7 thoughts on “PWI Wings of Rebirth – Content Update!

  1. Guess they truly want to bring Perfect World International to its demise with this new "coin system"…
    The gold coin and soul coin system on Forsaken World wasn't enough for them to tell that the game will eventually become deserted and its economy destroyed and now they have introduced such a system to PWI? At least that system was in FW from the start, not in PWI! But what I'm sure, though, is that they will add the ability for players to simply convert auction house gold into gold coins… much like Eydra leaves into gold coins back on FW…

  2. Territory War rewards are another source of gaining gold coins, but I left it out of the video because at the time I couldn't confirm if it's true.

  3. i find it weird im stuck at level 89 and didn't receive any charm for life and mana anymore. Does it really happen?

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