Rainbow Six Siege Pro Tactics: Anchoring

Rainbow Six Siege Pro Tactics: Anchoring

hey what's up guys Ripley here in this video I want to cover anchoring anchoring is the foundation and security of your team and its strategies while not as flashy or attractive as faster and more aggressive roles its importance is key to a solid team commonly viewed as a more comfortable and entry-level role having a solid anchor can be a rock of comfort to any team I want to dive down into what an anchor is how this role should be played and what your responsibilities are so let's get into it welcome to pro tactics an anchor is someone who plays defense on site while roamers and floaters are off or in between the site your sole responsibility is to prevent the opposing team from taking the site and planting the defuser patience is key because the majority of the time you're just going to be waiting until your opponents have dealt with all of your roamers and floaters prevent yourself from getting anxious and remain calm it's easy to feel like you're doing nothing or get bored and make Peaks or poor decisions because of your impatience many times anchors are the last alive and that's how it should be you are the last line of defense The Rock and insurance for your team in protecting the site to keep yourself busy during the dull early and mid game watch cams for your team make call-outs and give intel on where opponents are coming from and where a push might begin forming this should be your job at the beginning of the round every time you should be the first on cams and the HQ for your team generally there's a minimum of two anchors on site at all times if you aren't able to watch cams and give Intel give this responsibility to the other anchor and watch his back or your own key area that requires attention anchors are generally three armored one speed operators like dock rook Mira and Echo but some occasions call for other types of operators to anchor due to their gadgets utility smoke for instance is great for preventing a push or plant on site and makes for a good anchor though whatever fits your team's strategy and learn your operator well you'll have to be very skilled and think quickly in short bursts a push or diffuser plant attempt can happen in a very short period of time in the late round when it comes time for anchors to defend the site from the remaining attackers make sure you time your utility well and work together with the second anchor many times you both will have to work on your own to prevent a split push but maintain communication at all times receive call-outs from your dead teammates who should be on cams and act accordingly this is your moment to shine and the reason you have this role players who are patient and work well under pressure the best anchors clutching should be your forte because if the rest of the team fails to eliminate the opposing team it will be down to you as the last line of defense to prevent the final push it's likely you will be pushed from multiple angles and directions by multiple people as your opponent's go for kills or a defuse listening to Intel and making good decisions all while paying attention to the clock is critical at the end of the round watching the clock will tell you if you should delay or break a push think quickly about your options and decide if getting kills or hiding and staying alive is the right choice sometimes even allowing your opponents to attempt a plant and then aggressively pushing them can be the right choice it all just depends on the situation as always the clock can be your friend so keep a close eye on it roamers and aggressive players who excel at three and two speed operators are a dime a dozen but finding a solid anchor is like a diamond in the rough and harder to come by many teams seek out players like this so if this role fits you and you practice and become skilled enough this could increase your chances in getting picked up by a team if you're looking to compete well that's it for this video I hope you enjoyed it and learned something useful thank you so much for watching make sure to leave a comment below so I can reply I always check the comments don't forget to Like and subscribe to see more content in the future and I'll see you all in the next video you

25 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege Pro Tactics: Anchoring

  1. The attacking team killed my team and they were on cams and everything and I got the ace I’m only level14 I was doc

  2. Are you still making videos? Just found out about your channel and saw that your last upload was from a while ago.

  3. I want to play ranked but i feel like i need to know call outs and maps. im new and only know how to slay people and i know i wont be too sucessful in ranked if theyre good so idk what to do

  4. Anchoring is honestly the funnest way to play this game for me, such a good game. Keep the videos up, if anyone has Xbox, add me: Dontdropthat

  5. Your videos are very good quality! You are like the WarOwl of Siege. Personally I would like to see more of the content you are producing, it is top notch. Thank you!

  6. I dont get why anchors are considered less skillfull, I geniuely think its way harder to play mira, mute, doc, and the lord, etc.

  7. Love these short vids of pro tactics they have got me to silver 2 and im almost at s1 thankyou for you time in these vids and see you in the next video and I make a recommendation on a video how to assemble a good attack team with teamates

  8. What would you do to practice anchor in the best way or what do you think is the fastest way on learning a new operator

  9. Great vid and solid remarks. I like playing anchors more than roamers but it always depends on my team's choices. Lesion can be a good anchor as well. By the time the enemies reach the objective, you have lots of mines available. If you know where they're pushing from, just plaster that corner and common plant spots there with traps, also preventing the defuse and maybe killing lit opponents. Or if you don't know where they're pushing from, traps can be a great indicator of direction. My favorite anchors are Echo and Rook though.

  10. Good video, so much information in a short time!

    I have a question about looking at your own vods/video's of gameplay. Can u do a video about how to review yourself in a game and how to improve yourself by watching vods/video's?

    Thanks for all the video's your doing a great job!

  11. Ripley i'm Korean fan of you since you started to make the Pro Tactics Videoand I have one small request can you put the Korea's national flag to your intro scene!it's hard to put a new country's flag but it's my small desire.however thanks for every Video you made for Rainbow Siege's fan and I always have a big implication from your video.Thanks for reading this long comment

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