Rand Paul Talks Chaos In Syria, ‘Shadow Policy’ In Ukraine, Hunter Biden | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Rand Paul Talks Chaos In Syria, ‘Shadow Policy’ In Ukraine, Hunter Biden | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Rand Paul Talks Chaos In Syria, ‘Shadow Policy’ In Ukraine, Hunter Biden | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Here is another perfect example of why we need a 2 term limits in congress. 10 minutes spent trying to make the case that democrats = socialism. No mention of what his plan is to improve health care or lower costs. Go write that book.

  2. Rand Paul bitchslapped that propaganda HARD. And the comments section is pure gold. All these commie tears is making me moist.

  3. Something else doesn't pass the smell test: that roadkill on his head. Looks like he peeled it off the highway and cleaned it before placing it on his head.

  4. so questions about Trump are answered by what about Joe Biden questions about Jared ans Ivanka for the same reason they want to investigate Joe Biden are answer the same way what about Joe Biden dont the republicans in congress know any other answer

  5. Rand Paul 'Everyone is corrupt so it's okay that Trump is corrupt, what are we going to do, Investigate everyone?' Yes , yes investigate everyone who is participating in corruption. Including Rand Paul who used taxpayer funds to obtain treatment for health issues in another country. A country with socialized medicine at that. Rand Paul hates socialism unless it benefits him personally. Then hes all for it. Rand Paul loves corruption when it benefits him. Rand Paul thinks the constitution and rule of law is infallible until the emoluments clause is brought up. What a POS. His own arguments against income inequality destroy themselves because the reason the poor are doing as well as the middle class in certain metrics is because the middle class is being bled dry while the richest in the country continue to increase their wealth at the fastest rate in modern history.

  6. Wow this corruption runs so deep it's jaw dropping. Again and again they're all coming back with the same carefully choreographed answers.

  7. Like asking a 8-year old… is it OK to hit someone? Bob also hit someone! Is it OK to lie? Many others in my class has lied as well. Is it OK to steal? I think Brenda also stole a pen…. how can such person be elected and sit in the US senate.

  8. I’m old enough to remember msnbc as anti war when they slammed bush for 5 years straight on the Iraq now. Boy how things change so fast.

  9. Socialists hate trump so much they change all of their previous views that trump agrees with. You liberal idiots need to die already you’re a waste of life with your partisan brainwashed minds.

  10. Sen. Rand Paul is a Trump and Putin puppet! One day the news will find out how much money Rand Paul has invested in Russia!

  11. Muller report said collusion was in plain sight Birr said the President in office can not be prosecution If he was not the President he would be prosecuted muller said To say the muller report found him innocent is a lie

  12. Capitalism does better for poor than Socialism in the world???? ROFL ROFL
    In the so called world poor people dont die or get bankrupted for health

  13. Rand went into a rant…and talked a lot…..without hitting the dot…..he BS the whole plot……just to show us all…..how he lies and defends Trump

  14. So you approve Kurdish ethnocracy. You know there are other people living in the same area. What about their rights?

  15. He talks about the “Smell Test”, he needs to smell himself and check. His whole card on the issues he says he aligns with! He certainly doesn’t have a clue about income inequality …. what’s the income inequality in his own state!!!???

  16. Rand pulls the numbers for a Nordic country out of his hat regarding taxation. And there are no socialist countries in Europe, apparently he wrote a book about Cuba, wonder why.

  17. What is he talking about? Pakistan and Ethiopia and most poor countries have much bigger economic inequality than the United States.

  18. I agree with him on giving the people back their autonomy on foreign politics, but he’s a complete tool when it comes to his party and domestic issues.

  19. Total Headcase Rand Paul.. Double talk. Whatever way you spin it, TRUMP ALLOWED TURKEY partake in the Genocide of the Kurdish People. Hundreds Dead already. Hundreds of Thousands displaced, Men Women and Children. You're pitching your flag to Trump's Mast. Can only end one way.. You need to be cleared out of that swamp..

  20. From what I've read, Bernie wants to give workers an ownership stake in big companies not the government …. workers eventually take control, through the issuance of new stock, of 20%

  21. Joe Biden is not a political opponent! He is currently 1 of 12 people in a contest, to see if one day, he/they might actually become, Trump's political rival. Also, they are looking into the 2016 election corruption and a video that was viral, of Biden saying to remove the State Prosecutor in Ukraine, that was investigating a company that Hunter Biden was apart of, or would he would withhold over a Billion in aid that was going to be coming to Ukraine (one of the most corrupt countries in world). Also, by law/Treaty signed in the late 90's I think, Trump is obligated to investigate this matter…….so there is that too. When did it become wrong for allies to help each other in the name of good faith? That is all a quid pro quo is really, they way the real world works.

  22. assad??? he is not a saint he is a war criminal like hitler!


    also best part

  23. What about the approximately 1000 US troops still stuck there that can't be easily pulled out? Does no one care about them?

  24. Does anyone really think this dufus would have ever made it to become a senator if not for his name due to his father being a life long politician. Sounds a little fishy to me. Maybe him and his father should be investigated just to be sure nothing illegal took place. Just using Rand Paul's logic.

  25. Start taxing the multinationals. It's a travesty that they pay $0 federal taxes. AMAZON e.g. paid 0 over 11,2 BILLION profit and they even got a tax-refund of €129 MILLION. It's a travesty.
    Same holds true for ALL other multinationals: Starbucks, Apple, Facebook, Monsanto, GLAXO, NIKE, ADIDAS etc etc etc.
    Higher TAXES TAXES TAXES for the multinationals, millionaires & billionaires.

  26. MSNBC is pushing communism. Senator Rand Paul is very sharp and explains how capitalism works well for people who have drive and talent.

  27. Kudos to Stephanie! Great interview! Senator Paul is a highly intelligent human being; however, his logic, at best, is circular. Trying to sell books…

  28. Anger-Hatred-Division 3 of 4 done. Putin's Electronic Warfare this very moment, against the USA and the precious value of our individual vote. …#4. Constant CHAOS Putin's puppet, Trump's job.

  29. wow , you were happy to let kurds loose 11000 be killed fighting isis on ground , zero US casualties – and Trump abandons them to slaughter….disgraceful

  30. How long should US troops stay in Syria? Forever? How many successes has the US had getting involved in the geopolitics or other countries? Send your own kids to get blown up if being the world police is so important to you.
    Howard Zinn was right when he said it’s nearly a religion in America to want to use our military to solve all of the world’s problems.

  31. Man, Rand has been on rampage over the past few days. It’s obvious these anchors haven’t thought past their talking points, they all sound the same.

  32. interesting interview. She did well to counter his false equivalent point about Hunter Biden. Who knows what the story was with Biden but he wasn't acting as a bag man like Giuliani. Paul is promoting his book denigrating socialism that's fine but If you want to be in denial of trump's criminal activity as these republicans are doing that's not fine, it's embarrassing.

  33. Now I remember why Rand Paul is right a lot of the time.McCain Graham Hillary etc are war mongers. 50 soldiers shouldn’t change anything.If it does,then give up and surrender.

  34. Pardon me mommy for my nasty remarks'
    Randy "Answer her questions you Mother%^&*Traitor"!
    He's a @#$%^&**&^%$ing commie alright!
    Time to take out the old black book on the republicans that play stupid!
    1.Page # 1 kick his traitorous ba— over his #$%^&* head
    2. Page # 2 shove them down his thr–!
    3. Page # 3 cut the thr— and give him the old necktie treatment.

  35. This is such a disappointing showing from Rand Paul. He has sometimes impressed me as a Libetarian versus straight Republican, but not here at all.

  36. Rand Paul needs to go away! He is so full of it. If I were his neighbor he would not be doing this interview. The more he talks the less I like him.

  37. Why is Rand Paul the only senator with enough courage and intelligence to condemn these ceaseless wars? Why don't all these people commenting below me care about the young people we send off to war? Why don't they want to save the war trillions to improve American infrastructure, financial stability, etc. What will it take to get Americans to wake up??

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