QANTAS: Perth to London 787 BUSINESS CLASS

QANTAS: Perth to London 787 BUSINESS CLASS

hey guys I'm Jeff Brooks with greener grass calm right now I'm in Perth Australia and I'm not here much longer you see I'm headed from here tonight to London I'll be on Qantas longest flight this is currently the third longest flight in the world its 787 service near Perth all the way to London's Heathrow Airport so keep watching to see what it's like on this service and weather weather I arrived as refreshed as I feel right now can't wait to share it with you let's head to the airport business class passengers on this flight are easily able to book a chauffeur to take them to the airport it makes this long journey just a little bit easier and speaking of easy check-in could not have been simpler now I arrived a good three hours before I needed to in order to check out all the amenities including the business class lounge now the International lounge was not open when I arrived so instead I spent time in the domestic business class lounge now let me tell you this was very nice but keep watching to see the international lounge pretty soon it was time to head through customs now ours was the only flight leaving at the time so it was pretty easy going as far as I know this is the first lounge I've been in that was built pretty much exclusively for one flight its Qantas nine from here to London there's some talk of adding flights to for example Paris but for now this lounge is exclusively for those of us travelling to London while there was no ala carte dining there was certainly plenty in the way of choice on the buffet he didn't go hungry in this lounge back in the business class lounge the domestic business class lounge everybody was saying all the staff members were saying that the the international left was so much better that I should save my enthusiasm for Qantas until I got in here and they were right this is spectacular right now I'm gonna take a shower and enjoy some of the food and drinks out there because it is very nice much better once again this lounge was very nice and the staff were incredibly helpful it was like that chauffer service just a really nice way to start such a long journey but just like that a quick announcement was made boarding had begun and we were headed to the 787 that would take us 17 hours through the air from one continent to another all the way from Australia to the UK and it began by walking down this jet bridge thank you very much yellow we'll take a much closer look at the seat in just a few minutes business class passengers are provided with a pillow a mattress cover and a blanket these are all of very high quality and really quite comfortable this seat is designed very well here on the left is a sort of bin that allows for storage during the entire flight I felt the seat was very clean and well kept because of that bin there's of course headphone jack USB a power port as well as seat adjustments and more here's a small pocket for reading material no like I didn't use it I did use that handle though it was very convenient for getting in and out of the seat and it didn't bother the person sitting in front of me it was a very nice feature of the seat where's the large 7 8 7 windows that I really didn't get to take advantage of at all during the entire flight more about that in just a little bit shortly after boarding flight attendants brought around pre-departure beverages there were choices of water juice or champagne but only one would do for me such a special flight requires celebration they also brought an amenity kit and pyjamas very few airlines still provide these in business class just another reason this is a special flight shortly after takeoff cards were distributed to all passengers allowing them to order breakfast as we climb out of Perth and battle a little bit of turbulence let's take a look inside the amenity kit and honestly I was kind of disappointed I felt like for a longer flight there'd be a few more amenities it was really just the basics about an hour after takeoff service began I felt like this took a little longer than it should have but I suppose we were in no hurry and the food was very nice was nothing to write home about the best part though was everything was very light I think that's critical in a flight this law Qantas is used to long-haul travel so it's no surprise their in-flight entertainment is very good there are plenty in the way of choices and the in-flight map which is really important in a flight like this is very nice the system was one of the most intuitive I've ever used the screen was highly responsive now let's take a look at the headphones that Qantas provides to business class passengers and regular subscribers to this channel we'll know I have high standards for four headphones and Qantas well you really missed the boat these are some of the worst I've ever experienced they were noise cancelling but barely I didn't use them for very long at all one of the best parts about booking a window seat is looking out the window even at night unfortunately Qantas locked the window feature so that you could not open them during well the entire flight and I understand why because many passengers wanted to sleep and enjoy this live flatbed which I did too I ended up sleeping for a good portion of the flight so I checked out the live flat bed and I found it to be very comfortable the bedding was very nice but before I headed to bed I decided to explore the cabins a little bit more at the very back of the plane passengers have access to a cabinet containing various amenities there's a similar setup at the very front of the business class cabin this is nice for passengers who are looking for a midnight snack the Economy cabin is laid out in a 3-3-3 configuration with 32 inches of pitch that's the distance between a position on a seat and the same place the seat in front of it so small Premium Economy cabin with two three two seating and 38 inches of pitch of course the business class cabin where I'm sitting is laid out in a one-to-one configuration with a fully flat bed there are actually two business class cabin another larger one is located in front of this smaller one where I'm sitting but for me it's now time for bed you after that great sleep it was time for a quick snack now the flight attendants had a chicken sandwich at the ready and it was very good but the highlight was this cup of coffee I don't ordinarily drink coffee but this was the best I've ever had on an airplane Qantas really does coffee right I was quite surprised to see the movie airplane on an airplane but Qantas doesn't take themselves too seriously and they made it well quite fun I will say they're right if you don't like to fly this may not be the best movie to watch well on an airplane 17 hours in the dark this entire flight was at night now I would have liked to have been able to look out the window and even just see the lights of what was going on below us I think that would have made me feel a little better but the flight attendants kept those windows dimmed it didn't seem to me that that would matter that much since it was dark and if I open the window wouldn't have affected anybody but the flight attendants disagreed now I noticed this food option on the in-flight entertainment unfortunately it didn't seem to work would have been nice to have seen whatever that was I really liked this seat I find everything to be very well laid out well thought-out it's very utilitarian and practical I can't say enough good things about the way Qantas have designed this business class seat it's truly one of the best I've flown in at least in recent memory after a few more movies it was time for breakfast now if you remember this is based on the car that I filled out right after takeoff and it was another great meal and finally after some 16 hours in the air breakfast was served and the best part I could undimmed the window and see well nothing and the cabin was waking up as we were coming into London a little before five o'clock in the morning everyone seemed really refreshed after this flight including me couple more things Qantas provided a fast pass to get through immigration a little bit quicker that wasn't a problem since we were the first ones on the ground there was literally no weight in London which was a new experience for me very nice I also discovered this handset shortly before landing never needed it because again the screen was just so responsive there's also a mirror inside this little cubby which I guess is nice if you want to check yourself out after such a long flight I kind of didn't know that was really something this experience has been really quite remarkable you know I'm a student of history and I just think about the fact that Captain Cook's voyage took months and I'm making the same journey between Australia and the UK in a matter of really just hours that's amazing to think of it but as with any flight especially a long-haul flight like this one there are four things that are most important to me as a passenger first of all the seat Qantas have made it out of the park I think in terms of just practical pragmatic utilitarian business class seats I don't know that I've experienced anything better than this second post-service a little slow to get started but the team on this plane have been unbelievably warm and friendly and just fun which i think is important a nice feature third of all the food it's been it's been pretty good I can't I can't complain about it it's certainly not quite like Singapore but it is is good and then finally the entertainment there's a lot in the way of choices which is of course the most important thing went on a long-haul flight but I want to hear what appear from you let me know what you think of this service from from Perth into London leave me a comment and let me know click that thumbs up button it sure does make a difference if you didn't like the video click the thumbs down button twice I'm kidding but do leave me feedback about what you think I can do better I really hope you'll subscribe so you'll be able to first to hear about new and different trips they're coming up there's a lot more coming to the channel I can't wait to share it with you but between now and then see in the sky thank you gentlemen local time or the morning of Wednesday d17 you

44 thoughts on “QANTAS: Perth to London 787 BUSINESS CLASS

  1. It seemed like a very nice flight however I like to look out of the window during a flight and not being able to would not have made me happy. Thanks Jeb for this wonderful review of this flight.

  2. Hey Jeb! I'am from Boston and i want to visit a friend in Perth Australia. I wanted to know more about Quantas and the different class seats and the flight overall. Any help would be much appreciated!!! Thanks, Steve

  3. I can't believe they can fly a 787 from Perth to London. QANTAS is one of the best airlines in the world.

  4. I can t imagine flying With qantas.people are so cold as well as english people and the lounge you visited.pouahh

  5. I'm regularly spot this flight overhead from my home( kerala, india) since I'm an aviation aspirant….at 7 hrs of takeoff from Perth it passes above my place in even flight level ,heading some around 290..and B 787 is a wonderful machine that I dreamed for piloting. And about this video ,very nice presentation and informative, but live audio noise is little higher want to control the volume button while watching

  6. Mate I used economy headphones on qantas which are worse then those from Melbourne – Sydney, Sydney – Denpasar, Denpasar – London Heathrow. 1 week later, London – Denpasar, 2 weeks later, Denpasar – Melbourne.

  7. I don't know , is it just me or doesn't jebs voice just lull you to sleep 😴😊I don't know . Just calming I guess

  8. Hey, Jeb

    Can you do a flight review on the new cabin on Air France A330 from Bangalore to Paris.
    It would be great to hear a review from you on that flight 🙂

  9. Wait what the heck? did i just see qantas using a 717 or MD80 OR MD82 or whatever idek but I HAVE NEVER seen qantas have tail wing mounted engine planes…

  10. Have had that same window issue on a number of 787 flights, really wish airlines staff would not lock it out.

  11. QF's IFE product looks superb, both in terms of apperance and content.
    I think that night flights, espcially like this one, are somewhat magical.

    Beautiful review Jebb!

  12. Not being able to look out the window whenever you like must suck. That's the reason you sit by a window. I've flown many times at night and the view you get on full moon is one of the most beautiful sights. The moons reflctions off the land, sea and clouds is just magic. If you're lucky you'll be treated to a lightening show from a thunderstorms in the distance. Great video.

  13. I remember my first travel to Australia…….arriving from London Gatwick via Singapore to Melbourne….and back from Melbourne to Perth ( which was a nearly empty flight, were we actually could choose a row of seats ) and then to London Gatwick via Bangkok it was a 26 hour flight with a comfortably Emirates economy class…love Emirates so much!

  14. The number one tip for more mortals who are stuck in steerage is DO NOT FLY IN A 787. Avoid narrow body aircraft like one avoids a cheap Saturday night pickup on a Sunday morning!

  15. So how many survivors are there on each flight. I guess about 30% deaths on each flight must be in the ball park. Wait a minute are there more survivors in business class especially when you have had your preflight shower. Here in a Australia we would call you a "WANKER".

  16. I’m gonna be in the same plane as you were in 24 days, it’s a short flight if we compare it to yours, it is only about 7/8 h. Nice video. I really enjoyed it.

  17. Qantas do the best inflight entertainment. They do loads of great audio music and video specially prepared documentaries as well as the standard films, TV shows etc that you get on most flights.

  18. It's such a late comment to this video… But is the arrivals lounge available for all passengers on that flight or only bussines class? I'm flying economy on this flight in August and I would love to get a shower after it, hahahaha

  19. At 1:30 you found the customs easy going because you were the only flight at that time… This is because you were actually in the domestic terminal with a dedicated check in for QF09

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