President Trump To Vladimir Putin: ‘Don’t Meddle In The Election’ | NBC Nightly News

President Trump To Vladimir Putin: ‘Don’t Meddle In The Election’ | NBC Nightly News

president Trump meeting face to face with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time since the Muller report was released the report detailed Russian meddling in the 2016 election the president was asked would he press Putin about Russia's behavior the president smiling Putin smiling two moments earlier Russian TV captured the two leaders joking about the media while the Muller report concluded there was no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia the special counsel did find Russia mounted a sweeping and systematic operation to influence the election on behalf of mr. Trump intelligence officials recently warning it could happen again we expect Russia will continue to wage its information war against democracies and to use social media to attempt to divide our societies the Senate's top Democrat blasting the president's comments Americans will lose faith in their democracy and this president jokes at it it's appalling it's disgraceful and tonight former President Jimmy Carter unleashing this bombshell suggesting he does not think President Trump is legitimate and I think the inner French although not yet quantified I have fully investigated would show it's from that and actually win the election in 2016 that comes just days after President Trump praised Carter on NBC noting that Carter has defended him in the past Carter even offered to work with him on North Korea hey NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

41 thoughts on “President Trump To Vladimir Putin: ‘Don’t Meddle In The Election’ | NBC Nightly News

  1. Please, stop crying! Trump became President because we the people voted for him! Russia had NOTHING to do with it!

  2. MAGA collusion folks. Stop gossiping faulse information. Hillary was the Russian agent, she destroy evidence (files, phones) because she didn't wanted to be caught. then she (dems) tried to put the blame on Trump and fake News did push the hoax at his pick. why? They are partisans of the left. so MAGA 2020 win. If you don't agree I don't care.

  3. It used to be that only Fox exaggerated and tried to misunderstand things, but nowadays it’s clear that the left are just as bad, often even worse.

  4. Delusion-Democrats get trolled again… They should just listen to their Supreme Obaminion Leader, who laughed off idea that Russians could rig the election – "There is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America's elections. There's no evidence that that has happened in the past or that there are instances in which that will happen this time."

  5. Everyone in the comments triggered cuz hes winning every every battle and conspiracy thrown his way😂🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Well…………they should of known Killary had no chance of winning, but…..gave them something to do


  8. Russians have a problem w/ people telling the truth about what goes on in their country ! . . . Then , they end up dead soon after ! . . .
    Trump's problem is that he's a known pathological liar . . . And he hates being called out about it ! . . . He's unquestionably a mole/traitor/puppet for Vladimir Putin ! . . .
    If he can take the word of an authoritarian (adversary/enemy) over our own national Intelligence Agencies (who are career employees) , then you should know that he's compromised ! . . .

  9. Of course, what did you expected? Seriously, what did you expect? The joke is on us. So the question is what are you going to do in 2020, still be the joke of the world or show that you have a spine? VOTE him out!!!

  10. babushka tRUMPie the illiterate ' big wheel with no spokes ' bends and swallows for vladdie the meddler

  11. Sold us out. Faget fake Mafia talkin motherfuker I wouldn't take him serious either if I was a world leader or president

  12. Like Kendall Geiger keep saying….. it not going to make him lose control, it's not going to get him put in prison for breaking the 0 tolerance policy, but the RFID chip will give him a answer for the terrisom acts from 1976 Mr government 😡

  13. This narrative is designed to devide us. The link below is a newscast that gives tons of information on what happened at the G20. I do not hold TruNews' worldview on religion, but find their coverage of news very informative

  14. Why would anybody bring Jimmy Carter on last ditch effort for the Democrats disgusting the Republicans and the Democrats are the worst thing that's happened to our nation they need to go hopefully other countries will come in and take care of the problem

  15. Trump is embarrassing himself and America on the world stage. Those of you who earnestly believe Trump is doing a great job are misinformed. Watch a little of foreign news and you'll be surprised that the world is laughing at us and especially Trump.

  16. Trump was picked by the Elite before his presidency a year before his candidacy and election just like George Bush Junior the elite are playing the games and this is what we got warmongers

  17. Yes and we are all mushrooms,and also we all believe that the lunatic won fair and square,and if he loses in 2020 it will be because the Democrats have rigged the election.

  18. And if anybody was in the right Vine they would know that the Trump family and how much they profited off his presidency that would be a big clue about Russia and Trump

  19. What do you think Trump is doing a year before he ran for his presidency he was setting everything up so he could win and he had Russia interfere with the elections he's guilty of that big time

  20. He asked Putin not 2 interfere with the elections when actually he was in contact with them before the elections and ask them to interfere so he could win what a f**** joke

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