Quake Champions: Doom Edition v2.5 – Novos campeões, mapas e updates

Quake Champions: Doom Edition v2.5 – Novos campeões, mapas e updates

This video shows a bit of version 2.5
of Quake Champions: Doom
Edition, the excellent Quake Champions demake created by
DBThanatos and Michaelis, the
best multiplayer Cacoward in 2018. I will show here some QC:DE v2.5
updates (released July 19, 2019)
since the previous public version (2.2.1), which are most notably
Daniel Garner (Painkiller), the mod’s
new and final official champion, and five new maps. Added to that
this version has several tweaks,
corrections and rebalancing. I started here on Map 31 to have
a mix of Quake Champions,
Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Doom 2016, Painkiller, Quake and Quake 4.
It’s good that I could show
a lot of Daniel Garner too. This saw is the passive skill of the
new champion I’m playing with now. It came straight from the
Painkiller game and its altfire
shoots a saw in a ranged attack. Painkiller’s active skill ate these
hoodoo cards you saw at the
beginning. When enabled, use use the “move forward”, “strafe left”
or “strafe right” keys to
select temporary attack, defense or speed buffs. You must choose
three cards, and you can combine
the buffs as you wish. Don’t forget to punch like and subscribe! This counter under the ammo on HUD
shows the number of souls
this champion collected. They drop from each killed enemy
and, when the player accumulates 66
of them (6 on a deathmatch), it becomes an invincible creature with great
attack power for a few seconds. The saw doesn’t spend ammo
and can be quite useful,
but it’s not silent. I will use the cards to gain
an armor buff now. I spoke briefly about the new
that QC:DE v2.5 would bring in
Facínora News #67, although I confused one of the
new maps. I never played the original
Painkiller The only thing I seen is a
Doom mod already showcased here. Wow. It should have transformed
another time, but the souls
disappear from the map over time… In this version, there was a huge
rebalancing in the champions, with
adjustments in their speeds, capacities, sizes, damage, cooldown
periods and other aspects. Some of them have gained new
skills, such as Sam (a minigun’s
altfire), Sarge (health and armor not degenerating in PvE) and Kane
(a PvE slidekick). Others had their
specials adjusted and stuff. Monsters have also received
changes, some may even get more
health,depending on the upgrades or the number of players in a co-op match.
I don’t know if I like this idea. The Elder’s Soul game mode has
also been substantially
rebalanced as well, and enhanced. Several fixes and tweaks were made
to the maps, menus, sprites and HUD.
In the mod’s download package, there is a file named QCDE Changelog.txt
which shows all the updates in detail. Let’s take a look at the new maps,
starting with Vale of Pnath,
original from Quake Champions. This is Quarantine, a stage
ported from Quake Live. Here we have Placebo Effect,
considered one of the best,
if not the best Quake 4’s map. The Lh’owoken is a port of Quake
Champions’ fast-paced Awoken map. Now we have a FFA deathmatch
played against bots on the Molten
Falls map, one of my Quake Champions favorites. Here, I
decided to recycle the footage
of the game I played at this stage with the DoomSlayer
that was used as background
for Facínora News # 72. What about this Nether Portal right here? This map got extremely faithful
to the original, but nonetheless
uniquely styled. I like it so much.
I could play for hours here. Painkiller is the final official
C: Doom Edition champion,
but the PWAD will still be updated; In addition to the usual stuff, such
as maps, balancing and general
improvements, DBT has promised that there will be a way for us to
create heroes the way we want
for the mod! And Quake Champions: Doom Edition
remains my favorite WAD. Video made thanks to Monk’s: www.monks.gamingroom.net As always, you can find more
information and the mod’s download
in the video’s description. Cheers!

10 thoughts on “Quake Champions: Doom Edition v2.5 – Novos campeões, mapas e updates

  1. Este vídeo mostra um pouco da versão 2.5 do Quake Champions: Doom Edition, o excelente demake do Quake Champions criado pelo DBThanatos e Michaelis e Cacoward de melhor multiplayer em 2018. Mais informações e download do mod na descrição do vídeo.

  2. Eu sinceramente não curti as habilidades do Daniel Garner, principalmente esse negócio de selecionar cartas. Isso aí parece que te deixa vulnerável contra os inimigos.
    (A propósito, ótimo vídeo! A Dimensions of the Doomed garantiu um like instantâneo meu kkkkkkk)

  3. Ainda não tive tempo de jogar nesses mapas, deve ser muito doido dar uma volta nesses mapas jogando com campeões de alta mobilidade tipo o Kane ou o Doomslayer.

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