Rapid fire questions with NBC Nightly News Anchor Lester Holt

so we do something that we like to call rapid fire here at Houston life where we have some very easy this or that question box for you I’m sorry okay they’re not that hard okay we’re gonna start with music stuff okay Rolling Stones or Beatles Rolling Stones Astros are cups Astros good bender or Gibson Thunder here I have Gibson’s defender okay beer or wine beer favorite musician oh well we’re puttin fire okay there you go last song that you downloaded it was Jose James maybe the whole album lean on me okay yeah that’s good download it dream lunch date dream lunch date Derek and Courtney too late Wow I you know would it be a stretch to say the Pope no I think that would be really fast something tells me you could easily make that happen if you wanted to favorite emoji I just I just like the little the one that winks oh because I’m that’s kind of the way I talk like an eye wink I like that okay last Google search last Google search was the trying to find at the 49ers score yesterday okay in Northern California and last year go to breakfast go to breakfast is uh Cheerios and either black or blueberries oh oh wow okay

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