12 thoughts on “Prudent Media Konkani News 16 July 19 Part 1

  1. Police should give him Nice Good Lunch Dinner Breakfast Then he will say No Rape or Sleep with anyone in near Future

  2. Anybody Sits for Elections This is what we see Today in our own Assembly Who is Stopping who is Shouting What is going on Today In Goa ??????? NEXT TIME Think and Vote …..Alex is trying to Stop Drugs Big Doubts Came So Free Goa Save Goa

  3. Lobo has got all the information of drug dealers. He had said that he would give all the information to Mr Parrikar.

  4. Mining stopped for so long. Why the Government is not putting forward law or some program which will encourage private companies the mining dependents who r native of Goa. There r so many private companies in Goa which r employing non Goans, qualified and non qualified, smart and lazy

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