34 thoughts on “Putin Crushes American Journalist For Nonsensical Claims

  1. Best of russian president they have ever had…ever ever…a national role model of people presiden, genius humble fun humorist …i wish could meet him in person…he is the best of the best russian president for me

  2. Putin actually kills journalists and political opponents. You guys are easily swayed from a small interaction he had with a journalist. Russian news shows what they want you to see🙄

  3. Hahaha 😉😉😉 homeless man being poisend for god sake, i think we should accuse putin when ever someone is sick in britian and if some bodys ass is hurting putin did it haha

  4. We are always battling fake news in both of our countries! Some journalists are idiots and even believe their own rhetoric.

  5. He gets framed allot..but theres allot of others doing same thing….one day someone is going to just push the button..if evoked. Cause with all these elstronics material in the atmosphere ..is a war weapon. Bound to shut down emf..

  6. Putin will nuke the 3 unholy sites of Islam with Tsar Bomba, and become the Lord Protector of Christendom !!!
    All Hail Our New Holy Roman Emperor !!! His Imperial Majesty Vladimir the Great !!!
    Long Live the Emperor !!! May He Reign Forever !!!
    DEUS VULT !!!

  7. American journalist are stupid, it's part of our Constitution I agree. But Putin is no match for Trump, Russia is no match for the US economically nor militarily. Russian's economy is barely equal to Spain, you can't scare anyone with Lada's and gas stations.

  8. America should worry about growing number of illegal immigrants in Britain and should provide them with tech to handle illegal immigrants instead of pointing fingers over russia

  9. Move on to the other oldest profession?

    Does he mean prostitution?

    What is he into?

    Trafficking children for sex?

  10. If you could please not override the english subtitles, I'd like to read what President Putin is saying.. thanks 🙂

  11. "Let's move on to the other oldest professions and discuss the latest developments in that business." — in others prostitution, latest developments being prostituting one's mind (commercials, presstitutes, 'friendly wintesses', etc).

  12. You know russia probably has poisoned people before but so has USA, Israel, Europe, the middle east, lol China they just poison there own population. Just be happy none of use has come too that

  13. Miguel Cerundolo load traduction french to INGLICH please ; Fait que de toute façon la Russie de la Fédération fait partie de L'ORIENTATION DES NATIONS UNIES avec tout l 'Europe et l'occidental ENTIERS associés avec des juges des cours PÉNALES INTERNATIONALES avec cette sentence de cette salle d'audience INTERNATIONALES de ce pallais de justice international de ce procès PÉNALES INTERNATIONALES judiciaires de cette cour pénale internationale de L'ORIENTATION DES NATIONS UNIES avec cette enquête de la FBI fourni par l 'ORIENTATION DES NATIONS UNIES pour sécurités intercontinentaux sur toute la planète entière avec des procureurs de la couronne INTERNATIONALES judiciaires et extrajudiciaires intercontinentaux et des jurrys EN PLEINE décisions prises par des juges des cours PÉNALES INTERNATIONALES et que de toutes utilisations d 'armes nucléaires stratégiques et les PLUS puissantes quoi que ce soivent ou des toutes les types sont mortellement infiniment INTERDITES par l 'ordre de L'ORIENTATION DES NATIONS UNIES qui commande tout avec sa loi sévère et infiniment extrêmement sophistiquée de ce pallais de justice international de L'ONU .., Mig

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