28 thoughts on “President Xi Jinping addresses special event on digital economy in Osaka

  1. China communist policy are better than the chaotic demoncrazy they bring nothing good except instigating hatred causing people to fight against their own government destroying peace harmony and development

  2. Why is America been invited to the G20 summit, she doesn’t want to make the world a better and prosper place, all she does is to increase tariffs and sanctions to countries !!!!!!!!!

  3. President Xi don't talk about senctions but development to all nations. Coming together and making the world a better place πŸ‘ˆ

  4. Every word he says on the script has been carefully studied by thinktanks prior to the talk to make sure not to make any sort of mistakes.

  5. President Xi always mentions alleviating poverty – something the west hates – when it happens to the "third world" – Trump will never say that because they thrive on world poverty and hi interest loans LOL

  6. I had a friend who worked really hard for the community, and put in a good hard days work. He did well and was very successful.
    I also had a friend who wandered the community bullying and threatening everybody ….

  7. the emperor of steamed bun and big money dispenser is just son of bitch! my dog fucks the son of bitch!

  8. the chinese and the whole world wants business, trade and prosperity for thier country while the u.s. only inetrested in war and destruction.

  9. President Xi always eloquently speaking truth it is always a most intuitive to hear his positions regarding key strategic areas for China and for the world.

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