Queens': A Cambridge College - Episode 4: Governing

Queens': A Cambridge College – Episode 4: Governing

okay well I think he deserves three marks for that all right fellows here's your piece it's called eye whistle a happy tune from the King and I the University has three main aims to teach the young to supply the country with the expertise it needs and to add to the sum of human knowledge having a good time comes fourth and firmly in that category is the annual competition when the undergraduates and fellows of Queens College face the music facing the music in its other sense also brings undergraduates to the notice of dr. John Green the dr. Green has spent most of his adult life at Queens and as his tentacles have reached into the innermost recesses of college life so his power and prestige have grown one of his many hats is that of senior tutor it's in this role that he's judged jury and executioner in matters of college discipline your name was given to the to me as one of the undergraduates who in the bar on the 23rd of February which was last Thursday and we've had specific complaints from undergraduates about the singing of obscene granite songs they're being thrown over some students who are not involved with those people in carousing and arts and pens being thrown someone was urinating in the court and so on no real name was given to me by two students there's being involved too that I sang songs I stopped laughter they're being very negative people because I wasn't drunk I wasn't I've been to max up rehearsal that evening and I came back and joined in the singing of the songs in the middle and realizing after will you speak to me about about showing the other people I knew that's what I thought that was really what people didn't get upset about and so I did my best to stop your doing that but it's not always attorneys in that situation but I grabbed it was saying I think you have to be held corporate responsible currently associated 474 partner and did seem the scenes on those as a final event well it's because it's because I have about the effect of such a thing when he had guests in the College in the college bar and there were also two guests of the college who was staying in a college guestroom old members who were severely offended by that and older members of the College of course should be allowed to come back into the bar into the college and into the bar and expect and they should were to expect a civilized behavior I think that's I think the behavior in the bar has gradually been clamped down on in the last 5-10 years I don't what it is and it's a question of deciding what kind of behavior will be tolerated by society and dhoya that's exactly what happens in there in the world outside the law has changed yeah but don't people tend to get told beforehand there's a difference between the kind of suit the songs I mean some songs which has happened for example those were set on the Thursday night and I wouldn't like to repeat some of the things which were actually singing that about I think I rest my case but you're not prepared to tell me why didn't once beforehand I don't think it's a question of warning you in advance I think it's a question of trying to steer a balance between what those majority of people in college I know I know about the balanced argument I want to know why you didn't tell us beforehand you know but on Thursday nights after that game you went to the rubber game yourself you must have known it was all set at half why do you want to before her I don't think there's anything intrinsically wrong we're singing songs I think there's something intrinsically won't be innocent on would you rather do something to be nice no we're gonna be proportion are me I mean one of the things has been made quite clear to those it's not a question there's a whole series of indictable offences I mean so many rude words so much why don't you find just happens that we've got an increasing amount of complaint recently and this was one of these items which we've had quite specific complaints about now I mean that seems to me it's okay it's a pretty out hot way of proceeding but the fact that we know how to clearly have a lot into the stage in which you're causing substantial of offense seems to me the warrants erection the penalty a 5-pound find later in the day dr. green goes for his nightly routine with the president of Queen's Professor Ronald Augsburg with the latest outrage of the rugger Club fresh in his mind dr. green raises the delicate topic of peace and quiet in the presidential Lodge right we start and the colors from a quieter it's mostly fighters and settlers and what kind of time is it oh I suppose was 11:30 to 12:30 or something like that that's exactly when other parties in Russia suppose in the parish ah it's a natural hazard I think of everything in living in launch the president has not lived here long he was elected in 1982 when man lives in this superb launch in the middle of a college one is living in a goldfish bowl everything one does is public knowledge probably before you know it and so it was going to amount to a very substantial change in lifestyle it's marvelous place to live and it's very central to begin with so that you're three minutes from Marks and Spencers and five minutes from the market and st. was very close and so that it's tremendously convenient like that we've very much like living in the center of the town I suppose it's a bit unnatural that you don't have any neighbors that you've only got got shops nearby but of course there's not a lot of life in college all the students but it's not just student high spirits that threaten presidential tranquility at times it's like living in a builder's yard and so combined originally you see the president lived in this way this was big about 1460 the hall is here which is a bit older and so of course we have quite a distance to travel so both with the long gallery as a connecting link not like the you know the proper kind of long galleries in the medieval houses this was actually just a corridor to get him from A to B and on top he built some better than some bedrooms which would be presumably for the president's domestic staff what with the work in progress and conducted tours by the architect in charge for his students the president's home could hardly be described as a snug you can see from these windows here just how the building has to fall when you come in from that end they've done a few notice for the whole building has got a sort of sag that way just whether you have to replace an interesting glasses it's all original well that's mark 1589 of course that's that's the College crest and the interesting thing about that of course is that it's the it relates back to the Plantagenet who will be fans of the college so that really was the original coat of arms of England but I understand it's a very old thing I think really being the president's wife because you don't know what you're supposed to do I think you really have to just be yourself is what it amounts to but fit in to college which is actually very complicated sort of institution and you have to try and just find where where you fit into it I think that the fellows know where I should fit but I don't know because I've not been in this position before in previous presidents wife used to say that she enjoyed being a VIP I don't think that's how I I don't think I feel like a VIP I I don't think I do I think the cat's very happy I think she likes it very well she spends a lot of time in the garden she likes the undergraduates and they found her very friendly she's now got a label which has her address and telephone number on one side and the other side says please do not feed me because the first year we had quite a problem because if they feed her then she won't come back home and she'd begin us to forget that she's our cat the river is very beautiful but it's actually very noisy the daytime noise doesn't bother me at all and there's a lot of shrieking and yelling particularly if people are about to fall in under the mathematical bridge but I can't cut that out the nighttime noise on them knows something else it was certainly not displeasing to have the prospect of living in a quite exquisite house here perhaps life in this exquisite environment is not quite exquisite all the time for a variety of reasons it is a superb place to live and I think that in itself is an opportunity that many people would find hard to resist there are interesting difficulties which arise from the architecture which no one can do anything about I suppose one example would be that although we have an almost uncountable number of bedrooms they tend to all open off each other and so this is difficult if one is trying to put guests it doesn't mean that everyone has to go to bed in the right order and get up in the right order we get to know undergraduates in various ways one is by inviting them to breakfast in during their first year on Saturday mornings first years we have in groups of about 930 in the year so it still takes us a reasonable time to get through mostly the breakfasts go very well we mix everybody up so we have men and women and we do have it a rule about only having one mathematician if we possibly can because if you get a lot of mathematicians it can be a bit heavy going changed breakfasts at the lodge were for awhile enlivened by a happy event involving the president's Burmese Cat Natasha and an unknown black Tom but the people who have to go to 9 o'clock lectures do people that you do get up and go when you have to yeah coming out to Queens in the early sixties it was a very different matter to what it is now the thermal welcome to the College was given by the tutors when we all had to turn up in gowns and the headquarter came in and raised his bowler hat and said gentlemen the tutors and we all stood up and the tutors paraded in and began sat in front of you and they just addressed you all on all the facts and so on so it was a pretty kind of I mean well stratified his right I mean one that was very much aware that here was the first year coming into the bottom of the hierarchy and there were the Dems very distant and all rest of it what we've all really been waiting for dr. Kris repented will accompany John graden brand have a place where they move in times have changed at Queen's a generation ago it would have been unusually for a director of studies Dean of Chapel and Senior Tutor to frolic about in the student smoking concert and it's remarkable that their song should make light of a student run recently punished by the same senior tutor English some late-night climbers damaged the college clock tells a story mind at an annual service in the chapel professor Oxbow performs one of his many official duties and now in conformity with ancient custom and in obedience to the statutes of our College I proceeded to recite the names of the principal persons from whose liberality the college has benefited and to whom our gratitude is therefore due first of all must be mentioned with grateful memory Andrew Dawkins the name of Queens first president heads the list of those remembered by its 39th to the old members of a college in this congregation the message is clear if they to contribute enough to college funds their names might be added posthumously to a long and distinguished list 13:36 a chatter of incorporation for a college under the title of the College of some permit and the petition of Margaret of Anjou Queen consort of Henry the sixth presented to the king in the year 14:48 a new Charter was issued in which license was granted to Queen Margaret to refound the College under the title of the Queens College of st. Margaret and samanid these are the founders and principal benefactors of our College the names of many others are enrolled in our records my principal job in the university is as a professor in the Department of Earth Sciences and for the time being job is is running back department I also have a job yeah obviously as head of the college and I suppose my third hat is the one that I enjoy wearing most and I suppose the reason that I came into academic life is that I'm really interested in understanding how the earth works I'm a geologist and my third half must be my research hat Cambridge is a cyclist city criss cross throughout the day by students on their way to the lecturers and labs of the faculty buildings that lie outside the 24 colleges at the Department of Earth Sciences professor Augsburg is about to Kindle the flame of geology in the breasts of 150 first-year students welcome to the first lecture of the one a geology course well not about geology what do we mean by geological sciences I have to say that this is really one of the most exciting times for anyone to be involved in this subject during the last 20 years we have seen what the historians and philosophers of science call a scientific revolution nothing less the ideas that I'm referring to are those which are generally known as the ideas of plate tectonics and the related ideas which preceded them that which were by many people regarded as outrageously impossible the ideas of continental grip and I'm not a great one for buying maths books partly because they get out of date by fast and partly because they're incredibly expensive so I mean I think they're much the best thing to do is to actually go to the library news the college like everyone's here the simple remain textbook sent me over one able to have got duplicate afford trick john green's workload is diverse as senior tutor and the director of studies he's teacher policeman and administrator a fourth and more nebulous task is his role as personal tutor coping with students problems the important part is that you actually do try and make people realize that a tutor is there to help them that to me is really very important and it's something which I suppose that I worry about most of all the parts of the job I do worry because it's the kind of thing I often feel that I have that I'm most unsure about being successful at and then for most people they don't you know I mean nine eighteen ninety percent of people don't use their tutor at all while they're at Cambridge apart from an administrative things but for the few who do have problems whether they're be set from outside circumstances or whatever a tutor can help I remember the story of one student who'd been here for nine terms and he signed in the book at the beginning of the last term and he said well John I've come and signed the book at the beginning every term and I've come and had suffered with us and it's been jolly nice but I don't really see that I've needed a tutor and then three or four weeks later his parents were both killed in an air crash and he was the oldest child left and at the end of term he briefly said to me well I wish I'd never said that because I know know what a cheetah can do to sort out that kind of math when you have to give up neaten roads living with the doc he's a holistic healer just going to set up a holistic healing practice yogi Sarah White's tutor is John Green she's been invited to his rooms for an informal chat but there's an underlying seriousness to the invitation the one he's not Sarah but Sarah's flatmate Susannah I've been through that kind of runaround today because as you know if someone is in today in an exam then the college gets phoned up and we were phoned up at 25 – – because Susannah wasn't in the exam so George Cormac who's her teacher tried to dash around and couldn't because he was there things are happening so he passed it over to me and I drove out to the fat and anyway and I just was worried that's in ten but Susannah was fast asleep or something couldn't hear and and so then I went BEC exam room to check that actually got think I didn't want to walk in in case it disturbed you're worried you if you didn't know but I guess you must have realized his own I wasn't there what's happen what's happened has she done the others what well she's been going to them to the others but not knowing anything if you written nothing at all she wrote half a page of notes for anything oh how many she had three you think she'd had three she's had three and then today if she should have another one tomorrow morning has she been there is she talking to anybody I'm Jimmy professional yeah yeah she's she's been she used to see a psychiatrist a bitch but she's since been going to a psychedelic group weekly no she's been going to the Counseling Service and she's missing her doctor now she has spoken about it to her tutor as well right cuz she went to the doctor this morning did you that he said just don't go right is it it's really pointing me or George going to talk to Herman what's the well if you had to approach the situation I mean what's her paper tomorrow education I don't think that makes a lot of difference yesterday was the room which she felt more secure about because she did revise it before she got this block and she's just couldn't do it and she said it wasn't the paper the paper was buying she just couldn't it does I am old block of not the underwriters demonstrators will be coming round to see you and will try to find you hiding behind rocks and the like up the mountain and we'll be seeing you during the day okay so one president of Queens was offered the crown of Bohemia and refused it another was beheaded and became a Roman Catholic saint the latest president of Queens has taken 150 students on a field trip to the volcanic either Aaron now have an opportunity to have a bit of a look at this job and what do you notice about it right now you sure hello Bob is down the coast earlier in the week and this is in fact a superb example of this kind of thing but of course has to be a little bit older than what you've been watching so previously this is the rather exceptional formation and there's a fellow lava and this is what you get when the margins of Hawaii today and along in the middle of the Atlantic in places like that I believe but what we're training people to do here is very is very important and these this fairly large group that we've got here a significant number are going to go on to be professional geologists and these days there are more the time of professional of a professional geologist is actually spent working on a drill rig or working with seismic records and nothing really doing is using this information to interpret how what the subterranean structure is and they spend very little time when it's less time in their professional lives these days after the open air where there can actually see wreck the wrecks of doing how they're folded how they're bent and so on I think that this is a very important in fact fundamental activity for any geologist to become proficient in and he furthermore has got to be able to do this whatever the conditions I mean people frequently so it must be marvelous to be a geologist traveling all over the world someone else's expense going after the Alps of the Pyrenees and the semuc which is what I do frequently because what they tend to forget is that you're there on the job and so really what we have to do is raise them to a level of a professional approach in which they are essentially oblivious to the conditions and can operate and to understand these circumstances and this is the beginning of that for you it makes a change from the president's Lodge though doesn't it Oh marvelous change yes no I have to confess that I feel much more at home in this kind of environment that night perhaps during the no formal occasions in Cambridge I enjoy this enormous Lee sometimes we look in this direction you see what looks like Oh dr. James Jackson is an expert in earthquakes he's attached to Queens and to the Department of Earth Sciences both in the domain of Professor ox bruh but his post is only temporary and his contract will expire soon however a permanency has just been advertised in professor Oxford's department this may be Jackson's last chance of an academic career the job that scant here at I would buy clothes is has come up to convenient time for me because I need to think what I'm going to do no other academic person that's country are there not many jobs at the car jobs are hard to find and lots of reasons the job I've applied for here is very attractive on to me and when I would like to get if it doesn't come off the chances are that's in a short period of time in the next year or so probably nothing equivalent will come up anywhere else in this country and I really need to think very soon about what I'm going to do but I'll probably be forced to look outside the academic world for jobs and and use the fact that what I have done is is useful to civil engineers and all companies the head of the college is also the head of department and of course is involved in sitting of who we might get this job of apply for he's my boss you know in two senses this is a rather unique opportunity for the undergraduates in Queens to get to know the president in a in a rather close way well I'm me of course I see see the other staff including him more on a trip like this and I would otherwise yes it can be personally awkward but I think that provided everyone recognizes right at the beginning what the situation is we certainly have at least three people who are internal and who are going to be serious contenders for one of these jobs they all know that only one of them can be appointed I think they all know too that we shall make our choice on the basis of ability and not on in terms of personal preference or anything of that kind we're really looking for the best person to do the job and I think that although undoubtedly two of those three will be very disappointed indeed don't respect the decision because we go to quite a lot of effort to see what it's done fairly is it made in any way more good by the fact of your being head of the college where an applicant is already there I don't think so I think one has to simply become used to detaching oneself and sometimes making very hard decisions that apply to people with whom one is person the very family it's it's difficult but I think it's part of life that what one's paid to do field trip headquarters a hotel in Braddock here James Jackson can have relaxed geological conversations with a man who holds the key to his back at Cambridge for the start of the summer term three shortlisted and insecure young academics brace themselves for the selection process part of that process is a formal discussion with Ronald Oxford professor of earth sciences and president of Queens College well thanks for coming along James the wedding what I would want to say this morning is simply what I have said to the others who are shortlisted for this job at what I say to everyone who were considering seriously for a job in the department I suppose the first thing that I have to make clear for our side is that appointing someone to a staff job it will be a massive investment when we appoint someone there's a fair chance that they will be here for a very long time and the capital tied up or the equivalent capital tied up in their salary is more or less what one would spend on the most sophisticated piece of equipment we have in the department so when we appoint a staff member it's a very heavy investment the university has been subjected to very severe cuts through the UGC and I think that departments are going to have to look very carefully as to what their overall research equipment and other research expense activities may involve well I think in that respect what I do is cheap do you anticipate that you're working to have major equipment things I'm not not in the sort of scale of money actually I see the sort of sort of work I do I'm much more interested in having the odd few hundred pounds around to suddenly build to mount a field trip which was always should I be able to map because you just showed up at the time to to arrange it because things like earthquakes happen unexpectedly right on that sort of level I mean nothing like wanting to buy a computer processing a hundred thousand pounds or something you see play ball might be happening in debt from what might have happened with them do you think this tool is a problem in the North Sea them as a final test the candidates give a lecture to the whole department a test of their knowledge and communication skills where any question could wreck an academic career presumably a flame zone or surface is going to have different characteristics away from the point where the rapture initiates and plates places where it just moves steadily do you have any idea on that at all yeah that is a different side of this thing I mean you might well ask why is it segmented into twelve or fifteen long legs you've got your ass beat and the reason we think that is is because the curves or which is a geometrical barrier after hearing the three candidates the senior members of the department me to choose one assistant lecturer to come to our internal recommendation concerning this appointment to assistant leadership in marine geology stroke geophysics or tectonics and we've had a shortlist of three candidates during the last fortnight or so we've had them each of them give a lecture and be round the department talking to various members of staff it's up to us today to try to decide who we wish to recommend for this job I think I should remind you that this is a full teaching appointment and that we have to satisfy ourselves not only that the individuals are good researchers are really going to make their name in the subject but also that they're going to be able to perform defective part in the teaching of the department now I might be useful if I gave my impression right at the beginning that having heard all three lecture I think that there is no question on any count with any of the three candidates and I myself am satisfied that they would all be completely satisfactory from that point of view and I think that our main concern let other people disagree I think our main concern really has to be the quality as scientists the department discusses the merits of each candidate for nearly two hours considering the possibilities in every aspect of this question now are we in a position to go round to most people there their final views just met this is thank y'all we've just finished this is entirely Katrina the time being the other candidate with this news James Jackson joins the Department of Earth Sciences on a permanent basis automatically he becomes a senior member of Queens his place at Cambridge is assured

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