President Trump touts tariffs as 'very powerful' tool

President Trump touts tariffs as 'very powerful' tool

26 thoughts on “President Trump touts tariffs as 'very powerful' tool

  1. Trump put tariffs He day with his tariff we make 25 % more in tax ….but from where the heck he take this money ? It is not from USA company’s and consumers ? Or ? So proud of him he barge his own citizens and company. Yes. They got 25% in tax extra but the money go to government Hahahhahahahha.

  2. Fedex is suing US government because China has added them on unreliable list. That's a lot of lost business for Fedex just because they cannot service Huawei.

  3. If tariffs are so great, why bother to call Xi for a meeting at G20 ? Continue with more tariffs to break China. He is misleading Americans to indirectly tax consumers.

  4. Is the labour market in America? Trump does not know his facts America should open up its market to international labour before it asks China to open up its Financial markets or Consumption market.

  5. After all President Trump is not some slimy slippery politician, he is a business man, I have every confidence in this ability as our CEO.

  6. Trump is underestimated or underrated when it comes to his knowledge of global and capital markets. He knows what he's talking about

  7. Ranting and spewing vile, hateful comments and lies. Silly old man, losing each day more of his sanity! Tarifs? He doesn’t understand anything of it. Ranting about McCain so disrespectful and vile. Accusing Obama etc. The US tenuild China?? Totally unhinged and again Trump goes on and on on Fox, poor old man😝🤮

  8. Yes a powerful tool indeed but best thing about it is this tool can be used by other countries too.

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