an audiobook, but I always prefer
the actual physical edition because when you’re reading a novel if something goes
wrong on page 98, or on page 49 and you’ve just lost interest or disagree completely you can always throw the book across the
room and when it hits the wall it makes a very satisfying sound. Not that we
think anybody will do that with “Rarotonga,” which is the story of the
eccentric millionaire Robert “Bobby” Ayers, who has disappeared again, this time
alone on his 60-foot luxury sailboat. Behind him he leaves the wreckage of a
controversial life — three ex-wives, angry creditors and the shadow of a murder in
his past. He travels the endless expanse of the Pacific cloaked in stealth
only to meet his future there in the form of a young woman more mysterious
than himself. Well, that sounds pretty good don’t you think? Hmmm! Chapter One, Southwest of Midway Island. On the 87th day, having rested, the multi-millionaire
Bobby Ayres woke as he often did with a remnant of a smile, residuum of a dream
perhaps or the memory of having outfoxed them all. He’s on a 60-foot luxury
sailboat. Apres Vous was the name of the yacht which coursed easily across the
surface of the morning ocean. She had begun life as a luxury sailboat designed
for prince and princess and unusually capable of sailing waters both vasty
deep and worrisome shallow. Her hull was long and sleek and brand new, or had been new, before the anchors of a dredge failed in a winter gale and the windblown barge entwined itself with the newly launched
yacht and carried them both ashore. For 18 hours the rusty dredge violated her
on a bed of mud. When the waters retreated she lay scandalized and broken,
a three million dollar loss. Bobby Ayers bought her sight unseen by text message
from Barcelona, directing salvation to begin immediately at a boatyard in
Mexico. Yes, Apres Vous is really inspired by Ted Hood’s Little Harbor 60 or 63.
what a marvelous boat, and you know when somebody disappears somebody has to find them, and under the terms of Bobby Ayers’ elaborate living trust his daughter
Laura is stuck with the job of becoming sort of an Inspector General of his past,
about which she doesn’t know a great deal. The history of Laura’s controversial
father had been avoided by her all her life on the advice of her mother, who
stuck pins in it like a war map. There were Robert Ayers’ old business partners
to deal with, and Laura had no facility for business, or partners either, for that
matter. She herself bore some sort of personal
liability in such case that she screwed up the trust or failed to appreciate the
corrosive nature of the fortune involved. Robert Ayers realm of lawyers and real-estate Buccaneers had never been her world, and in fact the whole daughter-of-the-millionaire-thing was a trap. Well, Rarotonga. It’s paradise. We’re all headed there one way or another, and we’ll see if Bobby Ayers makes it. It may be true
what Herman Melville wrote–“Are not half our lives spent in reproaches for
foregone actions of the true nature of which and consequences we were wholly
ignorant of at the time.” Rarotonga. Here’s a little
more…” There are places of dreams and Rarotonga is one. Robert Ayres dreams it
and all his life he has made dreams come true millions of dollars three memorable
wives Titan of business from San Diego to Kuala Lumpur every turbulent
indulgence of a turbulent and difficult man Rarotonga the dream in the wreckage
wreckage left behind in the fractured lives of those around him partners
lovers enemies dead by an unknown hand the innocent and the guilty too, lives
changed by Bobby Ayers who has disappeared again
he left Port in his 60-foot luxury sailing yacht three months before and in
his wake confusion and disarray tracked by the Internal Revenue Service trailed
by his reputation and the memories of those he knew and loved loved in his own
way Bobby Ayers liar husband father King gone again
Bobby Ayers who you can try to forget but suddenly there he is again arms open
wide and waiting where is he now Rarotonga he has one child Laura
daughter of the controversial millionaire soulmate secret sharer as he
is complete she is not not yet now the lawyers open his living will which
places her in charge of finding him Laura who has had with her father the
bond of not knowing or asking and who preferred it that way Laura who if she
finds him may also find herself in Rarotonga his yacht gathers its power
from wind and Sun it has air conditioning power winches a freezer of
elk and maguro cases of the finest wine food
enough for years on a yacht that need never seeks sure a yacht that has
disappeared from every chart cloaked in stealth plying the hidden pacific
somewhere find me Laura ask your mother Julia in her big house
on Greenfield Hill asked Elinor who was there first ask Vivian who was there
last ask ask Inge-Lise who was with me in Mexico ask Marika with the dolphin
tattoos ask Eddie Small Peas, the arrogant mobster killed in Philadelphia long ago
ask Maurice Laura who loves you and who worries where are the answers Rarotonga you

35 thoughts on ““Rarotonga,” a new novel from Christian Williams

  1. Sounds like a good listen (I'm an audible fan) I've listened to and thoroughly enjoyed and continue to enjoy your last audible books 'Philosophy of Sailing: Offshore in Search of the Universe' and 'Alone Together'. Hopefully, Rarotonga will be available on Audible.

  2. Thank you! Alone Together and The Philosophy of Sailing are two of my favorites books. I just ordered Raratonga and will tuck in as soon as it arrives. I'm happy to see you don't have to cross an ocean to write another book.

  3. Purchased on my KIndle. Lighter and more portable, but far less satisfying to throw against one's wall. Your previous books impacted me (and my wallet) deeply, friend. Between the boat (mid-refit), the Sailrite, and all the things I'm learning the hard way, Alone Together in particular inspired me. The next time you're in the Bay Area, I'd love to buy you a real Trader Vic's cocktail and perhaps even a poo-poo platter.

  4. An analog book, nothing like it.

    Written by Christian Williams Shakespeare.

    Its almost so it doesn't matter that the boat are up on the hard,

    let the wind howl outside, let the fire warm you on the outside

    and `Rarotonga` on the inside 😉

    Fair winds ,,,/),,,,

  5. Greetings from Denmark. This may sound weird. But when I listen to your narration Jazz comes to mind. For me, it is your intonation, pauses, tempo and the occasional offbeat rhythm. I enjoy every moment of it and I would like to say Thank you, Mr. Williams

  6. Dear Mr Williams,
    Having just watched this introductory clip i went into my vast library(bedroom floor) and recovered my copies of your other two wonderful sailing books. I was disappointed to hear that upon violently throwing each at the wall only a dull, unsatisfying thud was heard… Not the musically symphonic note i had hoped for from such melodically written literature.
    Having already ordered this latest publication in paperback early this morning, i may re order in electronic format in the hope that a more pleasing note be achieved when striking the wall.
    Having previous experience with throwing both paperback and digital literature at wall i can provide feedback that the most alarming note achieved was whilst throwing my ex girlfriends digital copy of “50 shades of Grey” at the wall, it pleasingly(though not for the neighbours) achieved a high frequency scream that scared all sentient beings within a 5mile radius, followed immediately but multiple lower toned expletives of equal volume and then a door slam… Quite the achievement i felt.
    I look forward to reading this latest giving.
    Regards, G Millar.

  7. My copy was delivered today. Can't wait to get started. Just for my ASA 101 certification last weekend and reading Philosophy of Sailing. Really enjoying it.

  8. A lot to think about as I ponder where to get this book ! I'm left wandering if the audio version is in your voice. What to what to do other simply saying Thank you Christian.!

  9. At 56 just bought a old steel yacht having sold my house in nz . No experience sailing and yes probably mad . But better than a house and being tethered to the bank and no real living.

  10. We’re can buy your book as live in nz A guy called Tom Neale lived in the cool islands in the 60s he wrote a book called a island to myself. . The problem today in the west is we feel realestate is the answer. Problem is we are about to go into global meltdown. We have lost the Art of living and Oscar Wilde said we are all in the gutter but some of us look to the stars 🌟

  11. I would say this will be the first book I have bought. Not because I like books, but because the writer comes close to my heart, his voice is soothing, so the audio book it will be. Thank you for your work and I hope to see more "how to sail videos " at the age of 57 today your book marks a change in my life. I my, I must wait another week, I fear I will have forgotten by then.

  12. Gonna pick up a copy to read on my 27’ Cascade here in the PNW. Have loved watching the videos Christian. I’m sure I will love the prose! 🍻

  13. With the chilly winds and solid water crystals coming, it may be wise to deplete my wallet some. Hence, I can spend some quiet time away by myself with my thoughts. Happy sailing.

  14. “Daughter of the millionaire thing was a trap”… you know what’s a really trap? Reading the opening to your book! Now I HAVE to buy it. Nice work, sir.

  15. I found this post just in time. I was just about to look for a new audiobook to listen to on my drive from Indiana to Michigan where I sail the great lakes on my Islander 32, Dulcinea. It’s time to get her ready to haul out for the winter (we must endure this unpleasant task in the midwest). I enjoyed both Sailing Alone and The Philosophy of Sailing. I am looking forward to Raratonga.

  16. Philosophy of Sailing is waiting for me on my nightstand until I finish my current long book that I am reading, I cheated and read the first chapter and loved it and can't wait. Now I am going to have to add another book to the queue. I guess sleep is overrated.

  17. Oh good. I'll be getting the audio book version with my next credit. I have listened to Alone Together and Philosophy of Sailing several times on my travels.

  18. Three minutes in and I’m sold. Hope things are well Christian, your stories have entertained and inspired many of us.

  19. you should probably put links in the description to help people find it, there's another book called "The Cook Islands: Rarotonga, Aitutaki & Beyond" which is all that comes up from google when you enter "Rarotonga"

  20. Investment bankers sometimes make recommendations by "talking their own book". Christian, your able to do it literally. Is there a planned book signing tour planned?

  21. CBS Sunday Morning. Surprised they have not called you yet. Would make Charles Kuralt proud. PS, purchased Philosophy of Sailing and after finishing Patrick Obrian series(your recco) I will read.

  22. Christian, love your channel and adventures and looking so forward to the new book! Btw, don't know if you follow The Wynns, but in their recent post they are at Rarotonga. Thought you would enjoy the link. https://youtu.be/zNxABizOhAk

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