24 thoughts on “Pro Golfer Questioned About Anchoring His Putter

  1. Short of anchoring my ass…..the golf commish's pay attention to tiny rules infractions and ignore anchoring…..

  2. What has Hearn ever won before or after anchoring? I can't tell you for sure he is again anchoring but it is against the rules like it or not, period.

  3. Sorry, in my opinion, putting like this is cheating the system. Even though the high hand isn't physically touching the chest, the bent and locked elbow with the hand close to the chest … is still anchoring. When the game was invented it was designed for both hands to hang down … limit the putter length.

  4. OK…you limit the length of the putter….to how many inches max, 36"? What if you are 7 1/2 feet tall….that's going to be a pretty short putter. Are you going to make the max length based on height?

  5. I watched it live. He’s anchoring. I was wondering if he’d get called on it. Why not just admit it and quit cheating?

  6. Honest question as I found myself doing it and then thought I must be anchoring. I will use my 4 Hybrid if the ball is resting up against the collar green side. When I was practising this shot a few weeks back, I noticed that because of the length of the club, the grip was resting against my left leg / hip as I sort of hockey style putted with my hybrid. I'm assuming by the rules this must be anchoring as the club is much more stable, and it works really well, when you use this technique. Thoughts?

  7. He was anchoring! I seen him Thursday before I heard about it! I told someone that is an illegal putting stoke! I struggle sometimes with my stroke but never have I considered going to that illegal putting stroke! It’s wrong and anyone putting it close totheir chest should be banned!!

  8. Putting is a art, with the long putter being banned and in this case questioned why not take away the books that help the pros read the greens also. I also believe the line on the ball causes a lot of slow play, I see these guys take forever to line the ball up on a 5 footer and miss it anyway. I have thought that a golfer using a long putter was a very poor putter in the first place and from what I have seen over 50+ years of playing golf they still are!

  9. I say let anything go in putting. It is the most unique part of the game and all the varied styles make it interesting to watch. Lastly, there is NO perfect style. That is why anything should go.

  10. I still don't understand why they thought they had to ban anchoring at all. If it had been that much of an unfair advantage, more players would have gone with the long putter a long time ago. But when they did change the rules to ban it, they went about it in the most complicated and unfortunate way in my opinion. It would have been much easier to regulate the putter instead of the putting stroke.

  11. They can say whatever they want… It's anchoring, just change the rule back and just get on with it, if it was that good before we all would've been using it.🏌

  12. This was caused by allowing these long putters into the game to start with. Once they were in the USGA would have been sued by the manufacturers if the USGA tried to ban them at that point. So, now they have a real problem because a golfer can cheat and anchor, but who can prove that he is anchoring? The grey line is way too thin as the rule is written. These clubs are now in and they are in to stay so they may as well remove the anchoring rule. If some other golfer thinks it is an unfair advantage then he should get a long putter too. If he doesn't want to, tough luck. Personally, I wish they never allowed them but the horse is out of the barn now.

  13. get rid of them one set of rules covers all your members. pga senior pass and lpga. golf was founded on the putter is the shortest club in the bag and talent is what’s makes great putters. get rid of the long putters once and for all. if players don’t want to go to short putter then let them go find a real job and make ends meet

  14. Whatever justification given, this is not how golf was meant to be played. The long putters make the pros look like a joke. The anchoring rule now is also too complicated for a common man to understand and remember. This long putter controversy is one that golf does not need.

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