29 thoughts on “Rabbi: I fear politicians have made hate mainstream

  1. houses of worships, say it as it is, white people attacking mosques and synagogues, no one attacks churches

  2. American ships are on their way to fight and die for Zionist apartheid state Israel Americans spoon-fed lies from jew Controlled media

  3. Canaan was a province of Egypt. When Egypt came under pressure from the Phoenicians, Canaan was taken over by the Assyrians. Following collapse of the Ottoman Empire their International Socialist masters¹ directed Britain to separate the southern part of Syria, which is Palestine, from the northern part.

    The Children of Israel were a religious sect that resided within the territories of Egypt and Assyria. Follow the money, i.e., taxes. They first paid taxes to Egypt and then to Babylonia, hence were never a sovereign state. The Exodus story in the Bible is fiction. In order to leave the territory of Egypt, Moses would have had to go to Arabia, as Canaan was an Egyptian province with strong fortifications all along this route with the Egyptian Empire extending as far as Armenia.

    Public officials spurn Christianity²² and embrace the Holocaust Religion, faking belief² so that they will not be labeled deniers.


    ¹ Great Britain was defeated in World War I and taken over by the International Socialists. Are you shocked? But so subtle was this move that the British to this day are under false illusion that they remain a sovereign nation. A tried and true tactic of shifting populations in order to dissolve national identity that has been employed for millennia accordingly was placed into effect in Britain. Where are the British? That are conspicuous by their absence on the streets of London and other cities?

    ²² Further reading: Donald Alexander Mackenzie, Myths of Babylonia and Assyria and,
    Edward Gibbons, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

    ² Miraculous cremation: Nine thousand corpses (maximum daily) laid out head to toe in single file form a line 9 miles long and take 900 tons of coal to reduce to ashes. (Some sources cite a daily quota of 25,000 forming a line 25 miles long and requiring 2500 tons of coal for incineration.) A line of corpses 6250 miles long (total) requires 600,000 tons of coal to reduce to ashes. Excluding those shipped east of the Urals that did not die and ancestors from several generations back that were already dead leaves a discrepancy of greater than 5,950,000. Published figures for Europe reveal that a population of 8,939,608 in 1939 grew to 9,372,666 by 1945 for a net increase of 422,058 persons.

  4. What about the 250 people killed in Sri Lanka who were Christians? It wasn't racial. It was religious hate.

  5. Wrong. Americans made hate mainstream by making someone who bragged about his hate of Mexicans, Blacks and Muslims, their leader.

  6. Lemon is one of those instigating hate and he knows it..
    he tried with the Rabbi to instigate it by condemning Trump…
    The Shooter posted his dislike for Trump, apparently Lemon doesnt want people to know it nor does MSM…

  7. Hatefulness does not care about mainstream media! They love darkness….if the media didn't cover it, more will die without notice! Remember 400 years of hatefulness? NEVER FORGET! THEY ARE THE SAME THEN AND NOW I

  8. What you realize the synagogue shooter hated Trump and called him anti-white, Jewish cocksucker

  9. So why don't these attacks happen in most States? The answer is very simple. 42 States have legal concealed carry and houses of worship aren't gun free zones in those States. Those houses of worship are hardened targets which prevent shootings from happening. California is one of the States where you can't get a carry permit. By the way Don Lemon never said that in 2016 the DOJ said that in Chicago 4400 blacks shot 4400 blacks with illegal handguns killing 800. Where is the outrage there when more blacks are killed in one year than all who died in a shooting of houses of worship?

  10. More like CNN has made hate mainstream…Yo CNN…. How's that ratings war with FOX workin' out for ya? What's it like having to run behind them and have their back tires hurl mud in your face every hour of every day? LOL! How does it feel to have ratings worse than the Cartoon Network? You assholes have been LOSERS for a long time. You're not called the Cartoon News Network for no reason!

  11. It's Time for All Members of Congress to STOP the Anti-semitism, Anti-American remarks made regarding the Jews,Christians or other races, groups Free speech does not mean You can just attack Us..because of your HATE FOR AMERICA. Just because you currently hold an office Doesn't give YOU or ANYONE in a Government position To Verbally Attack our people, The Jews, The Christians .or any group of AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  12. The white supremacy uses the two cc in swaztica to say Christian crusaders, they carry the legacy of inquisition plus crusade and holocaust forward.this is what their ideology is.period.

  13. My heart goes out to the family of Ms Lori and that beautiful community of Poway .❤️🌹had this boy been monitored after he set fire in a mosque caught on tape. We would not have lost a beautiful soul.sad day for America

  14. Don Lemmon is talking rubbish “”,blacks and Jews do not have a similar history in the USA …as the rabbi said “America has been so good to the Jews” whereas black people came in chains and were bought and sold by whites including Jews

  15. This civil division is not about Dems vs. Repub… though it has been the red herring. This is a division of Love and Hate. No matter your political affiliation (and whether or not you have been manipulated by language and misrepresentation) this is about good and evil. It's appalling that American "Christians" are on the side of evil. I too am on the side of hate, and I realize that now. I hate racists, I hate xenophobia, I HATE stupidity and lies. Liberal, Christian, conservative, Muslim, black, white, Hispanic, Jewish, homosexual, heterosexual, transgendered, young, old, rich, poor… it's all the same when your motivation is defined. Only two sides of America… love and hate. It's exhausting carrying the burden of hate. And love can be difficult to access during this infuriating time, but IT IS THE RIGHT SIDE. It takes courage and strength and empathy. BUT IT IS THE RIGHT SIDE. Whatever you do and believe, be courageous and do it for love. This hatred is going to lose. It always does. I for one, would like to make my way to the side of strength, because harboring hate for those who are deceived, is wrong.

  16. the media has enabled that as well by constantly debating their views instead of reporting strictly on fact and then labeling their show news instead of sitcom

  17. Trump owns this. No matter what he or his lackey inner circle says, Trump cannot ignore his own ignorant comments! For him NOT to see how he influences people with this rhetoric and irresponsible speech is not believable. He has to know that he is partly responsible for the hate being displayed in this country. His responses to it are so shallow and feel so forced. It is questionable how sincere he is in his comments!

  18. Name the race with the best quality of life, the most educated people, the most solid family foundation and productive culture. That race is superior and supreme to others that don't have those things.

  19. Anti semitism lives on the left. If you can’t condemn Rep Omar, then you should just admit to your bias. Donald Trump has done more for Israel than any other President since Truman.

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