10 thoughts on “President Obama: Why Voting Matters

  1. there are non citizens registered by the democrats to vote. the mellenials are noy in in 50s & the 60s anymore so why do black politicians keep bringing this black issue up every election year? black americans today are been well educated already. those well educated black American voters are starting to realize how their democrat party is manipulating the u.s voting system so they'll continue to OWN THE BLACK VOTERS during every election. there is now a WALKAWAY MOVEMENT by the people of color leaving the DEMOCRAT PARTY.TOJOIN TRUMP…that's very sad news bcos their fomer party is now turn into a SOCIALIST PARTY…Socialism will never work in America but it will only when America turns it's back to GOD

  2. Barry Sotero aka Obama the birth certificate FELON….why would we care about anything that anti-American has to say.

  3. They are not discouraging people from voting…they want to make sure that when you vote that you are an american citizen and that you are not voting more than once and that you are not an illegal immigrant who has been promised by the democratic party that you will be given amnesty and made a citizen…also early voting is retarded because you KNOW information will keep rolling out until the day of the fucking vote.

  4. This fucking scumbag piece of dog shit, no wait dogshit eventually stops smelling. This guy is the master puppet on the string. He can go eat a fuckin dick. He knows the voting system is rigged. He is the worst american president in history. Not because he's black because he is a fuckin bum.

  5. Only when it's going benefit him…๐Ÿค•๐Ÿ™„and what the about the priming…like what so we are just going to vote for HRC I think not…

  6. Dear
    millennials, Climate Change, LGBTQ rights, Women's rights to our own
    bodies,…and on…AND the Supreme Court. Any one of these should be
    enough for a vote FOR Hillary. You don't remember previous elections
    when many "voted conscience" for third parties. It doesn't work for the
    Presidency. Please, vote for progress this November. We can't afford
    Trump. Third parties have no chance of winning. Please, don't spite us
    all with your vote.

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