Quantum Computing 2017 Update

Quantum Computing 2017 Update

23 thoughts on “Quantum Computing 2017 Update

  1. This was the first video I watched of yours. I was hooked. By now I've probably watched all your videos at least once, including on the ExplainingTheFuture channel. Thanks for what you do, Mr Barnatt!

  2. ::Great now i can pop Quantum Computer into my B52 sterile dishwasher before i freight it to Planet Mars…

  3. The human brain is a quantum computer and it doesn't need to be cooled down.
    What about entangling 50 neurons?

  4. This guy is the British Bill Gates.
    I don't get it, is 50 q bits the quantum supremacy?
    Cause D wave reached 2000 qubits and nuttin happened

  5. Learn at your own pace with Microsoft Quantum Katas: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/quantum/2018/07/23/learn-at-your-own-pace-with-microsoft-quantum-katas/

  6. Quantum entanglement negates the speed of light. That's right folks, it's a wrap. Get right with your maker. Find Jesus before he finds you.

  7. Please give me examples of problems that D-wave computers have ACTUALLY solved. Is that too much to ask? D-wave is not actually Quantum yet, right? So just answer for the existing D-wave computers. I'm looking for the type of problems that regular computers cannot actually solve but D-wave computers can solve. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the update #ExplainingComputers I find it quite funny with Sci-Fi movies always portraying AI as an evil thing. Could it be used by the wrong hands in such a way, sure? But in and of itself I'm all for it. YouTube is awash with misinformation about this technology, thanks for the update…

  9. from what I understand, quantum computers use materials with 3+ levels of logic traveling through the gates of the computer. Basically a pair of "states" could signal through the whole setup, I'm supposing side by side… Like through the same wire. I wonder what sort of material the computer would be made of. Do you just plug it into the wall, or is there a more sophisticated way to superimpose the electrons. And more or less expensive material, like how easy is it to run these tests?

  10. IBM is far behind.    Do D-Wave 4k Bit Quantum.        cooled down to 1/000 Kelvin;  cost is  10 Million Dollars per machine.

  11. ExplainingComputers:: you think it be to much to ask for to show us how you do your 3D Animation? Like a Tutorial, i like to see them as i am learning, and your one of my favorite chnnles, but if you cant its ok cuz i know you do alot of Rendering, from the video i saw and you explaining how it works.

  12. Did not explain why having a qubit in two super-positions is important.

    Imagine you are in a library and in one book, there is a "x" on a page. A person would have to systematically go through each book one by one to find it. In quantum computing, because each qubit may exist in two dimension as either a 0 or 1.
    This allows access to two instances, each one in a parallel dimension. if they have a common problem to solve, the quibit has access to twice the amount of resources now.

    Each qubit does this. Each dimension that a qubit inhabits can be accessed, and every time more qubits are added, you have access to more and more dimensions, overlapping one-another in the same space. This can be exponential.

    Imagine you have 1,000,000 copies of yourself from 1,000,000 dimensions in one physical point, and you can communicate with each self (due to entanglement). Not only could you find the "x" in seconds, by each self looking at a different book each, but each self would know what the other 999,999 knows. That is the power of quantum computing.

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