Protein Synthesis (Updated)

Protein Synthesis (Updated)

20 thoughts on “Protein Synthesis (Updated)

  1. We hope you like our updated protein synthesis video! As we get better with our art and script, we make updated versions of old topics. Check out our other milestones here This video has a resource that you can check out here

  2. I am a high school biology student and I have a question that is open to anyone that will respond! the question: where/and how is tRNA made/from? I am taking my Biology final tomorrow, so anyone who can answer the question…PLEASE do so!

  3. i literally have been studying this concept for an hour and gotten nowhere and this video explained it to me in 8 minutes

  4. Thank u for this!
    Your videos are awesome! Helped me understand very easily. You got a new subscriber๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  5. shoutout to ms ryan for introducing the amoeba sisters to us

    this is what is going to help me pass my final lol

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