Propaganda Terms in the Media and What They Mean - Noam Chomsky

Propaganda Terms in the Media and What They Mean – Noam Chomsky

46 thoughts on “Propaganda Terms in the Media and What They Mean – Noam Chomsky

  1. And no one in the press ever challenges a neo con or neo lib on what that word really means to them, because the politician would be so cut off guard by that question, and would stammer and stutter in nonstop plattitudes.

  2. OK Whatever. The United States is still the greatest nation ever created and we are wise to have others follow our lead. Chomsky is giving us one-side of the story, but he's pretty damn predictable, you almost don't even need to listen – he's always down on the USA.

  3. All marxists-leninists have cannibalized their countries into nazi slave camps…..¬† socialism is slavery…¬† Soylent Green¬† = Venezuela = marxists-leninists….

  4. To be fair to the Yanks, everything they do IS supporting the greater peace because if they don't get their own way they fully intend to start throwing around a dose of Nuclear armageddon.

  5. saudi arabia is 'lead' by business with ties to the US, no one claims it's a democracy… Norway and Sweden aren't 'lead' by business, no one argues they aren't democracies…

  6. Democratic Administration = my government. //// Totalitarian Regime = your government. //// No Fly Zone = You can't fly but I can.

  7. so now that SOME of us know how manipulative media, the informal "fourth branch" of government in checks and balances, how do we get ALL to know and seek out truth? hmmmmmm

  8. Don't forget: denialist, scientific consensus, racist, conspiracy theory, immigrants (when they are referring to illegal immigrants).

  9. When they use the word "freedom" its time to really listen because thats often where they will try to swindle you

  10. Is he doing standup comedy? this is basically George Carlin with groucho mask glasses? I wish he would demonstrate his theoretical works instead constant glib left-wing biased insights that call on scrutiny and disgust with our governments. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  11. By detachment I mean that you must not worry whether the desired result
    follows from your action or not, so long as your motive is pure, your
    means correct.

    But renunciation of fruit, in no way means indifference to the result.

  12. What he doesn't tell you is that the us media and all it's politicians are in the pockets of Jews, so it isn't really the United States at all. It's the Jews and their agents.

  13. there are the evil zionist fascist racist jews and there are wonderful people who are jews but work for the humanity and not against it. Mr.Chomsky is a wonderful proof of that.

  14. But its not just the United States, simmilar things are done by all minipulators, be they individuals, groups, ideologies, corporations or nations. The United States government just amplifies it because the United States government has the most power.

  15. 274 elites (or elite wannabees) voted this down. Just goes to show that money and brains rarely inhabits any single yank.

  16. "I'm a walking encyclopedia of capitalist fuckery, that's why I'm voting for her"
    Fuck noam chomsky and his next book. Sellout mfer

  17. Omg I never realized how amazing Chomsky is. I've heard of him here and there but he articulates my hunches so well. Now I'm compelled to look into his lifes work.

  18. The internet is bringing an end to the brainwash of the ski's, fields, felds, baums, bergs, steins, and Cohen's! Thank god! MAGA

  19. When politicians say one thing and do another, sometimes it's because the words have taken on different meanings.   Other times though, it's simply because you are being propagandized and what you're hearing is just another dog whistle designed to keep them in power.  And at times, that dog whistle is just some wishful thinking, such as when Trump says Mexico will pay for his wall.

  20. Speaking the ugly truth about one’s own nation takes enormous courage and scrutiny of analytic thinking on the series of events. I deeply appreciate this old scholar and want to share his view on the role of the US in world peace and turmoils. Too bad people has become so shallow and too occupied in making selfies, we are too distracted for deep thinking nowadays. I wish for a world where this is the dinner table discussion in the ordinary household.

  21. Yes Noam, but isn't it fair to ask if the populous of "average" people will overcome their own greed and selfishness to bring about a change to true democracy? The blind lead the blind and they both fall in the ditch.

  22. The problem is …. this is nothing we all do not know, it is what we all do, and we expect that all countries do as well, we expect them to, to some extent, and it is in these qualifiers that Noam seems to skip over, at least most of the time.

  23. He made the speech in 1990.Now it's 2019 and he couldn't possibly be more right.Media has tripled it's power since then.

  24. He does speak the truth but this propaganda speach . Is one of the worst I've ever heard of his speaches .why- Ragon funded the contras against communism. Yet our CIA bullied the south American governments into how there government should work .
    In 250 years as a country of free masons , we have spent 217 years at war . Under the guidance of the Rothschilds an central banking , which is also the free masons sence 1871 our free trade constitution has ben more in the intrest of Courperation an the Economics of banking det an profit .
    The buklderberk courperation owns 80% of all news media outlets . It doesn't mater what they really have to say as competing news outlets for they are all owned by the same organizations with the same intrest , besides the first amendment there practices are deception an distraction. Not so much informative. If you ask them you'll get the same response.

  25. The important lesson from him is that we should question every thing, and if possible investigate. Question authority. Inquire. Only then can we discover what is true. Being skeptical is a healthy impulse.

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