Rahul Gandhi To Win Wayanad With 60% Of Vote Share | India Today Exit Poll 2019

Rahul Gandhi To Win Wayanad With 60% Of Vote Share | India Today Exit Poll 2019

let's now go to why not why not is in Kerala it's in why not that Congress president Rahul Gandhi contested in why not access by India predicts what's your guess Rahul Gandhi is winning why not in style picking up about 67% of the watershed there the LDF against him picking up what only 23% of the watershed the NDA seven others at three Rahul Gandhi could get as much as seven lakh 30,000 votes in why not seven lakh thirty thousand votes in why not that's a big number via raga yeah you know you would expect that and then the and the Congress is hope of fielding Rahul Gandhi and why not is not just about why that it's to transcend other seats in Kerala as well so you know so it's it's it's sort of anticipated because you see you – you're seeing two things there one is you're looking at the decimation of the left like you saw in West Bengal and this is something that's you know maybe not a story for this election but in the future elections is Kerala going to go the West Bengal way where the left words that the traditional anti-congress vote shifts off to the BJP I think your this is an election which is very good for the Congress but I'm a suspect and fear that the why not decision and alienating the left and not creating a secure for formation at the center may given benefits and why not in terms of votes but at a national level it lost the narrative of a secular opposition to Hindu remember six person four percent increase in vote share for the UDF in Kerala according to a poll the LDF also increasing its war chair according to the exit poll numbers is the others who are coming down quite substantially the India's only increases what's a very marginally by two percent thanks for watching the video for more such news and updates please like share and subscribe to also check out our other great videos from our Channel we know you would love to

25 thoughts on “Rahul Gandhi To Win Wayanad With 60% Of Vote Share | India Today Exit Poll 2019

  1. Hindus in kerala is so loving! 😍😍😍😍 I don't know how to thank them, thank you keralites…. 😘 Hope we keep loving each other without caring for stupid religions… This is the place where mahaabali ruled, and Sri narayana guru lived, all humans are the same here. Jai kerala! 💖

  2. Look how the most literate state has voted, diametrically opposite the way rest of India thinks and acts

  3. All is good but again

    PAPPU fail ho gaya 😂🤣😂🤣😂
    But still he will say RAFALE PM modi & Anil ambani

  4. Congress akele pure India me-
    UP-16 (Amethi, Raebareli, Kushinagar, Khalilabad se congress se Bhalchandra Nishad, Saharanpur se Imran sabah, phir muradabad se Imran pratapgarhi, kanpur, unnav, bahraich, Maharajganj, Farrukhabad, dharaura, Phulpur, ye sabhi seat congress jeet rhi h)
    Arunachal Pradesh-1
    East me-5
    Ye unn congressiyo ya modi virodhiyo ke liye khayali pulav hai jo 20, 21aur 22 May ko achhi need ke saath sona chahte h, bechre Exit poll ke baad to kal raat so bhi nhi paye😝😂😝😝😂🙏😁

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