Protests flare up in Tehran after Iran admits downing Ukrainian jetliner

Protests flare up in Tehran after Iran admits downing Ukrainian jetliner

100 thoughts on “Protests flare up in Tehran after Iran admits downing Ukrainian jetliner

  1. Russia wants a war. They won't just bomb the US, that is reckless and would cost them support. They are using Iran as a way to war and they will keep support.

  2. Methinks democrats are are burying their heads in the sand on this one again…
    Trump saw something no one else did. Thats Iran for you fox.

  3. Protests—-Revolution—-take down government—military coup—birth a new democratic peaceful governement—-prosperity and peace to new government.

  4. Does the US have two president ? One threatens to wipe off Iranian's cultural sites , the other one supports "courage protesters" .

  5. It's like telling Trump is hated in all over United States because most of the protest are against trump. Huh the logic of the dimwitted. Lol

  6. We need to encourage these brave souls to resist their government even further supply them with guns ammo so they can take their country back from these terrorists

  7. An evil theocratic regime oppressing everyone for every little thing that they do. It's time the People of Iran wake up.

  8. Imaging Iran shoot an nuclear warhead and claim by mistake totally wipe out cities of millions souls or Israel. Evil regime must be not allowed to mass destructive weapons.

  9. Trump sets this guy up for a meeting in Iraq, bombs him instead, Iran gets crazy and bombs the airplane. Trump keeps his mouth shut , none of this happens.

  10. Democrats are still crying about solamani being blown up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 it’s been a great week for Trump and all of his supporters

    TRUMP 2020!

  11. Imagine usa or india shotting down a plane full of islamic passengers !
    The words unintentional and mistake would not exist then !

  12. Secretary Pompeo… " we stand with the Iranian people who deserve a better future". Really! like what better future did US installed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.. after invade and destabilize their government. Nothing!

  13. American ought to fix its own corruption before talking about others. America is nothing but an tyrannical oligarchy posing as a democracy. Youre all nothing but a bunch of phonies. 😎🧨💥

  14. I only do hope their deaths were quick to not suffer, to imagine their suffering after the explosion, falling thousands of feet, crashing and perhaps burn in the debris is a fate no one should face…

  15. I had a suspicion that it was shot down but by who? It appears that Iran shot it down. Now the people are resisting the government.

  16. See some Iranian people hate Soleimani and their own government. I hope 1000 protesters erupts to half the population once sanctions are also felt.

  17. There’s a big difference between an accident and a deliberate mistake!

    trump is so good person because he is killing many of kids that need to drug in iran. he is so nice person because he like war in world and he can sell weapans to saudi .

  18. How long until the dems and state run media realize that there attacks against President Trump only backfire after Trump gets results!

  19. Well even dow trump might look racist. Couple of prophets have said that God is using him so. Am with trump. Everything might look bad at first but it all turn out for a Good. Just my opinion

  20. They're practically begging for Freedom, hopefully the US, Saudi-Arabia and Israel will commence Operation Iranian Freedom soon and install a more compentent and compatible government like the one after Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  21. Iran cant even control their ground to air missiles. Trump, please prevent them from getting their hands on anything nuclear.

  22. I live in Iran and Trump is the only president of the USA who has got it absolutely right about what the people here are suffering of!

    Big Thank you to Trump

  23. The government here steals wealth of the people, cooperates with murderous assad and russian government, and Kills it’s own people Just to remain in the power and expand on it’s radical agendas.

  24. Seems like the Democrats also believe Iran’s lies .. will the Democrats also directly or tangentially link this to President Trump?

  25. Wait, what? First they mourn for the general, now they hate him?? I'm confused😧but alas, I'm glad to see the people of Iran protesting against their government. Question is, how long will this last, and will anything come of it?

  26. Iran please let stand together and United for the whole wide world to see and appreciate. Then the book of life will have another bright story to tell someday for other to understand .

  27. Iran: behold our greater revenge! [user is banned for team killing]

    Jokes aside this incompetent nation is trying to get ahold of nuclear weapons 🤦‍♂️

  28. Safe to say that these people are opponents of the Iranian government and didn't participate to Seleimani's funeral.
    They just see this accident as an opportunity to weaken the government and help the West and Israel, in other words…traitors.

  29. Lol! So the U.S. military’s killing of Soleimani, under Trump’s direction, could be the catalyst that begins a regime change in Iran? The Dems must be spinning.

  30. Interesting how they outline every time that it was a Russian weapon used. Not the first video where i hear it. What does it have to do with all this?

  31. CNN and MSNBC will remain silent on this. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.

  32. CNN is probably reporting these protests are all deplorable, racists who support Trump because they only get Fox News.

  33. Imagine our own democrat party has these same feeling but only toward our own country. Hopefully this will be a turning point for the world and iran will change for the better. Obama would abandon the Iranian people.

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