President Donald Trump’s Inner Circle The Focus Of The Impeachment Push | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

President Donald Trump’s Inner Circle The Focus Of The Impeachment Push | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump’s Inner Circle The Focus Of The Impeachment Push | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. I disagree with the very last point that world leaders of nondemocratic countries will be surprised by trump's behaviour. Kim Jong Un, Mohammed Bone Saw and Vladimir Putin are all trump's handlers and will have expected him to fall into line and jump to their demands.

  2. Democrats are desperate. They know that they can't win an honest presidential election in 2020 with their current candidates. They know that the DOJ is investigating a bunch of stuff that will land many prominent  Dems in a lot of hot water. They have no facts on their side. The just make stuff up and were it not for the media's willing assistance, the neverending impeachment circus would have been over a long time ago. Any honest person, whether you like Trump or not, cannot support the loathsome charade that has been going on for 3 years. The goal posts keep moving, but the investigations are all fabricated conspiracies toward a soft coup. The Dems are going to be brought to justice. Trump 2020.

  3. Enforce those subpoenas. Get the courts to back them up. Let's have Trump make history by being the first President of the United States to be impeached AND convicted. That would make him #1 and MAGA.

  4. You keep doing your jobs. Focus on the impeachment and protect the Whistleblower. We will follow along. — A member of the public.

  5. By "Weighing the Alternatives" Giuliani refers to an old idea. The alternatives are
    I didnt do it
    (or in the alternative) I did, then I didnt mean to do it
    or if I did, I'm sorry

  6. Nancy Pelosi clean your on states.i means clean 🧼 your on can’t do that maybe innocent people
    im·peach you.

  7. innocent people want justice because you don’t care innocent people any way your own states clean up you wanted President Trump to clean 🧼 ur very such like your pace. You say don’t don't blame you??? Please please Your own states treat like your home.

  8. There isn't even any common sense anymore, what is this? Give me my billionaire Lobbyist payment and i will see if I can help Putin out? really? Wow.

  9. You lie anyway nobody believes you yourself old groups women everybody not a dumb
    President trump care all this country.are you remember President trump go to the States pack up because of you right.

  10. Please protect the whistle blower I would not be surprised if Trump has assassinatens maybe from out of the country maybe from Saudi Arabia, Russia, Steven Miller? who knows but I wouldn't be surprised if Trump would put a hit on the whistle blower look what happen to Epstein.

  11. Hahahaha I just funny to the Nancy groups Oi oi week up clean up🧼 your on states people we have a lot of evidence your don’t care your state maybe you are the one impeach not ur president trump. Nancy groups crazy 😜

  12. I just say the true President trump do he’s on best to visit the all states together to look 👀 whats going on ?what’s the problem of the people innocent he’s a lots The America .i

  13. attorney client privelidge is not applicable when the attorney is a co-conspirator in a crime…a conspiracy to rig the 2020 election!!!!!!!

  14. If tRump is taken out of the political picture, none of this nonsense would be happening and we’d be living happily ever after.

  15. "When the doctrine of allegiance to party can utterly up-end a man's moral constitution and make a temporary fool of him besides, what excuse are you going to offer for preaching it, teaching it, extending it, perpetuating it? Shall you say, the best good of the country demands allegiance to party? Shall you also say it demands that a man kick his truth and his conscience into the gutter, and become a mouthing lunatic, besides?" – Mark Twain 1887

  16. Haha honestly all he said was this whistleblower gave a false and lied about the statement. Honestly you Democrats and f…. rediculous. Everything about you is driving the rest of us crazy. Good thing you havent drove TRUMP 2020 crazy.

  17. Trump Cartel Family surrounds themselves withe great ppl? I meant CROOKS! Give them some rope they will hang themselves! Disgusting!

  18. I can hardly wait until they remove Trump from the White House.
    They can take Melania's Russian red Christmas trees and burn them on the front lawn.
    Haul out Ivanka's bucket of makeup and dump them on the fire.
    Barron Trump should be put into foster care and raised properly.

  19. Mass media lying once more, working for globalists. They are willing to take USA with their hands. Every country where globalism goes to economic recession.

  20. Trumplestiltskin is going down and so are all the clowns that are running around telling lies for him. The Fox News muppets are trying to spin this but if you polish a turd you just end up with a shiny turd. They are trying to tell you that a polished turd is a diamond.

  21. Immense Courage?? Some rumor monger, with hearsay. The accused should be able to face his accuser! You two women are idiots.

  22. Of all the gambles in electing the most politically inexperienced candidate ever to the highest elected office in the world, the danger of ignorance may prove the greatest. What Donald Trump “knows” derives from the seamy worlds of real estate, casinos and reality TV, and it is his infected worldview, paired with his distant acquaintance with actual truth, that is now the most frightening characteristic of this presidency.Canada watching.

  23. Are Snowden welcome back to USA now? If "No", then why not?
    Did he "whistleblow" about the wrong thing, or is it a different standard when it comes to protecting whistleblowers who exposes a whole government branch that spies on the entire world?

  24. Why on earth do you keep saying they haven't read the whistleblower complaint? You know every single republican has read that. They just have no leg to stand on so they don't want to answer any questions. Stop saying they didn't read it please but rather call them liars and are just hiding from responding. duh

  25. Trump, you should take responsibility for what your country and other allied countries have done in Iraq and save the Iraqi people from the parties that have made Iraq a corrupt country where there is no democracy in Iraq that George W. Bush brought.

  26. Trump, you should take responsibility for what your country and other allied countries have done in Iraq and save the Iraqi people from the parties that have made Iraq a corrupt country where there is no democracy in Iraq that George W. Bush brought.

  27. I hope everyone understands what this man has been trying to do since he became president of the United States. He know,s that Jail could be in his future when he is done being president, this make,s him very dangerous.civil war can be in the future for our country. Violence is something most people have no dealing,s with, it is horrible and can tear our country apart!!!!. Please do not let all the noise distract you from the truth of this crooked president and his government. Dictator,s do not live in America!!!!!!.

  28. Anxious to see how you spin this factual truth all day long You report only that our Sec of State is doing anything wrong….what was wrong was that you fail to report the actual process being done which is unconstitutional "individual contact, you can't tell anyone, you can't bring attorney representation….surely you can see how very wrong the House committee is trying once again what they did to General Flynn

  29. Countries do not feel pressured, they want corruption out of their country as does Trump…stop lying to your audience

  30. Egg on your face is coming folks…IG report will uncover all the actual crimes that you keep covering up….!!

  31. Public pressure should not relent. In fact, it should ramp up. Can't trust the Moscow mules in the legislative branch to do the right thing.


  33. People fooled by minor cosmetic changes are sadly mistaken if they think the GOP has become the party of Trump. No, what we see demonstrated starkly in abundant, plain detail is proof positive that the GOP has solidly remained the party of Nixon.

  34. So, Mr President, how is the whistle blower report not supported by your transcript? What does the transcript show that disproves the whistleblower report? Is there more information about the call that is not yet released?

  35. It is this corrupt &vile man we have call president who has committed treasonous acts against the United States! We should commend the whistle blowers bravery n stepping forward & Congress 4the impeachment inquiry

  36. What was said about him from the beginning is still the same as today, Trump is all about HATE, and he is on his own power trip full of hate against our own country, what on earth is this con-man, man-child doing as our president of the United States? He needs to get off our stage, and take out his own rage in his own personal time, not our time. While the rest of the United States trying to work together as a team and following the rules, Trump is acting like a crazed madman with the keys of power as the president, with an insatiable appetite for crooked, power and control.

  37. Guliani was a prosecutor a little while ago who banged up the crime bosses in the commission case and he also prosecuted other bosses and put them all away for eternity, what I don’t think Trump realised is that a prosecutor also works for the establishment, and there’s no way Guliani is gonna go down for a little ragbag like Trump. Guliani also has a few cards ♦️ up his sleeve to play poker with the lunatic and hopefully Guliani wins the game and brings Trump down asap

  38. And when the Democrats take our AR15"s away and do away with the 2nd forever. Then (thier)Corruption will be for all you idiots to endure with forever ! Morons

  39. He’s breaking the law everyday all day so what’s new today, he should never of been let near the White House let alone in it and now the people of America realise that it’s way to late has usual

  40. Now playing at the White House, it's "Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave." with an ever growing list of characters. Stay tuned for the final release!

  41. I hate to tell you Stephanie, but a wealthy anchor at MSNBC who probably earns a 6 figure salary is not a regular person.

  42. Scenario; The president is paying Rudy Giuliani out of his own pocket for private matters/business. Can the president run a business outside of the WH office?

  43. The FBI should have broken doors down anywhere they believed Giuliani might have stored any material pertaining to trump that would not be covered by prvilege. Rudy has spoken so publicly very little can be covered. Rudy seems out of control and would shred every bit of evidence without thinking twice. He sounds like a poster boy for not of sound mind defence.


  45. You gullible idiots falling for this nonsense, have none of you the intelligence to realise the media and dems have taken you for fools?

  46. Treading dangerously close to witness intimidation? I think "stomping all over the witness" would be more accurate.

  47. How is Juliani a Lawyer – he looks like a kid where someone took his ice cream off him! He thinks because he is a lawyer – he cannot be charged or prosecuted! Same as Trump – they are all being trained by Trump to lie and deceive the American people.

  48. So they basically want to impeach Donald Trump for the same thing the Democratic party has been doing to Donald this whole time to hurt his presidency?… Lmfao was a waste of money and time pfft…

  49. The fact that these are in-person meetings is PROOF that Barr is trying to hide the purpose and prevent subpoenable evidence.

  50. You people keep saying Democrats this and Democrats that. You add to the problem. It's CONGRESS . The United States Congress of America. You make it partisan.

  51. “You searched for over two years. Did you find anything?”
    Mueller: “No, but the Democrats wrote a report for me”.

  52. I don’t like the way this discussion was framed by By assuming Americans have already stepped into the political quicksand and giving that fear a voice is undermining us as a people and country’s foundation and perpetuating a deeper divide the very thing we all don’t want. I haven’t stepped in the quicksand yet and I don’t plan to. It’s crucial for reporters newscasters politicians and all of us no matter our party preference to remain calm in the face of chaos. More than ever we need to listen and to be listened to and to hear and be be heard in equal measure. and look for common ground and never ever panic. That core value of courage is the spring that gave rise to the greatness of our country and the FREEDOMS we are privileged to enjoy every day we walk out the door…never take that freedom for granted and never ever panic.

  53. Worst president he sucks I want him to get fired he’s annoying. Annoying president and worst in the history….

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