PUBG – Patch Report – Update 5.1

PUBG – Patch Report – Update 5.1

Welcome back, Survivors! And welcome to the Badlands,
population: eventually just one. PUBG is built around combatants being able to use as many conceivable strategies
as possible to survive the Battle Royale. To that end, Season 5 of PUBG will be bringing
you even more items, game modes, and updates,
to Fight Your Way Out. Season 5 starts off by crossing the border
into Miramar. PUBG’s second map is getting some new attractions for the lead-footed Mirado and Motorbike enthusiasts among you, to jump, loop, and perform otherwise insane vehicular stunts. We’ve also rebalanced spawning of major
items and streamlined the play areas of the map, by removing excess items that had previously
prevented vehicle access to hotzones. The Season 5 Survivor Pass, Badlands, launches
today with new rewards, missions, and loot, for players of every level,
including clothing and weapon skins of the people who once occupied
this ruthless region. Speaking of those people, a new community
mission brings together all of PUBG’s legions of players, to help reveal the story behind
Miramar’s incorporation as a Battleground. For those looking to beef up their arsenal, the Miramar classic Win94 is finally
getting a much demanded scope. Much like the VSS, the Win94’s 2.7x scope
is permanently attached, making the .45 caliber repeater
a more dangerous threat at a distance. For melee maniacs out there that like to keep
their kills personal, we’ve added a new way
to take down your enemies. Whether you’re out of options or just want
to style on your enemy survivors, you can now throw melee weapons
at your opponents. It might take a little practice to bullseye
that runner, but it sure beats chasing after them. Kudos to the first flying pan kill. That new found free throw range will come
in handy in duo and squad combat as well, since you can now toss an ally some of those
much-needed supplies. Don’t let being pinned by gunfire stop you
from tossing your bro a cold one to change the momentum of your push on the enemy. Just remember they can’t catch an energy drink
if they’re shooting their gun. We’re also introducing a new way to collect that now tossable loot via the Interactive Supply System – vending machines with randomly generated health kits and energy boosts for your moment of need. For now, these are only spawning on Miramar
and Camp Jackal. We’ve thrown a lot at you already, but there’s
also some QOL updates to the UI that allows players to more clearly see
their inventory and life stats. The customization tab is also a bit more streamlined
when browsing and equipping your skins. You look great, by the way. Now stop camping
that bathroom mirror and get moving. You can check out the rest of the patch notes on, to be ready to kick up some dust
on the Badlands. Your Fight. Your Story. Your Battlegrounds.

100 thoughts on “PUBG – Patch Report – Update 5.1

  1. What about all the server issues you had in the last few months? I keep getting huge lag spikes and incredible fps drops….. WHAT ABOUT THOSE THINGS THAT MAKE THE GAME TRASH?

  2. Please fix ur server routes. I'm from India and gets insta headshoted while peeking. Thanks to that high ping. Please Fix.



  4. #PUBG After a break from game, I stopped because it was unplayable because cheaters, I played few games last night 3 of 4 games I died by cheaters with map hack, it was so obvious, they did not even tried to hide, shooting without line of sight. 1 year and you did nothing about cheaters, even if we report, maybe they get banned, they will buy another licence and do it again, you care only about money, this game has so great potential if you get rid of cheaters. Ban on hardware id , don't be greedy. People will support you by buying battlepass, but no you want cheaters money as well.

  5. Getting knocked down by a thrown frying pan, one of the most humiliating knock downs or deaths.
    "What happened?"
    "Flying frying pan." hahaha

  6. add new changes modified skybox, colours and background object resonable every year minimum, and add a loot throwing button for mobile too and button for throwing melee weapon and add the loop stunt ramps too for all maps

  7. Remember when this game used to be a realistic tactical shooter? Now all I see is Lions and frying pans flying through the air.

  8. The skins are awful, i don't mean just for the pink ones, the major of they are too visibles for the enemy, they are not tactic. I’m gonna pass on this one.

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  10. Catering to the pussy complaining community by ruining the Winchester.  The gun was fun only because it was iron sights only.  Now it's just another normal weapon.  Lameeee

  11. Just uninstalled the game on all computers. Killed by cheaters nearly all the time. Thx 4 600h of playtime. Cya next time 😉

  12. It looks like such a world class game, and then when you play it you just wanna throw the PC out the window because it's a bullshit game that never should have had crouching in grass.

  13. Make sure u don’t change your clothes front of a girl and girls don’t change front of guy leave a 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💋💋💋💋💋💋🖕🖕🖕👱‍♂️👩👩👱‍♂️

  14. It is the worst patch!! New Anti-Cheat Tool/Software= every round I found a cheater or he me!!! The server are worst and i have many problems with the connections and every second gmae my lobby crashed and I must restart the game!!! Nice work, thank for nothing!!!!!!!!!!! Why I pay the new season pass, i had better paid cheat tool!!!

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