President Donald Trump To President Vladimir Putin: ‘Don’t Meddle In The Election’ | NBC News

President Donald Trump To President Vladimir Putin: ‘Don’t Meddle In The Election’ | NBC News

a great meeting with a very very good relationship to spending some very good time together a lot of positive things hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

45 thoughts on “President Donald Trump To President Vladimir Putin: ‘Don’t Meddle In The Election’ | NBC News

  1. Let's make sure the British Corporate Empire does not interfere in any future North American elections.
    From London, like Cambridge Analytica had.

  2. Trump still displaying the NWO hand sign. Kind of a loose version….not stiff like when he had Kissinger in the white house when Trump almost broke his fingers saluting the NWO demon Kissinger. But it was still present with Putin.

  3. Yes sir Mr. Putin sir , yes sir….thank you Mr. Putin sir , can I show you my love letters from Kim Jong Un , I keep them in my inside jacket pocket close to my heart , I love him so very much but I love you so very much more.

  4. All the liberal snowflakes want war with Russia but us real American Patriots just want peace.. 🇺🇸 trump2020

  5. I remember during Obama's presidential debate with Romney , When told Russia will be our biggest Geo Political foe in the near future, Obama scoffed at that remark saying, What do want to do , go back to fighting the Cold war? the liberal media also pilled on the following days and weeks afterwards , claiming Republicans want to keep living in the past, fighting the Red menace that no longer exists.
    then a year ago, when caravans of migrants from central America numbering in the tens of thousands began marching toward the U.S border,
    Trump warned that this is a crisis that must be dealt with now , Democrats opposed all efforts to stop it, claiming there is no crisis, it all a fabricated threat to scare people into voting Republican as the midterm election approached , Now, this is all thy talk about is a crisis on the border, So if Democrats want to be blissfully ignorant of any threats to this country and walk around with rose colored glasses like nothing is wrong, why should I trust them to keep this country safe?

  6. Can he be a little more obvious, lol? Putin is wearing his tie longer, mimics how Trump sits, pretends he can't speak English well, and grins conspiratorially as Trump acts like its all a big joke. Voters are watching, and voters remember. The 2020 Democratic Party campaign season is rolling now. Let Pooty and Trumpy and the Senate Turtleboy yuk it up for now. Come the close of election day November 3rd, 2020, they'll know: We're their huckleberries. They're no daisies. They're no daisies at all.

  7. I'm sick of u.s.a trying to set Kendall Geiger up for federal prison behind 1976 crimes 😡 he will never side with the terrisom acts in 1976 his last name Geiger is Tide to terrisom acts he looked into the system! the RFID chip is the only way out of this problem 😡 and the plan is to make sure the geiger family look stupid for putting him in the system he is willing to go to the end of the world with this plan! Trust me when I say this they plan will detenate in there faces 😂 this government need to stop being scared!! They started this stupid game and now let it detenate in there faces

  8. Check out my latest article: Dem's World Without Borders Losing Votes via @LinkedIn

  9. Fake Media Reporter: -"Mr. President WHAT DID YOU TALK WITH PUTIN?"!

  10. "Okay media let me just tell Putin in a kind and gentle way to stop doing what the US has done countless of times to other countries around the world" God the media is so stupid

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