30 thoughts on “Prof. PLO Lumumba speaks to African religious leaders in Kigali Rwanda

  1. This man has been sent by God himself he doesn't have to read from the script all his wisdom comes from the Had

  2. I love you professor. Our politicans are selling the continent to Chinese now another form of Colonization

  3. Thank you Prof. PLO Lumumba! Emery Patrice Lumumba never died! Emery Patrice Lumumba never was eliminated! He´s really alive on you, in you, inside you, by you and over you! Do the idiots like Kabila are listening to you? I listen to you once, twice, three times every single day! I´m proud of your wisdom! Good bless you forever! From Bogotá, Colombia.

  4. The 1st world civilisation Africa had been turned by white Arabs and European into a 3rd world civilisation through murderous slavery and colonisation. All these whites imperialists claim that they are going to heaven to reap good benefits from Jesus and Allah for carrying out these heinous acts during their lifetime on earth…but all their religious text which they also imposed on others, more especially in Africa, warn anybody that "thou shall not kill". The white people have broken all the laws in their bibles and they believe in Jesus and Allah's forgiveness in the afterlife. Religion divides but culture and common African blood and ancestry unites.

  5. I wish our presidents and other corrupt leaders would listen to this man and start deporting chinese out of Africa and clean the mess,

  6. People in leadership are feeling once not powers, they feel that they will asked of the wrongs, asked to account for there actions, morally they know people know their deeds and once not powers, questions will have to be responded to on time, firm action may be taken.

  7. Is it a coincidence that 2 of the most dynamic African Leaders of today (PLO Lumumba and Julius Malema) are named after 2 of the most dynamic Leaders of the past (Patrice Lumumba and Julius Nyrere)

  8. The likes of Biya of Cameroon who still continue to colonise Ambazonia must be flushed for Africa to be United. Thanks Prof you are wonderful

  9. It is time we wake up from our sleep and take our rightful place in the continent. God protect your life…

  10. Waoh! , u are a breth of fresh air.
    Keep on impart messages to these hyenas that are still manouvering in the jungle engrossed with confussion

  11. Thanks for imparting me as a young African son of the soil to know who are actually the French and American people. Be BLESSED IN THE LORD WISDOM

  12. This is a very stupid, ignorant man. He ignores the true message that Africans need for stupid talks.
    I saw him siding with blood thirsty Julius Malema who is preaching hatevand issuing threats against the Boers of South Africa. This is very nonsensical.
    This poor Kenyan iliterate man does not have message at all, nothing.
    He talks about true African independence from white domination but he speaks and writes in whiteman's language. How funny?
    Most African countries do not love nor wish to incorporate other Africans in their societies.

    In Libya Islamic militants are running slavery. South Africans are fanning zenophobia and burning fellow African blood. Not once, not twice, it is a regularity.
    In Angola, foreigners are being dragged and stoned to death. These are the burning issues that demand attention and redress.
    This stupid manvwon't project any of those problems.

  13. Prof PLO Lumumba , aint we glad to be born, and have had the privilege to live in your time and listen to your humbel but very strong appeals, the words appeal to each of us individually, before even looking at the bigger African picture

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