Rachel Maddow On Her New Book “Blowout” | The Last Word | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow On Her New Book “Blowout” | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow On Her New Book “Blowout” | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Why don't they just cohost a 2-hour show every night? God they would be such an effective team, and so funny!

  2. It's a trope of the Corporate Left to harp on oil & gas industry because it detracts from Wall Street and other power centers.

  3. Are we, ALL of us humans…EONS LONGTIME, purposely denied the ACTUAL truth by ALL Governments & ALL religions; as well as ever evolving so-called "Science"…IOW…

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  4. 6:25 Cheater RussPutin and his need for Tillerson's help on Obama-sanctioned oil deal, arguments for helping moron45 get the throne.

  5. Honestly I want the audio book I love how she speaks and lays things out so simply she literally is the Batman of MSNBC, and Lawrence is Sherlock holmes I love these two soo much thank you for everything you guys do shedding a light to this corrupt administration.

  6. Hiya there Mr O’Donnell.
    I love your show, you’re very good and such a gentle man, that’s rare in our TV world today.
    I bought Rachel’s book Blow Out and I t’s absolutely riveting and totally enjoyable. America must read her book and learn the how and why of
    Putin and sanctions.
    Lily, Australia 🇦🇺

  7. Blowout describes the Russia collusion hoax that you peddled for three years
    that blew up in your faces,right?


  9. Ease off there! Any more of the it will sound gushy and insincere. It is probably a well researched book probably even well written but it won't change our lives for ever.

  10. Quite a few countries not only Russia, are feeling robbed of the fossil fuels they have not yet pumped out of the ground. The countries that have made much of this earthly resource, are feeling the change cycle that is not yet fully implemented (alternative energy). Our existence depends on this change cycle for energy dependence, yet the ones who have benefited or are about to, will fight for the change not to happen and hope that science is wrong. That is what the science driven world is up against. Decades old valid science has been withheld from the masses and has already been purposefully discredited for the rich to gain more at the cost of the future in species after species becoming extinct. Further delay will further damage or bring extinction to more species on our planet.

  11. I want to read her book…Love her and Lawrence shows! If she was doing this…she'd be a fantastic history teacher..she makes it so interesting…reminds me of my favorite teacher who was a history teacher who made history come alive!

  12. If Russia wants the sanctions dropped, all they need to do is get out of Ukraine (including Crimea).
    That shouldn’t be so hard.

  13. Trump is using two of America's most formidable and committed adversaries to help choose his political opponent and interfere in our elections. Russia and China now have leverage over the office of the President of The United States.

  14. I was introduced to Rachel Maddow through listening to Rocky Rhodes, and she is fascinated by Rachel, then I found that I am fascinated by Rachel, especially her unbelievable Intelligence, way above the Pale, and Worthy of the Highest Honor of the most Critical Thinkers, Absolutely.

  15. I don't always agree to what Rachel says, but I admire the way she lays out stuff, making extremely complex issue easy to understand.

  16. “And, here we are,” Lawrence and Rachel. If Trump survives this Impeachment, America’s Republic is OVER. An unshackled MONSTER freed from his last and FINAL restraints will get Putin to RIG our 2020 elections, and it will ALL be OVER, America. PLEASE UNDERSTAND. Democracy is on the Precipice

  17. there's nothing worse than phony supposed progressive news journalists interviewing each other,especially from the same network, LAME.

  18. Thanks so much – that's an eye opener and cannot wait to read it. Congratulations and as Lawrence said, keep writing.

  19. Lawrence: "Please do this again." Rachael (grasping his hand in both of hers): "I won't."
    She will but I bet it is an honest assessment of her's that the work she puts into writing one of these books (I have a copy of her first book "Drift") is truly exhausting.

  20. Dang, he made me want to read it! Very well sold Mr. Lawrence! I already love Rachel to bits, but I'm not a fan of these kinds of books. I'll be getting this one

  21. It's so obvious how mislead and deranged the MSM is, that they've deceived themselves and don't even know it! They honestly believe their own lies!! How deranged is that?  MSM is clearly the propaganda arm of the Deep State an enemy of the American people.  HOW long the MSM WILL BE TOLERATED. We must hold them accountable along with the lien Dems.  
    The MSM has lost all credibility. but hey are blind to this truth. All they have to do is ask people what they know or think they know based on what source of info they get but they wont do this because they already know the answer so they continue to engage in Misinformation falsely believing it to be true. They are really pathetic, fake, plastic, and out of touch with reality. The intent of the MSM is not to inform but to reform people to their way of thinking, truth and facts only get in their communist way.  
    MSM are enemies of the people ! MSM=Propaganda Puppets   DESTROY FAKE NEWS BEFORE THEY DESTROY THIS NATION.

  22. Rachel Maddow is to politics as Michio Kaku and Neil Tyson are to science. They all explain things in lay terms that even ppl like me, with no background in those fields, can undersdtand. They also do it in a way that is interesting and makes you want to learn. Thanks Rachel.

  23. Trump's entire Ukraine agenda is to lift the sanctions off of Russia. 1. "Prove" that it was the Ukraine not Russia that interfered in the 2016 election lifts half the sanctions. 2. Persuade the Ukraine to settle their differences with Russia lifts the other half of the sanctions.

    Getting dirt manufactured about Biden is just a side perk

  24. Putin suffers from moronic obsession as well. Cuz the short cut for Russia to get out of sanctions is to get out of Ukraine. Really simple. But Putin burns a 500 Billion $ deal for the sake of his ego. A business pro would have said 'Rogue managers, I had no idea … here I'll put them in jail and you can go back to making me rich'.

  25. Maybe she should stick to science writing, because her journalism regarding Trump colluding with Russia “blew it”.

  26. Dear Rachel I have to officially inform you of my displeasure with your absences recently but your explanation on Lawrence O'Donnell's helped me make peace with the reason why. Between you and Lawrence I gleaned the essence of your book and learned that you were busy sleuthing elsewhere for a good cause. You got me addicted to watching you connect the dots and seeing the world more clearly and suddenly "Where's Rachel?". Just teasing. MSNBC has a great lineup. I like you your coworkers Joy Lawrence Ari Ali Joe and all of the crew that gives DC the blues. Keep up the great work.

  27. What you heard about oil industries defining Russia's behavior is why we must get Trump outvoted next year or out of office soon so we can actually take down Vladimir Putin and his rogue regime before 2030.

  28. I have to say to you Rachel, I never enjoyed listening to the news until I found you! You have such a unique way of explaining things that I finally understand what is happening!!! I used to avoid all of it, but now actually like learning about what happens in our daily news. You are such a gift to me and to others I am sure…thank you! 🙂

  29. terrifying. is there even an "if", 'would it be possible' for a 'green energy economy' to be launched in russia? do the russian people follow news in the development of wind and solar and geothermal? are there any solar panels in russia?

  30. Does anyone really care about her book? She has become such a bought and paid for liar. But then so has msnbc. Rather than cover stories that really matter, it is 24/7 hate on Trump, hate , hate, hate, hate. We have so much else we should be looking into how about Ilhan Omar, this woman should be investigated, but for some reason she has no history???? Is this not concerning? https://apelbaum.wordpress.com/2019/07/21/one-thousand-and-one-nights-and-ilhan-omars-biographical-engineering/

  31. REX TILLERSON is the "Smoking Gun"! Comrade Manafort, put Him on TRUMP's Shortlist for a single Purpose! ….. PUTIN's CHOICE!   —–👉  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87NVYn9-6n0

  32. Donald Trump is using taxpayer dollars to enrich himself while asking Congress to fund his government.

    Multiple State Department websites were found promoting President Trump’s private club at Mar-a-Lago Monday, and not in particularly subtle ways.



  33. That's how an intelligent and honest journalist sounds like. And if you're in pain when she speaks, it means you're living in denial of a terribly disturbing reality.

  34. Seems to dovetail nicely with the thesis of "Why Nations Fail" by a couple of academics whose names escape be at the moment.

  35. To be honest, I was on the fence about whether to get this book or not, but Lawrence, you sold me. Rachel has this incredible way of explaining everything in great detail and connecting all these little unknown dots in seemingly no time at all.

    Unrelated, but I can't help but love watching their friendship on camera — it's just so perfect and you can feel the respect they have for each other everytime they speak.

  36. Actually, Rachel, capitalism is a pretty desperate solution to politics. It means competition, often unethical competition, and it hands power and control to unethical people and unethical countries, like the USA. Why not take off the blinkers while there's still a little time remaining. The galaxy is unimpressed, as you can tell by the present incumbent of the White House – a hideous caricature of all that is wrong with the USA today.

  37. It is such a wonderful change to see two people who really respect and admire each other. All their cleverness aside though, I'm sure I saw a tear in her eye when he was praising her and her work. Both vulnerable and human. Sigh!!! Love them both. 💖
    Scum take note – this is how you are supposed to be and the world would be so much better for it.

  38. Love Rachel and Lawrence’s friendship!! She obviously looks up to him and is so impressed and humbled that he read her book, like he took actual time out of his schedule to read something she wrote. I love Rachel though

  39. Oh what a butt kissing session! O'donnell is so pathetic and embarrassing! He's lost all trace of manhood.
    Why doesn't he just bend over and let Maddow have her way.

  40. Maddow knows nothing about oil and gas?
    And that qualifies her to write a 3rd rate piece of trash that she's shamelessly promoting?

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