Pretty great events tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  : OVERHIT

Pretty great events tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : OVERHIT

which one are you – my name is FG 3000 I'm back in the place to be and welcome back to overhit because in my last video I was a little distracted and I didn't even get a chance to talk about all the events that are going on the login bonus is the quality of life updates and new raids believe it or not this is actually a pretty good patch outside of costume gates so let's do that in this video ladies and gentlemen but I do want to have basically one final word on costume gate because for the most part there's nothing else we can do from this point it's all in Nexon skort so you know continually talking about costume gate isn't really gonna do anything for anyone but I do want to address one kind of like a there was a bunch of people that kind of had this same argument in my last video so I want to kind of address that argument to kind of give you a little bit more thoughts about that but before I get started shout out to you guys because the comments section of my last video is actually really civil there's a lot of people kind of giving their opinions and their thoughts whether they were against or for it there are all kinds of discussions going on and it seemed like everyone was kind of respecting people's thoughts so I appreciate that no sarcasm true story I appreciate that but let me kind of address what I saw in that comment section there is people that were saying basically FGM these stats are not that big of a deal when you look at a max tiered character these stats are not gonna be the end-all be-all is this really that egregious is this really worth getting all upset arms about on these stats that really aren't gonna mean that much at the end game and I hear you I hear you in fact not only do I hear you I agree with you however however it would be different if that change only existed in a vacuum like that was the only thing maybe if another company did that in another game maybe it wouldn't be that big of a deal right maybe however this is a little bit different this is Nexon right so let me kind of paint the picture for you when it comes to Nexon and it comes to this game so when people first saw this glit the first saw this game globally launched they were already stand office they're like wait a minute next songs were responsible for this game oh they have a track record they have a pattern right and that can't be ignored right unfortunately they have your reputation for monetization and killing games early so I don't blame anyone for being a little standoffish with Nexon being at the helm of this game so for a lot of people just next on being involved with strike one right there strike one strike two was the fact that the global version was a massively nerfed compared to the KR version because let's be honest when when companies released games in global they are looking at those dollar signs they're looking at milking people and they tried to take it well not tribe they did take advantage of the global market by making our version worse than the kr verse and so for a lot of people that's two strikes two strikes before the game even came out globally was next on being responsible and the fact that our version is worse than the overseas version that was two strikes before he even downloaded the game yet still people gave this game a shot still people downloaded this game still people play this game put it in a row tation canceled other games airplanes fit money even with those two strikes already so for a lot of people they were already on edge with this game so adding pay2win costumes on top of that is the third strike for people and I ain't talking about Street Fighter ladies and gentlemen that was corny I'm sorry oh the pay2win costumes was basically the third strike and this is where I step in and I go you know what let's say for example you don't think the pay2win costumes are a big deal all right and that's a very valid position to have I'm not downing you on that but are you confident that this is the end are you confident that nothing worse is coming are you are you confident that that this is the extent of what next ons gonna do like the game that we have now there's not going to be any more egregious practices at it to the game are you I'm not I'm not confident that a strike for is not coming it's like fives not coming strikes it I am NOT confident I'm not confident that there won't be a tier 2 costume that is a little bit better looking that has better stats for a 39 or 49 I'm confident that won't happen I don't know you thought it mean I'm not confident there's something else that I don't know about is looming in the wings that will only be like I just don't know and with three strikes so far I it would at some point you have to be like alright next on we gotta make a stay in here to let you guys know that this ain't gonna fly chief right at some point you have to so yes I agree that maybe these stats aren't like the end-all be-all as far as like meta and and that type of thing but it's the principle of the whole thing ladies and gentlemen there's principalities to this that is a movie quote I don't actually talk like that so so that's that so that's all I have to say about costume gate let's wait and see I'm gonna like I said give it a couple of major patches or development note something like that hopefully they come out and address it really soon just to kind of tell people hey we hear you we don't care hey we hear you we're gonna change just something so we can move on with our lives you know but that is that ladies and gentlemen and this is an amazing boss that you guys have been looking at for the last five minutes as this video was not supposed to be a costume gate 2.0 part 2 video um very awesome I love spider bosses I know a lot of people out there just like cringe when they see spiders and video games not FG love a good spider so very cool boss green element type so bring your fire to my fire team isn't really great I have invested in what is his name I'll cone here and I have invested in black Mary I've invested nothing well actually I'll show you I'll show you my red team this is all about red at the moment I'll take some goodies though thank you thank you thank you nope nope nope nope let's go to heroes I see you I see you go to red so this is what my red squad looks like at the moment got blossom only a single SSR couple of more SSRS here I was very happy to get here in my last video I do have some summons left I got enough to do one more multi pool I would love to get more copies of her but that's probably not gonna happen but this is my red team as you guys can see oh I haven't invested in him you I thought I did so I am gonna probably give him abilities because he's actually a really good heel with a little bit of DPS as well so I might go in like up his abilities up get him maxed out even though he's not much to look at pretty good character black Mary I have completely decked out as you guys can see I'm kind of working on her equipment at the moment but fully 45 obviously max level cap max skills max abilities I'm just not ready to bring her to s ring just yet I don't know those rainbow things are a little hard to come by so I'm just being very very sure before I give someone an s-rank but my blood black mary fully maxed out the only red character I really care about I don't really care about any of the others unfortunately definitely not ash I just not I'm not a fan of generic main character number 444 I'm just not not a fan I would love to power Francesca if we can get more copies of her he's pretty cool I would love to get a fire tank online so I can kind of retire a default fortnight skin for the remaining of this event but probably not gonna happen we got the red machinima which I mean the robot turret nothing there blazing armor so yeah my red squad isn't just I don't have a lot of characters I care about in this red other than blossom and black Mary so only people that really care but that's a good idea so I will go ahead and pump up the rest of my ability see their problem is using this using it all my currency to get her abilities kind of maxed out here but not really being able to use her until I get like another two copies or so she's been on my bench since like global launch that's unfortunate but anyway that is where I stand as far as my red squad if we go over and kind of talk about what is currently going on inside the game the whole purpose of the video finally getting to an eight minutes in login events pretty darn good like I said this is actually a pretty good patch so there's a ten day logon spree here with all kinds of goodies I'm pretty sure if you just do all of your dailies every single day you should be fine and you can actually do the previous day's like if you miss a cup things to do on day one you can still do them on day four if you choose to so pretty good I'm at the very end you're gonna get an SSR so very nice just a free SSR I'll take it there's all types of goodies that go along with every single day as well so very very nice login event aver pretty nice quality of life update when it comes to treks no more do you have to like look inside the truck to see if you actually have characters that can do the trek if it has a little red knot on it you're good to go boom boom boom boom boom launch Trek see you later I would love to I'm very lazy when it comes to these types of little dispatch missions I would love if it was like hey I'm Kerry you know where I can just do Auto cuz I mean this is not really compelling gameplay you know I mean it's just like you just do it because you got to do it so that has been improved as well of this so of course there's a 7-day login trying to help you get your fire squads all nice and powered up so you can take part inside the arachnid dungeon we got a girl here or Celestia same old thing grind the stage get these little Celestia cards use them in this little Gacha here and hopefully you guys just give me a spin off I don't know this is annoying but you guys know if it's so annoying after you why do you keep doing it on this video you think we want to see you – that's a good point that's a good point all right I'm done clicking pretty much that alright so we have this cooperation event beat up on the spider boss as a server we're gonna get all kinds of goodies including another SSR car at the end so let me be a hundred percent clear I like these events I think they're very rewarding I think this game is like I like this game I actually don't want to stop playing this game I do enjoy it I'm looking forward to collaborations I'm looking forward to new raids a new character like I like this game doesn't mean I need to be a glutton for punishment though when it comes to other things so hopefully I really hope that they do the right thing when it comes to those costumes cuz I gotta be honest um so in my last video I did a bunch of 10 polls as you guys can see as you do 10 pools here actually let's do one more right in the middle of this like literally right in the middle of me explaining that do-do-do-do-do I got just enough we're gonna skip the animation though anything good nothing already maxed out so those are just gonna go straight to being retired that sucks not good alright back over here so look at this very nice 25 Sun Wukong soul stones very good so if you keep on rolling in the Gacha you'll get even more of us are her soul stones there to get yourself a free quote unquote free but there you go you also can get her weapon as well so pretty cool I heard it was supposed to be 20 to get the weapon I don't know why I got changed at 40 I don't know all right I got more things to worry about now the moment so I'm not really gonna harp on that too much and then we have this light little paper rock scissors game I didn't know how it works hmm how do you know what's going on here I don't actually need these little things like companies do this a lot like they they try to make these little events special by doing by paper-rock-scissors and we're like a little bouncing across the board that we got last time I don't know it's just uh for me it's just it's just kind of needless you don't know me like I don't I don't actually need this just just give me the rewards anyway so that is the entire breakdown of what is going on the new events a new raid boss lots of good stuff in this patch though so I don't want to take that away from an overhead team hopefully they do the right thing hopefully we hear from them you know maybe they come out and say oh well we're also gonna have events where you can get these paid oh and costumes as well that everyone can participate in they say something like that I'm like alright cool sounds good or something to that effect hopefully they don't ignore boom look at that already I got 11 days left oh yes I would love to get another copy of her and be very nice alright FG that's that's enough of this you're right anyway guys so that will do it for this video ladies and gentlemen boys and girls once again trying to get my demian up there man I'm so close I'm so close how far are we it's a good question FG let asked crafting let's see wrong button FG wrong button how far away am i ah so close I missed my favorite tank man I want him back love do you know the copy of Sofia – as well she is just a very annoying character in PvP alright so that is it ladies and gentlemen boys and girls thank you us so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next video later

40 thoughts on “Pretty great events tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : OVERHIT

  1. FG your points are solid. I only wish people understand them instead of trying to defend it.. I mean a game where one of the main focus is around waifus…, costumes should be farmable at least. I only just wish everyone complained as you, that way 'change' can actually happen in the way how nexon does things.

  2. It is still a choice to buy or not buy, and also a choice to play or not play. the thing for me as a gamer is the price of some of these packs is just crazy and they keep coming. I can buy a triple A console game or pc game for £50 and thats the full game, yes expansions come and cost extra however in mobile games you could spend £1000 in a week and then keep spending week after week, it is just crazy the price of these things. As I said though it is a choice and no one is forced to play or pay, the thing is can you play and have fun without these packs, yes you can.

  3. its strange there's so many people complaining about DC's devil pass which gives s skin with zero stats while there are people defending this in overhit. they should have paid NSFW (zero stats) skins in DC more!!!

  4. The only thing that i want to change is 7 days for events not 14 like we ahve now. 14 days is to long. Im doing everything like in 2-3 days and then i got nothing to do for 10 +/- days 😀 i know its mb because i play this game to much but…. what can i do xD

  5. Yup already uninstall this game, that costume gate wasn't my only reason why i do it tho, it's just the nail in the coffin, it's the fact that i need to get 3 copies of my SSR waifus (at least), and without any selector ticket, nerfd rates, diluted pool each week, nerfd rewards i know thats my limit, i'm not a whale and if i can't get my waifus to at least on their usable state no point in continuing imo, i could go the SR way and not SSR but what's the point on playing a game with units you didn't like?

  6. Good points on the costume gate, Nexon will definitely take the p2w further. But Imo the game was already very p2w with UR units and near guaranteed draws anyways, so costumes didn't bother me that much. At the end we still playing gacha games lol

  7. Thanks to the 10 days log in event I have my Sophia+4, should I upgrade her to S grade,I don't think it's worth it
    Also do you get any SSR hero when completing ch13,14,15 on hard mode because I rarely play campaign

  8. No offence, but the other people don't have a valid point in the slightest. That nonsense "bro its just a little bit p2w it doesn't even matter" mentality is exactly how it starts; This kind of attitude is exactly why gaming companies these days get away with all the nonsense, because people like this are just willing to roll over and let themselves be taken advantage of.

    This blase, "bro it doesn't even matter" attitude is literally the cancer of the gaming community.

    You said it yourself in this video, It's the principle. the fact that they would even do it at all. If the stats are "so small they don't matter" Then just remove them.

  9. You got me back to play this, I stopped after 4-9 , when I should have actually equip my team.

    Edit And now I got through by giving some armor, weapons and leveling grades bit.

  10. You can never be at ease when playing a game published by Nexon, there's always that uneasy feeling that they might completely ruin the game at any moment. Its like playing a horror game… You know its just a game but you still can't help looking back IRL every few minutes/seconds…

  11. Thing that breaks me is the unforgiving RNG in practically every facet of the game. For instance the rainbow catalysts in treks. They tempt you to pick them but when completed, the trek hardly ever drops them. Soul crushing lol

  12. SR Ludmilla and Caska is much much better than Black Mary. you got her maxed so keep using her. But ludmilla does way more dmg as far as I know. And caska is anti-heal, so she's decent for pve and great for the current pvp meta. pair her with proxy and the enemy won't be able to heal. You can try using them when you get them powered up.

  13. Not gonna lie, you seem like the type to just want Auto everything and get things freely in like 1 click
    And to that I say, "Whats the POINT of playing if your don't want to actually PLAY?" like…why?
    Besides that, its INFURIATING how much nexon is ripping off the global populace with Overhit., basically being scammed and robbed out of our money, with little to no real option to do otherwise (F2p is locked out of MANY things and would take 50x as long to progress naturally on the other available things…Moreso that events being scoured in global as opposed to kr/jp , with double the investment for half the reward…)

  14. Hold on a min there.
    You are very wrong about the KR version. KR version of the game is power creep witch is the worst policy a company can impose on a game and its player base, so the fact that we are not like KR is gg for me. Global version is the stripped down version of JP, we don't have what they have and we do things differently which is not necessary bad.

    As for the costumes the stats, they are so low they don't even worth 5 usd and obviously the advantage they give is insignificant.
    PVP will always be ptw cuz its all about best Heroes with best combos and whales will always win there, END OF STORY. (That goes for almost all gacha games out there)
    As for Nexon it can go either way and it is too soon to conclude anything.

  15. Dude, stop joining other peoples raids you're wasting keys. Start your own raid closed to public, do about 55% of the total hp of the raid boss, then just open it up. You guarantee first place for yourself every time.

  16. Sure, the costumes additional stats don't make much of a difference but given every prior experience I have had with a Nexon game – this is only the beginning. Typically promising at the start but after a period of time they have an update that makes a drastic change and never for the better.

  17. No one can blame future p2w players from saying "hey I'm paying money for this, make the costumes better". But then the player base is that much more divided. If we give them an inch they might as well take a mile. Otherwise the stats shouldn't be there.

  18. I still find this game weird, usually global versions want to lure people in with lots of freebies, good events, cool stuff and etc, THEN they start to milk'em dry, this game is doing to exact opposite, milking everyone first asap before the good content even shows up.

  19. I agree with principle being a concern but disagree with how the game is being judged. Yes Nexon has a history…but that should not be used as a consideration factor when objectively assessing their actions now. Cause now you’re already biased. Many games have differing Global versions from original with different system and mechanics. So far I’d say nexon has been generous, why is this good behavior not taken into consideration when their bad reputation is? I think it’s unfair; if one is being used then so should the other hand.

  20. The costumes stats don’t really impact the “f2pness” of the game as much as ppl are crying about. The pvp is already p2w anyways, and these trivial stats are not needed for pve contents unless ppl wants them. As long as they don’t go overboard like you said, I don’t consider this a really “CostumeGate”.

  21. The costumes stats don’t really impact the “f2pness” of the game as much as ppl are crying about. The pvp is already p2w anyways, and these trivial stats are not needed for pve contents unless ppl wants them.

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