Prolific The Rapper x A Tribe Called Red – Black Snakes [Updated]

Prolific The Rapper x A Tribe Called Red – Black Snakes [Updated]

With the stroke of a pen Trumps trying to undo everything we’ve worked so hard for but as indigenous people our existence is our resistance. We protect mother earth in the water because it’s who we are and we have another choice. I’m facing seven years in prison and yet I remain dedicated to peace and prayer. Pray with us. One family. If we don’t stand Who Will? One Earth The wind comes in four corners, four directions four colors. And death rides on four horsemen A black snake with some black tanks (ugh) How much money do these companies need to make? They could drive their product, but they want to save a buck. Already extracted billions when is enough enough? I used to be in the oilfields, getting paid. but I quit, because oil water I can’t drink. Looked down, and seen kimimila die in the mud. I looked up and told myself that enough’s enough. money does not own my soul living comfortable, is not in my plans my hands in the sand, some things worth more than gold. Some things they cant be sold. Some things can’t be replaced. She is your mother the fresh water is her veins. (Ugh) Turtle Island NOT Black Snakes The fresh water is her veins What is going on? Have we all lost our minds? Every human needs clean water to survive (Phone Call Interrupts) Morton county sheriffs department. Hi I need to report an assault Ok where did it occur at? Standing Rock There are innocent unarmed people being attacked with water and militia style police firing at point-blank range with high-powered mace on unarmed people. Who protects the people? Mam, yeah if there’s police there there then it has been reported. The police are the ones attacking innocent unarmed people, so what do we do to stop the police literally hitting people at point-blank range in the face. People could loose eyes, people are going to get hypothermia. People could die. We have elders here, we have children here. we have all ages here. Nobody is armed except for the police. Who protects the people from the police? (Awkward Silence) Well ughh, I guess if you want to ughh, put it up the chain of command the next person to talk to be the governor’s office Love is the strongest, This path is the hardest. but if we weren’t strong enough to do it we wouldnt see it Our prayers would not be needed this movement’s very needed. Indigenous wisdom unheeded, and sacred things depleted. I’m Mexicano, Ma Lakota, and I’m White to. Im mixed with everyone so part of me is just like you. Every group of human beings shares the same stars. And is the earth is not your mother are you from Mars? (laughs) This side of the plant’s been in decline since 1492. 500 years and counting. Surviving the genocide they call colonizing my Turtle Island. What is a fossil fuel? Continued destruction nothing new. Live in a system, Taking our children, Shifting their feelings till nothings true. I had that money in front of me money But I left it. Cuz oil money’s dirty if my mother gets disrespected. Were disconnected these times are hectic and feeling heavy. But still we love all living beings and suffer for the many. We are a peaceful people that’s why we walk with prayer And if that wasn’t true. We wouldn’t be standing here. We’re peaceful people. Who walk with prayer Turtle Island Have no fear Despite what they show in the media We’re kind people, Hold your ground. Change is coming now.

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  1. This video brought tears to my eyes cause I’m such a devoted human to keep world peace, create a better world for our children , give kindness, respect all etc and this world will bring you to your knees and make you crumble for trying to make a difference it’s sad

  2. What a rad video. But once again I feel so embarrassed to see my white brothers dressed in police uniforms doing the ruthless assaults on people who are just trying to save the drinking water for all residents. They should be ashamed of themselves, I’m sure they go to church on Sundays and blast bullets into public protests on Mondays. What Hippocrates! I am sorry to all the Native Americans and the protesters from wherever they are from. I’m so sorry not all white people are this stupid I promise you. I also promise you that God will judge them and they will pay a hard price in the future. San Diego stands strong for standing rock. Forever

  3. If I were there I'd would have lit those cops up it sickens me to see my people being hosed down and pepper sprayed and attacked by German Shepherds attack dogs

  4. I've enjoyed your music in the past your videos are very strong and powerful I listened to your words I feel your spirit

  5. My spirit has been damaged it's been ripped it's been f**** but in my backyard President Trump is benefiting me and those things and people I care about.

  6. Thank you for trying to protect our planet. Interesting how things come full circle and that the native people of the land who understand balance will be the ones that are most needed to save us from the destruction of our planet. Strength and love to you all (from Australia – where we have our fair share of problems too….)

  7. I'm Indigenous…. Mexican, Lakota, European and am a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. I'm a human being with an important purpose!!! ❤️✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  8. I love the resistance of the people fighting for our Earth and to make this video? One day I hope to rise to the greats and collab with prolific the rapper and many of our indigenous musicians. I stand with the red power movement. I intend to spread awareness of the struggle and promote unity of all races to stand and fight for human rights and equality no matter the color.

  9. "IF THE EARTH IS NOT YOUR MOTHER, ARE YOU FROM MARS?" That phrase is SUBLIME , beautiful and headbutty all at the same time and on so many levels. ( the root meanining not the band)

  10. The only beef we should have is with the same snake that bite us all.The one that invaded in ships and never left and is here only for the resources.Mayan/Aztec stands by all indigenous tribes.

  11. I'm Mexican I want my lands back Mexico was stolen California texas arizona new mexico oregon utah ect I want em back.

  12. 2:51 such a fucking asshole police, what t f , what kind of answer is that shit , Don't you have enough balls to answer fuckin Ranger Mountie

  13. I still cry every time… Memories of watching the live feeds that night on the bridge, not being able to do anything other than pray and make calls. My biggest regret in life thus far is not making it out there when my entire being was pulling so drastically to be there and do whatever I could to help. Water protectors, you are loved. Indigenous resistance and resilience 💖
    Seventh generation earth warriors 💖

  14. shh I was there!!! and it totally made me, love my people even more , and because we prayed i was thrown in a cage stripped down and numbers were placed on my arms and stripped of my nursing license. but hey I'm like unci maka's grass I keep growing. wo'was'te. lillililililili

  15. I'm teaching a high school Film as LIterature class that focuses on Native American representations in film and literature. (I am not a tribal member, but I have Choctaw family so I try to listen and pay attention). I'm trying to find short films made by Native Americans regarding Standing Rock. Any suggestions?

  16. This is is the literal definition of giving your life for freedom…from one who thick native blood me as well…maybthe great spirit protect you.

  17. I tell people. They're goin to take our stuff & lives literally & not just natives it'll be all of us. Protect yourself & be ready it ends when we stop them. We have to stand together. Till we stop them they wont.

  18. This is blood magic on a very crazy level.
    The oil is our mothers blood.
    The texture of oil is literally the same.
    Even dries the same.

  19. Events such as the protest in Standing Rock can still be there. As the Anglo-American attitude towards Native Americans does not change, there will always be something going on there. Although I am European, I will support Native Americans

  20. I may be wrong but wasn't most of this footage from the end of Obama's presidency. The start of Trump's. Just wondering. Love from this Black foot native.

  21. Hopefully I'll still be alive and be a part of the change that's long overdue the government should never been born hope they all burn in hell even Christopher Columbus never found s*** may all the native take back what's there's no one's going to give it to us

  22. "Freedom of assembly" do we forget those who came before us? Do we forget that inalienable HUMAN right stretch to ALL HUMANS?

  23. Déjà Vu. Any time the people try to stick up for themselves, the govt. tries to squash it out, and as quickly as possible like some horrific spider darting up your arm. The war is on every free thinker, every human being in this nation that has survived the on-going genocide of mind and spirit. Seeing so many stand with the people is beautiful, and it's encouraging seeing that we are making headway with healing our earth.

  24. Next riot : group 1 in the front men , group 2 : elders, group 3: women & children. Left side a recording team with cameras on the floor and sky. Right side : emergency with adequate medical devices. Everybody has a sign with mother earth on head, legs, ankles, rist or back. After each event a documentary should be edited and out within a week. Netflix, youtube, linked in, seasheperds, etc…! !!

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