President Donald Trump: The Whistleblower Should Be Protected If They Are ‘Legitimate’ | MSNBC

President Donald Trump: The Whistleblower Should Be Protected If They Are ‘Legitimate’ | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump: The Whistleblower Should Be Protected If They Are ‘Legitimate’ | MSNBC

  1. LOL, when Obama was president, right-wing nuts hated it. Called his family every name under the sun. Right-wing politicians did nothing but try to overturn Obamacare 50 times. Trump paraded the "Birtha" idea the 8 yrs. while Obama was in office and now right-wingers think we're all going to sing Kumbaya as if we've forgotten. I say turn-it -up.

  2. "What happened in 2016 was a disgrace to this country."
    Yes, America voted in a deranged criminal fraudster. That was indeed a disgrace.

  3. Trump has defo read the book The Secret….because he obviously wants to "create" his own reality by repeating it over & over again!!

  4. What an eloquent speaker. He's truly a genius. And once again he is right, the media and Dems caught lying.
    2020 baby!

  5. Lol that guy was breaking the law before he became president and now you all cry because he broke the law. What did you guys (and gals) expect? You voted for that tool. As a foreigner it's just fun to watch.. Such a great deterrence for all the other countries

  6. "We talked MOSTLY about 'congratulations on your win'… It was just the ONE part that was conspiring to fabricate dirt on my opponent to undermine his election chances!"

  7. To be fair to Trump, if the Democrats stopped hounding him all the time and backed health insurance reform, gun reform, drugs reform, infrastructure backing etc… things would improve for average Joes. This constant 'we must impeach Trump' campaign is lame and damaging to the country. The Trump era is like Clinton era when the Republicans hounded Clinton almost out of office. History repeats itself!

  8. The 2016 election is over!!! Now, we have a distractor in the presidential office who isn’t interested in constitutional law.

  9. He said A whistleblower should be protected not "The" whistleblower (one who is involved in this whole thing). if they are legitimate. MSNBC twisting his words to fit the agenda as usual

  10. Trump said "A Whistleblower should be protected, BUT……."

    There it is, folks…..the "BUT".

    Our Law says "Protect the Whistleblowers…."; no "BUT"s allowed.

  11. ToTraitor Trump,What penalty(You IMBECILE)! did they do in 1776 war of Independence, too people who Spied,Fled the field of battle or were Traitor's ?You fit all of the above! The Militia/Regular Army tied people to a Post and Summarily Shot them!! Mr Trump would you like a BLINDFOLD? Squad Attention! AT The Ready AIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! FIRE.!!!!!! Next Mr Pence, Next Mr Barr, Next Trump family!and Rudy!!!

  12. What happened in 2016….voice recording with Billy Bush, sexual assault allegations, immitating a reporter with a disability, , disrespecting John McCain military service, bone spurs, lying ted, lock her up, asking a foreign state to hack Hilary Clinton emails, promising the best health care ever, giving apple a 15% tax on repatriated overseas earnings, the mooch, spicey, Huckabee sanders, Kelly, starting a business council, then disbanded 12 months later

  13. The chosen one Donald Trump the Messiah, King of the Jews and Putin's gopher is pulling down his henchmen while walking the green mile.

  14. Donald Trump is trying to drain out the swamp… the Democrats is doing everything they can to get rid of Trump even if its a inside job. If democrats take over… it will be the beginning of the end. Wars and Martial laws and we will end up with no more constitution or rights… the military will have power over the people.. even if they end up killing us 1 by 1

  15. "A very smart man from Florida." Raising alligators and teaching them to shoot rifles, perhaps? That's the kind of smart that has traditionally made Florida-man a household name.

  16. Best president ever! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸I love how he tears the press apart. Sorry demo🐁🐁🐁n fake news; the coup has failed 😂😂😂😂

  17. Yeah right . . . the Acting DNI sat on the whistle blower report for six weeks and Trump says "I heard the whistle blowers report from you people", meaning the press? Can the "Don the Con " man ever open his mouth without lying?

  18. trump many presidents have been investigated……most dont build their own cases for congress ona daily bases commiting crimes no president has ever done in office.we would have never known about this trump had you not told us….your being impeached for all your crimes not just this

  19. I agree what happened in 2016 was a disgrace to this country: the fact that Donald J Trump was elected President of the United States

  20. He failed to mention how they hid the transcript to the conversation. Now why did they do that?
    You really have to be mentally unsound to want this guy to be president.

  21. I really wish the media would quit giving him airtime. He gets far more airtime than anybody to push his lies in crazy conspiracy theories.

  22. Here he goes again and he’s now saying that no one from his so say Democratic Party has moved towards impeachment and he is giving Lynsey Graham the big nod
    DELUSIONAL LUNATIC is the words that comes to mind

  23. I love to see that son of a b1tch foaming at the mouth. Make him foam…. The press needs to stay on him-make him foam and froth….

  24. He has to deal with this while approving almost 2 Billion USD to fight Autism over the next five years. WAKE UP! LOOK AT THE POSITIVES PEOPLE!

  25. You don't need a spy on a call that many officials and people in his administration are listening to, so there was no such thing as a spy.

  26. Australians love Donald Trump. He is only one normal President of USA after John Kennedy!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  27. Lindsey Graham said "I never knew you were so nice" after reading a conversation where the president extorted someone.

  28. Surprise, surprise, Numpty they are interested in banging you up you thick f****g d1ck! Not as interested as I and the rest of the world is though.

  29. Corrupt? That’s like calling the kettle black Mr T! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! To the audience of one (1) self-obsorbed, everyone has tuned you out!!!!!!!

  30. Equally, a legitimate president should be protected, but a fake one like you, nah! You should be exposed of all your wrong doings, like withholding the money before talking to the president of Ukraine, in order to dig up dirt on your political opponent.

  31. Can we stop putting 'slams' 'destroys' or any other hyperbolic term in headlines when someone takes a jab at someone else? Looks tabloid af.

    Also this clown is losing his mind.

  32. I feel my brain melt like Raclette cheese on a nice family dinner when I hear him talk like that.
    (Yes, another cheese metaphor from a swiss guy)

    Vaticancatholic. Com

  34. Donald Trump there just jealous of you because your a billionaire and your running the country the way it should be run. You a tell it like it is kind of person and move and Nancy Pelosi might be the one whistle blowing it out of proportion.

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