Rainbow Six Siege Tips || How to Anchor on Defense

Rainbow Six Siege Tips || How to Anchor on Defense

what is a bad as I'm get flanked and today we're going to talk about an underrated skill in Rainbow six siege and that is anchoring now the reason I say underrated is because you don't see a lot of tip videos about anchoring you don't see people talk about it very much on YouTube at all and I get it it's not flashy and it can be very boring to be an anchor there's gonna be times playing an anchor where you don't see a single enemy the entire round and I think most people would rather play as a roamer where you're running around moving the whole time and you know you have a much higher likelihood of seeing an amazing getting in gunfights I get that but you as a player you need to be versatile and if you don't know how to anchor and you only know how to roam that's gonna make you weak and very one-sided as a player and you don't want that so today I'm gonna give you guys some tips on how to be a better anchor how to hold down the objective for your team and this is something that I've been forced to really work on over the last couple months in my game the team that I've been working with the role where I kind of fit in is as an anchor and it's forced me to learn how to fill this role and to get better at it and so I'm ready to pass on what I've learned to you guys so what we're gonna do is we're gonna cover a couple of different rounds where I'm playing this role and I'm just gonna tell you guys what's going through my mind why I do what I do and hopefully there'll be some things there that you guys pick up and that'll make you a better anchor one of the things I've learned in adjusting to this role and really learning it is it's all about subtleties and the difference between life and death as an anchor sometimes will be very subtle changes to your game if I have my crosshair here instead of here then I would be alive if I'd placed my mute jammer here instead of here I would still be alive it's very very subtle differences when you get into these fine margins at the higher level as an anchor so keep that in mind as we're going through and I'll talk about that some but the first clip we're going to talk about it's actually on the screen right now you're seeing the prep phase I'm playing as mute which by the way is a very good anchor in my opinion he's very good in general but the thing I like about a mute is that you don't have to worry about getting drowned out which is one of your biggest enemies as an anchor getting droned out an enemy knowing exactly where you are because in general you're gonna be in your most powerful line-of-sight and as you get droned out of that spot then now you're moving to a lesser desirable spot one that doesn't have powerful as an angle or something like that so I like mute for that reason he allows you to hold down a line of sight and don't have to worry about getting turned out nearly as much so definitely consider mute when you're thinking about anchoring or anything else for that matter when it comes to your team composition I honestly feel like mute is used much less than he should be he's very powerful and a lot of your strats will work better if you don't have to worry about drones and the objective or another part of the map so if you haven't used mute in a while give him another look he's good he really is so there's two minutes left in the round we've got everything set up I'm gonna slide over now into my anchor position and just hold down a lot of site and this is what you're gonna spend a lot of time doing as an anchor and you need to get good at it and we're gonna actually freeze it right there just talk about this so why did I decide to pick up this line of sight well I'm basing it upon information on where I hear things opening where my teammates are making call outs where they may have seen people on cameras so at this point in the round I have a good idea that there are people coming from this side of the map so I'm trying to find an angle here that it gives me the least amount of exposure but still allows me to hold down a choke point and this is a good one right here I can see upstairs if anybody's walking on that upstairs walkway there I can also hold down this door right here which comes from open area which is a very common place for enemies to come from here now remember that I said that a lot of the things that make a good anchor are very subtle adjustments well you're gonna see in this clip what I mean my crosshair placement isn't perfect here and you're gonna see an enemy does come in to screen eventually and I miss my shots because my crosshairs weren't set up a lot of times in these situations when you're holding these ankles you're just gonna get a quick peek and you have a split second to land bullets and get the kill and if your crosshair placement isn't right you're not gonna get that kill now as you're holding these lines of sight you need to be processing in your mind all the information coming from your teammates as far as call-outs and also where are you weak do you have a teammate covering your back are you next to a soft wall are you on top of a soft floor where are you weak and that's the stuff that you need to be processing to make sure you're in a strongest spot possible so there you see I miss my shots and we're gonna freeze it again right there did you notice how I from crouching to standing up to peak that the last time that's again one of those subtle adjustments that you learn to make as a peeker because maybe that guy that I was you know trying to kill there he set up his sights on my head level whenever I was crouching a lot of people do that they adjust to where they saw me last so now if i peak standing up if he does get shots off before I do he's gonna hit me in the belly or thereabout instead of my head so that's again just subtle adjustment so you don't want to peak the same profile twice you want to change your profile change your angle whatever you can do to throw them off and make them adjust their aim okay now you're gonna see me tear down this barricade here and the reason why is I want to give myself more possibilities on where I compete from where I can attack them from if they can pigeonhole me into this door meaning that they know that I'm gonna have to peek this door in this door alone then I'm gonna be much easier to kill then if I have another place that I can peek and attack them from so that's my whole thought process with tearing down that barricade now whenever I did that I got I gives attention there and that helped me get that kill so now I'm holding down this line of sight again but I'm changing it slightly I backed up I'm not holding that same line of sight that I had before but still looking at that door because I have good information that there's still another one back there now coming up here you're gonna see another example of bad crosshair placement right there you're also gonna see it right here I rotate to this and I'm peeking it if I had had my sights up just a hair here you'll see him coming to screen I'll and body shots and I could have gotten the kill without him putting me down if I just had my sights up a little bit more luckily I do get him down my teammates close he comes over finishes him off and revives me now after I get revived here you're gonna see I pick up a kill on buck and there's not really a whole lot to go over there but paint it in to the last kill it's a 1v1 I know where he's coming from because he killed my teammate but remember me placing that shield in the beginning of the round the shield again is something that you don't see used as much as I think that you should yes nitro cell is powerful I get that you can kill people with it but right here's an example of how good a shield can be in these situations particularly with a mute so he had to jump over that shield and it made him completely exposed his entire body and really defenseless honesty's so I'm probably what I got that kill without the shield but it put him in a much weaker position because we had that okay moving on to the next clip and in the first clip you heard me talk a lot about crosshair placement and how I didn't do a very good job of it and this clip you're gonna see me do a much better job of crosshair placement and I'm holding this line of sight I wish I had an ACOG for this but I don't I'm you he doesn't have one available but I'm holding this line of sight my teammate just died from there I know somebody is very likely to come from this doorway so I'm just being patient and as I'm holding it I'm making very small adjustments to where I think head level is gonna be on the enemy and you see he Peaks real quick my crosshairs are exactly where they needed to be and I get that head shot really quick then I pick up that kill on Ashe and I want to talk about that real quick one of the things that separates the very low player to the average to higher level players is being able to get back-to-back kills without getting traded out by the enemy and that's a perfect example right there knowing that we're in what a 2v5 at this point I know that once I fire they're gonna rush me so knowing that I moved and picked up another angle where I think they were likely to come from and picked up another kill on Ashe they're learning to get a kill change your angle predict where the next enemy is likely to come from and then having the discipline to not reload or do anything that compromises your position to defend yourself is a huge step in becoming a better player and a better defender in this game okay last clip here and I couldn't talk about being an anchor without putting a mirror clip in and you guys may recognize this clip it's been in a video before but I think it's a great example of playing mirror playing an anchor as mirror and just some of the techniques that I use when playing mirror now I purposely showed this part of the round in this clip it's boring there's nothing for another minute I believe before I actually see somebody but this is the life of an anchor and as I'm doing this I'm listening for where they might be reaching from I'm listening to call us for my teammates and just again thinking about where I might be week from the door behind me is probably my biggest weakness there so I'm also looking for Twitter drones as a Mira that's bad news for me so those are the things that I spend my time doing during this part of the round again it's not flashy it can be boring but here in a second you'll see how it can be exciting to playing as an anchor and how you can win arounds and you know make some good place for your team all right now at this point you see a drone and that's a good indication of the enemies getting ready to push and also what direction they might be pushing from not every time but a lot of times whatever the direction the drone comes from is what direction the enemy is gonna push from now there you see Habana just dropped into bathroom she just threw her gadgets onto my window I pick up that kill right there and then I make this play with the nitro cell in a bathroom she's stuck in there so I have a right where I wanted to and I pick up the kill with the nitro cell there and we're gonna freeze it so many people think that because you're playing a mirror or an anchor that you had to play passive that you can't be aggressive and that's just not true the pledge is made right there was an aggressive play and it worked out well I got two kills and I saw that Habana was putting herself in a bad situation which was bathroom and I knew I could get an easy kill I didn't actually know that sludge was there but I peeked and I got the shots on him quickly so that was kind of luck but the banach kill was me just being aggressive and using my nitrous cell and taking advantage of her putting herself in a bad situation now my mirror is open and a lot of people think that once this mirror gets open that it's useless well now it's just kind of going back to that first clip I have two places I can peek for him I compete from the door and I can also peek from my mirror that's now opened and you're gonna see that I do that to take a you know to get a couple more kills in this round and that's how I end up playing this you don't have to run away from a mirror just because it got opened now sometimes as an anchor the pressure is going to mount there's gonna be bullets flying everywhere and you're gonna feel like you're about ready to die and maybe you are about ready to die but it doesn't mean that you should panic and just get up and sprint and run for your life if you're in a position where you've got a nice angle and you know that there's a really good chance that enemy's gonna come from that direction you should continue holding that and take advantage of it and maybe you will die but if you can take a couple out with you then you put your team in a position to win and that's what I did in this clip I ended up getting four kills here and then the last enemy alive does kill me but I put my team in a great position to win and I stayed on my line of sight even though I was getting pressured from both directions and took those last two out because I didn't I can run away okay guys that's gonna do it for the video I know that being an anchor is not flashy it can be boring a lot of you guys don't want to play this role but it once you get to the higher levels and you are playing with the consistent team somebody's gonna have to fill this role and if it's you hopefully you picked up a couple of things from this video that will help you out and make you better at it if you guys did enjoy this please make sure you like and subscribe and I'll have more coming your way here soon

49 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege Tips || How to Anchor on Defense

  1. I actually love anchoring, I mainly anchor with frost And my friends always give me crap for it but always shut up when they see I average 3 kills per round with her, thanks for the video, great tips on angles

  2. I like how when i peek people look at u waiting to get killed while i'm here getting shot by the peeker as soon as 1 pixel of my head shows up haha…

  3. Hilarious how in casual I will roam but when in ranked I stay inside the site or patrol the perimeter out of habit

  4. Here’s how to aim head level
    1:shoot 1 bullet into door when standing
    2:shoot 1 bullet into door frame when crouching
    3:hit some headshots and adjust your aim based on the bullet holes👍

  5. I think Ubisoft should emphasize mute as an anchor like and acog and 1 speed and barbed or impacts instead of nitro so he doesn’t become a fragger like roaming doc or maestro

  6. Sometimes i find it weird that when i do anchor and i hold line of sights that when i show my body as minimal as possible players still just end me

  7. As someone who kinda got picked up by some guys who knew the game a lot better than I did at that point and were generally just more aggressive I filled the anchor spot a lot. And at first it sucked because I got left in a lot of 1v however many people and wasn’t good enough to get the kills. But now I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clutched the game out by knowing how to anchor and a lot of the tips you use are ones I’ve learned for myself so I’m happy to see you showing others who may not know them.

  8. How to be a selfish anchor

    1 go doc

    2 put on acog

    3 Aim at door head level

    4 heal when damaged and not heal anyone else

  9. I love being an anchor on my team as I'm echo/rook so all good for my guys as they can't anchor atall. If they roam they amazing but when they anchor they suck. The only bad anchors are the ones who don't hold any angles and don't do any callouts on obj so your roamers coming back have no info for flanking or which site to rotate on.

  10. First of all I wanna thank you for your work your videos really helped me to improve my skills in this game! I play Siege now for arround 1month and I really like to anchor with Lesion for example. But my problem is, that often I get killed while I hold a spot a guy peeks arround and instant kills me. I dont get droned at that moment, it seems like latency or something like that even on the kill cam it looks like I didnt fired at that person but I surely did. So I am wondering how this can happen? cause I thought or still think that when I hold a chokepoint that I am at least in a little advantage but it seems to be like often not the case. So I am wondering what I can do to improve in that part?!

  11. 1 acog anchor
    Rest of the team roaming
    All teammates die but the anchor
    1v5 situation

    Rook and doc mains: hold my beer

  12. How to play as anchor…
    Step 1: Pick 3 armor operator
    Step 2: Choose agoc from sights
    Step 3: Melee window and spawnpeak
    Step 4: Get back to the site and make lot of sound by running
    Step 5: Flame enemy in chat for wall hacks

    And the lesson was, that you don’t FUCKING RUN as 3 armor defender, it reveals your fucking position!!!!

  13. I think I began as an anchor because I'm very objective based. The more I e played I've learned to spawn peak, do run-outs and flank the attacking team. I still an hour but only when I feel like I need to.

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