President Donald Trump’s Allies Running Low On Options To Defend His Conduct | Deadline | MSNBC

President Donald Trump’s Allies Running Low On Options To Defend His Conduct | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump’s Allies Running Low On Options To Defend His Conduct | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Whackjob 45 has corrupted every dept of American Government for his own personal enrichment – led by & with the approval of Barr, Lindsey, McConnell etc, etc

  2. If the Senate actually grow some spines and remove trump from office, I wouldn't put it past him trying to start a cival war. The man inspires hate and violence the president should be a role model of what a respectable human being is. Trump is not that

  3. Wow years of investigation so in Republican terms they have different rules than the Dems now? Just wow the arrogance they are making a bad name for themselves.

  4. Well, they can always run into a closed hearing and act like a bunch of dumb frat boys ordering pizza and holding up their cell phones so the Russians can hear. That’s how idiots solve their problems.

  5. Maybe; Lindsey, is being black mailed, trump plays dirty, especially if Putin is on his side leading the way. Trump probably had Russia look into every member of the republican party, to keep them on a short leash. There can't be any other explanation, on why this party is sucking trump so hard.

  6. Lindsey Graham is the ultimate pathetic sheep.
    He used to worship John McCain, and now he’s switched to tRump.
    A spineless loser with no character.

  7. A mob…herd mentality. Unthinking, empty, hollow officials in the government. An insult to your intelligence for allowing yourselves to be intimidated by a lawless man. Lindsey Graham, you are a shame to be heading the judiciary committee.

  8. This is what happens when a bunch of really stupid Southern people join a political party. First off the bat, they start electing people like themselves …. morons.

  9. The same guy that said the President couldn't be prosecuted just discovered the Impeachment process. Bummer …think harder with your Republican brains.

  10. Why don’t the democrats prosecute the disturbing the trepublicans. The liars and cheats including Sondlund need to be shown consequence.

  11. The only human scum here is Donald Jessica Trump and his republican parrots who have thrown away their last bits of dignity.

  12. How many innocent men,women and children will die because Donald Trump can't keep his word Lindsey Graham appears to be a traitor too our Democracy.

  13. Lindsay Graham is the symbol of rotten politicians. The kind that supports a dictator to serve his own agenda. The kind that has zero morals , remorse or conscience.

  14. No need to defend against a debunked complaint from a nonexistant whistleblower. There will be no impeachment. Trump will be reelected by a wider margin than 2016 and democrats will be going to prison.
    The DOJ just announced that the Russian Origins Probe is now a criminal investigation. Corruption, election meddling or seditious conspiracy? Perhaps all three…..mission creep. One thing's for sure….it morphed into something far more serious following the election. It should have ended then and there.

  15. Question
    The "law makers" took an oath of office?
    They knew the situation, closed hearing, legal, specifically bans electronic devices in the room?
    Is this not a breach of their oath?
    Or simply proves them unfit for governance?
    Would any regular citizen be arrested for barging to secure area.. Placing national security at risk?
    They got pizza?
    Why not arrested for their blatant actions in total disregard for the American people, law of the land they swore to uphold?

  16. How is Lindsey telling Americans about having a fair in bipartisan hearing when he is # 1spineless sicko-fan to the corrupt President in the White House give America a break!!!!!! Using Trump 45 playbook Gaslighting

  17. There's no depth to which these reprehensive Republicans would sink in order to worship their god the bender of truth. Graham has sold his soul and so must do his master's bidding. I truly hope the people hand these immoral goons the dismissive contempt they truly deserve at the ballot box come voting time

  18. So so tired of hearing about the way Republican representatives handle issues. Shame on all of them for not just looking at the evidence and approaching this like what they were elected to do. Trumps behavior and comments speak for themselves. Dont they have eyes and ears and sense? This country is down the tubes.

  19. We have three branches of Government . Republicans in the legislative branch need to be asking themselves , why they are giving the power of the legislative branch to the executive . It is their responsibility under the Constitution to keep a check on the President . They are shirking that responsibility . That is how political parties corrupts a Democracy and a republic .

  20. It's fair to ask Lindsey Graham and others if they agree with Presidents directing subordinates to notify foreign allies to perform personal favors or financial aid will not flow. Is that going to be ok with every President from here on? Cause that is what he is embracing and he owes us a yes or no answer.

    And if the Republican Senators, like Lindsey, have already made up their minds, why should any Democrat or Independent rush to produce a hasty articles of impeachment?

    If Trump is not going to face a fair Senate, if most of the Republicsns will not convict regardless of the evidence it would be better to have an open indictment process with all the proof – ALL of it- . We don't need a Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts anymore if the jury is allowed to be unfair. The trial doesn't matter anymore. Let's use this process to educate the nation, wake them up, help them learn, grow, become better citizens. Let Trump skate again
    Just try to keep him away from the defenseless.

  21. Little Donnie and the Gaetz gang!!
    Think I saw this 75 years ago ………
    Spanky and our gang !!! Oldest was 9 years old.

  22. All these republicans must have some dirty deeds ….are they afraid of blackmailing?something is not right…. they should be concerned about everything related to Russia but if seems that they are united to protect the Russians…. why???….. are they Americans? …. do they owe something to the Russians ???….. money???
    We need to know the truth 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  23. When the impeachment gets to the Senate vote….play the videos of Trey Gowdy, and Graham for all the public and Senate to see.

  24. Let someone introduce a bill that says in criminal cases all initial witness interviews must be done in front of the accused party and lets see how republicans vote on it.

  25. Leningrad lindsey must have forgoten the the "secret meetings" are the house rules that the republicans voted on and signed into standard procedure by speaker john boehner in 2015.

  26. "Impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office" – Lindsey Graham (1999)

  27. A desperate move by desperate people, I always thought the republicans were ruthless and determine but this just shown the democrats develop somewhat of a spine at last and fighting back

  28. Leningrad Lindsay Graham is a two-faced liar who should now step down from the Senate! He has lost all credibility and should resign immediately because of his lies to America!!! #ResignLindsey #ResignGraham

  29. Lindsey Graham, I do believe John McCain would not be defending the pres. he would be more involved in the system that is in play for the truth and allow the system to fallow through for process to come full circle , I do believe the maverick would be totally not pleased with this parties actions. Get it together !  all of you.

  30. Lawyers make terrible public servants. They're trained to argue for any outcome that benefits their client. Some are able to rise above it, but Graham is a typical ambulance chaser who loves the sound of his own voice. His words are meaningless.

  31. US Senators… for life? I know they're not, but some really seem to be. That's what makes some of them nonchalant and make them think they can do anything they want. Addicted to power. Think about it and check the clip of Lindsay Graham from 21 years back. That's way too long. And during such a long period some people (without true integrity), see the possibilities of self serving behaviour. Again – addicted to power, with very little real thought about the voters, more than their votes.

  32. lowest unemployment rate ever,..amongst lawyers,…

    trump hired them all,. most got arrested,..

  33. king trump wants an incontestable impeachment case 🙂 so, he obstructed again, commanding his sycophants to block the investigation 🙂

  34. The criminals will stop at nothing, legal or illegal, to fight due process and the law. Start assassinating some major player to let sycophants like Graham die in the land of nowhere.

  35. Paedophile trump aka individual one is getting PAYBACK for 8 heedless years of BIRTHERISM, when so much more could have been done for America by the BEST President America has ever had President Obama.

  36. If the inquiry is illegitimate, why going around making noise, take your claim to court, if not close your mouth and let them do their job, if the potus is innocent, it will be clear for all to see.

  37. Subterfuge on behalf of a lame dying flailing group of criminals. Keep up the pressure press the public is behind you!

  38. These GOP protest are good. Now we have identified the hardcore pure scum part of the republicans party. The hard core Trump supporter that Will support him NO MATTER WHAT. They dont care if he broke the law

  39. are you freaking kidding me?
    They stormed in there with there strictly forbidden cellphones? And there are no consequences??
    They sicken me.

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