r/maliciouscompliance - The Policy that OUTRANKS a Written Contract...

r/maliciouscompliance – The Policy that OUTRANKS a Written Contract…

hey everyone and welcome to story time my name is Jake and today we are gonna be looking at the subreddit our such malicious compliance where people conformed to the letter but not the spirit of a request if you new around here please do hit subscribe down below so that you never miss out on another video but for now let's sit back relax and enjoy some malicious compliance I must provide detailed information about my doctor's appointment to get approved for paid time off are you absolutely sure well if you say so a few years ago I worked in an office with some pretty strange and crappy rules one such role was that while we could apply personal pto pay time off for any reason management needed a detailed summary of the reason before they would approve this resulted in several instances of co-workers applying for pto for things like funerals and birthdays and being told the current project deadline is more important than your niece's birthday or do you really need to attend your mother's cousin's funeral that doesn't sound pressing it was a really toxic system that resulted in some turnover from co-workers who was sick of being held hostage over pto furthermore both the department manager and the HR manager needed to sign off the PTO request which resulted in some frustrating situations where one approved but the other did not it did not help that the HR manager was a douche pretty much the only time you could expect to be approved with for court dates and important medical appointments but you still needed to provide details even if it happened to be a very personal medical or legal situation this does not strike me as legal but sadly this isn't the first time I've run into this working in Texas one more bit of context my department manager was also a jerk without going into too much detail he was a power-tripping sloth who liked to harass women like me let's call him jerk and the HR manager douche we all hated both of them on to the malicious compliance I had an important appointment with my psychiatrist coming up my meds for anxiety and PTSD were not cutting the mustard anymore and I was in a really bad place mentally he needed a medical adjustment so I took the soonest appointment available work would have to cope with a couple of hours without me I submitted my PTO requested jerk and douche for approval given the intensely personal nature of the appointment I left the details sparse it was rejected both jerk and douche said in an email that I needed to give details about my appointment in accordance with company policy jerk had the nerve to call me into his office and chide over my unacceptably terse PTO request you know the rules why would you waste my time with such a brief request you know I can't approve this etc I was angry but as a student my cubicle it dawned on me that I could get back at jerk and douche merely by complying with their own rules I formulated a plan I sent an email to douche and CC jerk always cya folks I said are you sure you need the details of my appointment are you positive it's really personal both douche and jerk said yes we need the details of your PTO circumstances you know the rules I replied that it's very private are you sure I need to talk about it we sent some e-mails back and forth until I was sure I had a solid paper trail then I decided well if they really need my personal medical details which I still think is illegal but whatever then I suppose I better give it to them I submitted a new PTO request with all the relevant information that I was going to see my psychiatrist for an urgent appointment I needed to be seen a the earliest possible time because I was having thoughts of hurting myself because I have PTSD from being hurt in foster care I threw in some details about what my foster father did to me how I went numb and used drugs to cope and how I was hospitalized as a teenager I also screenshotted and emailed my request to a few of the higher-ups saying my previous request was insufficient so wanted to make sure I got it right this time I submitted it there were no snippy emails this time only approved appearing in green text to my request in the system maybe four minutes after I submitted it I blissfully went about my day happy to have my PTO curiously neither jerk nor douche emerged from their offices the fallout when I showed up for work at 8:00 the following day I was immediately called into the VP's office one of the higher managers and a woman that I recognized from legal were also present VP politely asked me to sit and kindly explain the grotesque email I had sent out yesterday he was a polite but rather out of touch older gentleman so I made myself clear I needed PTO for a very personal doctor's appointment and my previous request was denied by both jerk and douche for being too brief and jerk even called me into his office to complain about wasting his time I didn't want to be rejected again so I made sure my request was as detailed as possible I also passed it on to management to verify that the level of detail was up to snuff when it came to corporate guidelines and yes I do have PTSD it's all true and they can reference my ad a paperwork in HR for more information VP asked me a couple more brief questions he then apologized for the hassle said I was being credited some extra paid time off for my trouble and that the company would be reviewing its approach to the paid time off approval process I was then dismissed back to my desk I received written apologies from jerk and douche that very morning hand-delivered by a tense and rather petrified jerk I think legal put him up to it both jerk and douche went out of their way to avoid me for the remainder of my time at the company which was a blessing the few times we were forced to interact they spoke very quickly and looked desperate to end the conversation I guess my PTO request was a little too intense for them whatever the case it was the end of jerks little power trips at least with me personally also that same morning we received a company-wide email marked as important there was a change in the PTO policy requests with regards to medical and other sensitive reasons no longer required detailed explanations effective immediately bonus one of my friends in HR well not really a friend but a woman who like to discuss crocheting with me at the watercooler showed me an internal email from douche to all of HR staff every PTO request from me personally was to be approved immediately and without question I tested this later that summer by requesting a day off to watch Netflix that's specifically what I put in the request field I planned on quitting soon so was in a flippant mood it was approved immediately I think they had me flagged in their system truth be told I could have probably taken a whole month off and got unpaid for it but I didn't push my luck I left the company for a much more tolerable less toxic higher paying job about six months later and yes my appointment went well and I'm doing better now I started attending a trauma Support Group met my Esso and I've been able to reduce the dose of one of my meds now I'm no legal expert and you guys probably know more than me but I'm pretty sure that is illegal to request such specific information but yeah like I said I might be wrong but they probably should have got shut down for that company policy outranks a written contract okay we'll stick to policy then early last year my wife got promotion which required moving across the state her company offered a very generous moving package which was formally written up in a contract which we had to sign and agree to before the promotion was official one of the big draws was that the contract said it would pay for all closing costs and related fees for not only the sale of our previous house but the purchase of our new house in our new city I was a little dubious and had my wife clarify as there are associated fees jus at closing which aren't really sale fees such as your prepaid homeowners insurance for the year taxes and HOA fees but the contract said all fees and the HR specialist reiterated this so we were happy Q – a few months later we've moved rented short term found a new home closed and moved into it the final reimbursement check comes in and it's about $1,000 short for all of our prepaids I wasn't shocked but I double-checked the contract and yep clear as day all fees was included so my wife reached out to the HR moving supervisor to check on this and she was pretty curtly told that we had been misled and that the company policy was only to pay closing costs themselves and all fees just meant closing cost fees that's always been the company policy we were told and the contract wasn't literal on all fees this went back and forth for a day my wife politely escalated it and we did get a sympathetic HR director but policy was policy so her hands were tied here's the malicious compliance though while company policy said we couldn't get the prepaid fees reimbursed she the HR director asked for all of our moving in rental receipts as company policy does stay that those would be paid the HR director poured over our receipts and all for another day and reached back out with a formal letter which said sorry company policy doesn't allow prepaid reimbursement so you won't get your $1,000 but I did find that you weren't adequately reimbursed for your move and short-term rental as per company policy and we have submitted a claim for you for that amount another day later and we got a check for fifty eight hundred dollars we just wanted them to honor the contract but following company policy to the letter got us another forty eight hundred dollars we didn't realize we were owed so I'd say it worked out in the end edit dancer a common question about being owed the one thousand dollars per the contract what we were told is that the contract we side were supposed to have a company policy addendum which had the definitions and all of the fees is defined in that as excluding prepaids insurance etc so someone did a goof by a not sending us that and B telling us that the stuff was included so while we could have hustled for that one thousand dollars it wouldn't be worth the time fees or money especially when the company has been above and beyond for my wife on everything else good raises great benefits great boss constantly trading her on things she asks to learn etc we've also learned from experience that small claims call isn't always the way to go wow that's that's a hate chart director actually doing something really good that's a surprise expect me to break process and use my personal phone for work alright thanks for paying for my phone background I work for an IT company and get outsourced to a media company for support the work hours are ruling I work about 60 hour weeks an average about 40 hours overtime a month I support around 13 countries where the company has a footprint and our service desk is supposed to call me when there are issues log to us after regular work hours however how a service desk is pathetic and rarely call me and when they do is around four hours later which is a big financial loss to the company so majority of the times I get a whatsapp from the managers telling me the issues and then go to resolve it I do not get paid a cellphone allowance to get called on my personal number or whatsapp from all these countries now to the story it was Sunday and I was spending time with my dad for Father's Day when I get a what's up from the douchebag manager now bear in mind this guy is in charge of all of these countries telling me there is a major outage in one of the countries why haven't I looked at it yet about four hours since the issue began and that I should look at it now I said no problem and told him that I did not get a call from the Service Desk or a reference number yet but that I will look into it because this is the business process that should be followed and was on the contract that he signed he then gets furious and replies that this is a serious issue and I am expected to always look at the issue when being messaged on whatsapp and that I should not wait for a call from service desk which is what I already do now this being Father's Day I am already upset that I have to cut time with my dad Shaw then I realized what to do I tell him no worries I will do so I fixed the issue and take a screenshot of the message I send it to the boss and tell him to please add a cell phone allowance to the monthly bill to the douchebag manager as I am expected to use my personal device even more for work we changed the billing to include the allowance and I mail it to the douchebag manager Monday stating the bill now includes cellphone allowance five minutes later I get a call what is this regarding a billing charge well you said I should always accept calls and messages from you for work lucha's B yes I am not going to pay for this the douchebag manager is ureas and he pulls me and boss into a meeting and tells us that he will not pay a cellphone allowance for me and I show him the screenshot of his message to me I am expected to be available when he calls or messages men and that this breaks the regular contract agreement that service desk is supposed to call me with issues and I will respond on email he tries to argue that whatsapp is not a valid form of business communication and that I cannot use it as justification to include the billing now I always keep my whatsapp history for reasons like this with a smile on my face I pull out my phone and scroll through it showing boss and the douchebag manager the amount of times I get messages and calls for work on whatsapp to sort out the issues from the douchebag manager and other managers they are using it as a professional business communication tool with me my boss also smiles and says either you pay the cellphone allowance or opie blocks all whatsapp's and calls from everyone related to the business and only accepts calls from service desk the douchebag manager had no choice but to agree and pay my cellphone allowance which is enough to cover my whole phone and data plan now don't get me wrong I love my job and happily help the customer when they messaged me because it was more efficient and convenient for me as well but that particular day douche bag manager rubbed me the wrong way and I decided I was tired of it and now I basically have a free phone and a bit of extra money in my pocket every month I'm quite confused as to why the the douchebag manager was so concerned about paying the bill because surely is just gonna come out of the companies money not his directly money but I guess he's some people are just penny-pinchers out there hey everyone I hope you all had a really good day and that you enjoyed that video if you want to check out some other videos then click on screen right now or check out the playlist down below if you enjoyed that video then please do leave a like and if you want to submit your own stories think you can do so by joining the discord in the top link in the description but thank you so much for watching and I will see you very soon

23 thoughts on “r/maliciouscompliance – The Policy that OUTRANKS a Written Contract…

  1. 60 hours a week grueling? That’s my minimum! The most I’ve worked is 84 hours a week! Did that for three months in a row once, twelve hour days seven days a week. 44 hours of time and a half pay a week! It was absolutely awesome! Hard but worth it when I checked my bank balance! That three months bought me a camper and a total suspension overhaul on my truck with leftovers. Wish that would happen again lol

  2. Just try to do that in Switzerland… God !
    I've seen ceo billionaires treated like scum for trying to have looks in their patients files.

  3. It is illegal to force someone to reveal medical records it’s even illegal for parents to view medical records of their kids without consent from the kid

  4. The woman in the first story was possibly seen as a hero to the rest of her co-workers. I'm glad everything worked out for her.

  5. The reason he hates to pay the bill, is a lot of companies like to provide bonuses to managers if they can keep department spending low.

  6. I can only say what the fact in Europe is, for the 1st story, according to the new GDPR guidelines you need to state a reason before acquiring data, and an employer is NOT and I repeat NOT to be informed about medical details unless done out of a free will, or even about family planning.

  7. my name if Jeff my name if Jeff my name if Jeff my name if Jeff my name if Jeff my name if Jeff my name if Jeff my name if Jeff my name if Jeff my name if Jeff my name if Jeff

  8. Closing Costs — So… you weren't maliciously compliant, your HR director was. And they obviously weren't trying to screw you, HR went out of their way and was looking out for you and making sure you were paid fairly. Otherwise, why would they ask for your moving expenses? They had to know that a cross country move is very expensive as I'm sure they've handled dozens of transfers to their company, since they have a very liberal policy for covering those costs. I want to work for your company… they're ridiculously fair to their employees.

  9. WIth the last story, it is most likely the companies money, however a lot of managers and directors are held to tight budgets and expected to meet them for some form of bonus at the end of the year. It can end up causing bad business decisions because the manager/director's personal interests are in conflict with the best business decision potentially.

  10. In The last story with the manager not wanting to pay the phone credit to be fair on the manager side some businesses and projects have limited amounts of funding and that can cut into it which can cut into other processes or things that need to be taken care of he could have been a penny-pincher he could have just been looking at the bigger picture could have just been a douchebag what is the valid reason as to why not necessarily wanting to pay for somebody's phone

  11. about the cellphone bill, most likely the manager's bonus is directly affected by how much of the budget gets spent for the year so if he has to pay a bill that means more money is being spent from the budget which means a smaller bonus

  12. Love your videos. I listen to them every night before bed. But the constant and interruptions are insane. 5 ads in a video this short is nuts…

  13. It doesn't come out of his pocket directly for the phone bill but indirect because if they have bonus incentives to meet for bugets this might hit it and he gets less money at the end of the year maybe that 50 or so a month but it's thounds for him at end of year

  14. You need to stop using sexist and pejorative terms like "douche" and "douche-bag," they detract from the overall message of the videos. Use the terms in the text, don't modify. Otherwise YOU are the "douche-bag."

  15. For the last story. It comes out of the managers budget. which means that the managers spending will be up for that quarter and productivity will of remained the same. This is likely going to reflect negatively on any raises/bonuses the manager might get for his position. Some companies will pay managers a percentage of any money they are able to "save" the company over a period of time.

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