37 thoughts on “Presidential Election News Coverage (November 6, 2012, 11PM)

  1. They call Wisconsin for Obama at 11:00pm when he was up by 3,000 votes but it took them till 3:00am to call if for trump when he was up by 80,000?

  2. I'll never forget when the Red states closed(Texas, Kansas, Nebraska…….), I was so legitimate scared Obama was going to lose. My 13 year old ass was so naive lol.

  3. CNN Projections/Exit Polls in this Video

    5:47 – 11pm Polls Closings
    7:09 – Exit Polls
    8:39 – Wisconsin & North Carolina
    11:10 – Senate Majority
    12:09 – Balance of Power

  4. Why the fuck do they wait till the polls close?!?! Just fucking give California to the Dems. They even give it to them automatically when the polls do close so what's the fucken point?!!

  5. Looks like most of the Republican States are just states with too many rural Areas & are not very developed

  6. Trump won because of his trade talk, it appealed to the white working class in the Rust Belt states, who would imagine that a Republican was going to oppose free trade?

  7. I didnt watch the video but quick question. If Romney won florida in 2012 would he have been president?

  8. Seriously watching this, it almost should be against the law for MSM to cover this until after the polls are called.

  9. For much of the evening, Governor Mitt Romney was ahead in the projected Electoral Vote.

    In fact, I don't think President Barack Obama took the lead in the projected Electoral Vote until 11 P.M. Eastern time.

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