42 thoughts on “Previewing the first set of 2020 Democratic debates

  1. I’ll most likely be going for Bernie Sanders, he’s been fighting for these ideas his entire life. However it’s good the DNC is finally getting on board with socialist ideas! 🥳🥳🥳

  2. We need a Mexican candidate I am sure the Democrats can find a way to fake the birth certificate bc it wouldn't be their first rodeo Jose Hernandez 2020.

  3. When she said Kamala Harris was debating I said to myself wow there is a wwf wrestler running for president. I didn't know that he had a sex change and lost 300 lbs but good for him!

  4. The most ludicrous comment in the history of television had to be made by the anchor at cbsnews.com/live/ during the first 2020 democratic presidential debate last night:

    "We're watching the debate so you don't have to."

    Are thanks in order?!?!

  5. It’s beyond my comprehension that some running for President still believe that Trump colluded with Russia and obstructed justice. He was found not guilty and that decision will not change. If they are so stupid as to think they will indict Trump on Collusion, a non crime and obstruction of the investigation into the non crime of collusion then they really are stupid.

    The question about the economy got so many different answers but the answer one of therm talked about was raising the corporate tax rate to 28% because the corporations were sitting on tons of money before Trump lowered the rate. They don’t seem to understand that Corporations don’t pay taxes, the consumer does. They pass it to consumers by higher prices for their goods or services. Also they were not sitting on that ton of money in America but in foreign banks. But Trump has got a lot of the corporations to repatriate that money back to the US. They have used that money to produce more jobs and grow their businesses which is what people who own corporations want. Why do the Democrats always think the answer to everything is higher taxes?

  6. america should be a free country 19 trillion economy and people pay for education and hospitales what a joke make america free again !!

  7. The only two person who I am looking forward to winning the presidency is Yang. Should Yang fails to win the Democratic nomination then I will have to go with Trump. Given how poor Trump had done for helping the country, it's still not good enough to have me trust him for running for another Presidency.

  8. Did this network apologize for the last crap they pushed in Clinton's criminal campaign? You know the facts brought out I. Hearings and courtrooms as FACTS.WHO CAN TRUST YOU NOW.

  9. How do you know if your preferred candidate is actually worth voting for (will they actually change anything?)?

    CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc isn't pushing them

    "we will stoke the racial flames, FAN FIRES AND HUG TREES."
    so this is about CLIMATE CHANGE AT THE NORTH POLE?

    what about GUNS? and KILLING Babies at 9 months?
    uh, that won't be brought up, only because they all agree on infanticide and taking guns away.
    so this will be straight up garbage this DNC Debate?

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