Ps4 new update not working version 6.50 or older

Ps4 new update not working version 6.50 or older

hey what's up everybody I'm here to help you guys out with uh you having issues with the Play Station update I've been looking around and I found may be doing the safe mode reset an update will help out so I'm gonna see if that works so the first thing you do is you shut off the PlayStation make sure you log off of everything any applications that you're on shutdown PlayStation and then go over to your console you hold the left button on the PlayStation the power button just hold that and keep holding into a beeps twice and it'll take you to the safe mode so then you're gonna have you need your your PlayStation cable so connected to the PlayStation connect to your controller because you're gonna have to do that it'll let you know you hook that up and it'll take you to here and what you do is you go to update system software update using internet and it's going to give you the version 6.0 – which is the one we're having issues with hit next and then it'll start downloading we'll see this works restart or update now we'll see you this works so go ahead just let that finish up and then we'll jump back in the video I'll jump back in when it's almost complete see you guys don't have to wait for this we're almost there hope this helps anybody that's trying to figure this out we will find out right now and see if it works for me probably end up rebooting itself again did turn off I hit the PlayStation button see if it turns back on he might have just done it on its own but I go I went ahead and press it just in case put him back up so I got up this morning yesterday I was actually having issues with the when I was playing black ops for kept getting like locked out and whatnot so I think that might have been a issue and we get that message again cannot download so it looks like it worked I have like all my friends here my friends list go ahead and you notifications go to downloads go back to go back to the system software hit options or hey actually triangle and just delete that so it doesn't have a you don't get that notification every time so that's pretty much it looks like we're online again we're going to jump in on black ops it doesn't look like it's working so just to prove it make sure we're gonna go on multiplayer mode see we could load into a match connecting online servers yep looks like it's working guys so anybody having issues I hope you like this give it a thumbs up like ships like subscribe and share my video anybody who's having this issue most likely this will resolve it and yep just so you can see we are loading into a match so hope you like this hope this helps you peace out like subscribe don't forget it comment below

47 thoughts on “Ps4 new update not working version 6.50 or older

  1. Bruh it's not working now like it keeps doing that thing where it takes so slow and half of the top isn't showing up

  2. My friend is having a problem with his ps4, needed an update so he's updated it but now nothing is working, any ideas how to fix this problem thanks

  3. I have had an issue where I couldn’t update the current version of my ps4 and the steps do actually work! I was about to quit but then I saw the video and did the steps and now I can play on ps4 again! Thank u soo much🥰

  4. This really works. I tried everything else and now up and running thanks to this video. Thanks buddy, top man. Would I need to install updates using this format from now on?

  5. I’m trying to update mine to 6.51 and I did this but it still said error has occurred can someone help me please!!!

  6. Will this work if I have a broken drive? I never opened ps4 yet the latest update came and somehow my disk drive don't work no more.

  7. Hey Bro cud you help me PLEASE it’s having the same problem it want let me sign on and need to update to 6.51 but keep saying An error has occurred (CE-30002-5)

  8. My PS4 pro can't boot up after the system software is downloaded. It says it'll restart and then it shuts off. When I boot it back up, it gives me the same system error it gave me before I updated it from safe mode. Any clue on how to fix this?

  9. Still shows that there was an error even in safe mode, is there another way besides resetting my whole ps4 or am I outta luck?

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