46 thoughts on “Race Reporter Ruby with Peter Sagan

  1. The first time I've seen little Ruby a little nervous. Lol Peter isn't much for interviews either.

  2. OMG, can Ruby be any more adorable?! Also, I've become a Peter Sagan fan and it was very cool to see him be so nice to a young fan. Great questions Ruby, you've got a great future as a cyclist or infront of the camera. Always follow your dreams and never let anyone tell you can't. All the best Ruby : D

  3. Ruby should have a chance to be a guest presenter on the #Global Cycling Network, GCN Show. if she can interview World Champion Peter Sagan, she deserves a guest appearance:)

  4. I hope Specialized has more interviews by Ruby. This was a heart warming positive video. Excellent.

  5. Well she is just staring him all the time not turning her face on the camera maybe she likes Sagan hahaha well sagan is pretty handsome 😂

  6. Sagan Is so good for the sport of bicycle racing, what an ambassador!  I hope Specialized realize what a great opportunity they have in Ruby Isaac. She brings a humanity to interviews that others can't touch. Too cute!!

  7. When you see Ruby reporting and Starstruck at the same time 😁😁 But Good thing she held on to her role, Awesome 🤙🤙

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