President Donald Trump Goes To 'Political War' Over His Finances | Deadline | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Goes To 'Political War' Over His Finances | Deadline | MSNBC

question today how far will Donald Trump go to keep his finances hidden the answer may lie in a new lawsuit Donald Trump and his kids Ivanka Don Jr and Eric Trump just filed against the banks that have been subpoenaed by Congress that's deutsche bank in capital 1 the lawsuit is designed to block those banks from responding in any way to the congressional committees seeking information about Trump's finances the new york times reporting quote in the suit filed in federal court in manhattan the president and his family members argue that the Democratic House committee leaders who issued the subpoenas engaged in a broad overreach Representative Maxine Waters the chair of the Financial Services Committee and Adam Schiff chair of the house Intel committee issued a joint statement accusing the president of obstructing lawmakers constitutional oversight Authority and added quote as a private businessman Trump routinely used his well-known litigiousness and the threat of losses to intimidate others but he will find that Congress will not be deterred our friend Tim O'Brien from Bloomberg adds this quote welcome to the first salvos of the post Muller battle between the White House and Congress over the separation of powers executive authority and the Pandora's Box of thorny troubling problems stemming from the fact that Trump is the most financially conflicted president of the modern era this latest standoff combined with the obstruction case laid out in the Muller report leaving the Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden to say today that Trump's impeachment may become the only choice for Democrats who were constitutionally bound to provide oversight there are elements of the report in the second phase of the report about seven or eight things that are left undone he was not within his purview to investigate he thought the Congress is attempting to take that up and what the Congress should do and they are doing is investigate that and if in fact they block the investigation they have no alternative to go to the only other Constitution resort they have is impeachment and that is where we start today with some of our favorite reporters and friends Ashley Parker White House reporter for The Washington Post the former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI Frank Fugazi and with a sunset former federal prosecutor for the Southern and Eastern District of New York Barrett burger Kareem John Pierce back senior adviser to an executive editor for Bloomberg opinion who we've already quoted and he has near Bryan is here let me start with you Tim because you've been following the money when it comes to Iran for a really long time where does it lead well it leads obviously into his wallet but the larger issue it leads to is whether or not the president United States isn't just financially conflicted but he's financially compromised and this was something that obviously Muller focused in part on but I don't think he focused on it in depth and I think he ultimately made a strategic decision to let other prosecutors or investigators or Congress take a deeper look at that but it came up in the malla report obviously around the discussion of the Trump Tower Moscow project and the reason that was an issue was because President Trump one lied about its existence he lied about his depth of his involvement with it and I think the reason he did was because it raises this issue of whether or not during the election and his campaign and the transition he had money at stake in Moscow that shaded any of the public policy decisions he was contemplating or possibly considered and acting which became even a more fulsome issue once he entered office but it's not just Trump Tower Moscow Trump has decades of dealings with organized crime and with very murky sources of funding that raise questions about whether anyone has a tether on him and that hasn't fully been answered and Muller chose not to dig into that but we now have real committees in Congress looking at this issue we have the New York State Attorney General looking at it the other Southern District of New York and I think what unites this shouldn't be a partisan or ideological issue it's about good government it's about transparency at the co leadership and good public policymaking that's not corrupted by by greed or self-interest you've been sued by Trump I imagine you were not surprised that he took this route as a sitting president of roping his kids in surprise surprise and suing the bank so they can't comply but what do you make of attacks also ironically one of the plaintiffs in this case is his trust that he's set up to abstence ibly insulate him from conflicts of interest while he was in the White House that entities also suing to prevent disclosures you know Trump II has been doing this since at least 1973 Roy Cohn caught him out of weaponize a legal system the legal system and in that year the Justice Department went after the Trump family for racial discrimination and their housing developments in in the outer boroughs of New York and typically most of those developers when the federal government came after them they paid their fine and they shut up and they moved on Trump and Cohn sued the Justice Department they countersuit saying it was a bogus suit and despite ample evidence that they were discriminating against applicants etc etc and I think that a light bulb went on in his head in that year in 1973 Donald Trump is 27 years old and he realizes that if you don't really care about the environment in which you say things civility or the law you can wage war whenever you feel like it a light bulb went off it's not clear that it still lit frankly I don't know anything about law enforcement I have a seven-year-old when when he says don't look here don't look here I'm gonna do everything mama but don't look here the first thing I do when he leaves the room is I go look and where he told me not to look and it's he's always busted so Donald Trump taking this step as a sitting president don't look here don't look here don't look here at deutsche bank in capital one deutsche bank obviously a lot of questions about the role they've played in financing his golf courses and all of his businesses in Capital One I believe that's the checking account on which he wrote the hush money payments where he is now implicated as an unindicted co-conspirator and an illegal hush money Nestea and why it would seem incredibly important to any investigation by law enforcement or by Congress to have access to those bank records no yeah someone who's got nothing to hide doesn't want to sit in the dark and the president's trying to stay in the dark and keep us in the dark and what I'm seeing Nicole is a link between corruption and compromise I think he's compromised by his own corruption he doesn't want this to get out and by the way I see a link to the counterintelligence investigation that started this whole thing because if you're talking about compromised and finances the portion of that may likely have been reserved for the counterintelligence investigators at the FBI because it's clearly not addressed in the mauler case and more evidence that there's a counterintelligence compromised angle here Nicole is that it's been reported today that Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee have hired the former chief of the financial crime section with the FBI that's a major acquisition and tells me that it's the intelligence folks on the hill that are looking at the finances and we need to watch that closely you know what Frank let me stay with you and let's dig in on this a little bit because we have had a lot of conversations about the circumstances and the conduct that Donald Trump engaged in that led then acting FBI director Annie McCabe to open a full field investigation counterintelligence investigation into the President and you and Tim are both right that was not the investigative thread that we know of that Muller pursued but it was behavior like the lifting of sanctions that Mike Flynn pleaded guilty to lying about those conversations Mulla reports out we still don't know why that happened the back-channel that's in the first section of the Moller report that Jared Kushner wanted to set up with the Russians in the transition we still don't have the answer as to why that channel needed to be opened and Donald Trump's bizarre conduct his flattery of Vladimir Putin his practice of ripping up notes from the five one-on-one meetings with Vladimir Putin his insistence on meeting alone with just a rush interpreter not even an American interpreter when he met with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of NATO those are still known unknowns in terms of Donald Trump's contacts with the Russians do you think those are active lines of Investigation in whatever remains in that counterintelligence probe and in what congressman Schiff wants to do with the Intel committee I do indeed with all the smoke is there but we can't find the source of the fire and I think the source of the fires being investigated still by counterintelligence division agents and with the hire today announced today former financial crime section chief going to Schiff and his team I have to begin to wonder whether indeed there's been some sharing of information from the FBI's counterintelligence division with their overseers on shifts House and Senate intelligence committees and whether that's helping shape the direction that those committees are going to go in that's likely to have happened that's the norm for the counterintelligence division to brief the hill on significant developments in CI cases and I think that a partnership may be developing there Barrett what would the skill of Frank has now mentioned twice this higher and it does seem significant but just help us understand as a former prosecutor what that person's skill set is and in what that adds to a committee like congressman chefs yeah I mean what you're looking for on a committee is somebody that actually has worked on the field whether it's having prosecutors there to help you understand or former prosecutors there to help you understand legal theories whether it's having people that have worked in the FBI that actually understand what the nature of the threat is who the actors are that are trying to threaten us and where our vulnerabilities are so I think that's really the skill set that somebody like that would bring to the committee so actually I saw you on the eleven and and I'm trying to understand what's in Trump's head whether he's doing this kabuki dance with impeachment does he want to bait them into impeaching him because some of his pals said Clinton out of 67% approval when he was in peach go for it mr. president or whether it really is this redline that he described in press interviews around his finances what's your sense this morning about trump state of mind and these tactics these extraordinary legal measures to keep his finances to keep his bank records secret well well the answer is actually both in sort of the Venn diagram it overlaps and works out for the president he has long said and believed that impeachment is a political winner for him it's it's certainly a headache but he also believes it's a winner it sort of forces the Democrats into a box already you're seeing leader Pelosi is having some trouble managing her caucus you have people who think that they absolutely should be moving on impeachment and people who think that they shouldn't and they should be focusing on legislating and the president thinks again politically heading into 2020 if he can paint the Democrats as overzealous that that will be a huge win for him at the same time he actually truly doesn't want these committees to look into his finances and look into his businesses he said that was a red line he means it there's a few things that he really cares about one one is his finances and as his businesses the other is his family and his children and so here he's trying to prevent the he's not going to work the Democrats simply because he thinks it's a political winner he's going to war because he does not want these documents in these forms turned over and the added benefit is he feels emboldened after the malla report he thinks he can also sort of stick it to the Dems in the process Kareem let me put up some of the past headlines about his finances hush money payments to women the extraordinary reporting about what he was doing on all the days that he wrote those checks to cover up alleged sexual relationship with a porn star business dealings with rush over Trump Tower which which Tim started talking about on this history of lying about the size of his worth and suspicious tax schemes as reported in a now Pulitzer prize-winning account in the narrow kind yeah you know we were just talking about a peach mint for a second I do believe that Donald Trump is playing a game of chicken with Democrats when it comes with to a peach maybe I think he really is because regardless if Democrats are impeaching or not he's going to run on he's been doing that for a year and I do believe that Democrats should call his bluff they should play they should have Donald Trump play on their turf not play on his turf so what's that look like and I think it's starting impeachment proceedings I'm really starting to make sure that we hold him accountable because what they're doing now it's on his turf and he's just saying no to everything and so we're not getting anywhere it's almost like since they're chasing each other around and so I do believe that they need he's you know what he's doing as well he's testing like the guardrails of democracy which he does all the time and this is the space that he up is operating it and they have to just step on that and say no Moussa let me let me make that turn with you these are the Democrats who the 2020 candidates Joe Biden in the front-runner kumla Harris Elizabeth Warren who'll incasa have all called for the commencement of impeachment proceedings I believe mayor Pete Buddha judge has said that he deserves to be in pH but he's not in Congress hasn't weighed in do you think that's I mean do you mean that those are those are those are some of the forces within this Democratic primary do you think the rest will follow suit I think they they're going to have to I mean what we're seeing with Donald Trump almost every day right every day we're hearing what he's stopping what he's not gonna do the subpoenas he's not gonna pay attention to the people he's not gonna allow to speak to Congress it's almost as if he's forcing the hand of Nancy Pelosi and so if that's going to happen I think Democrats in particular in the house we're gonna be in the place where they're going to have to do it and that's why I think it's like this weird game of chicken he's almost daring them to do it and so don't play on his turf just don't do it I totally agree with Ashlee's analysis that like it's like a right-brain left-brain thing like the left-wing wonsik is in the abstract it's like yeah man impeach me and but then the right brains like wait what what does that mean again like like you know let me get to get the look what does that look like I mean how would he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who is constitutionally suited for the intensity of an impeachment he is not constitutionally in he not constitute you know he's not capable of withstanding scrutiny around anything or being patient with process right here ëadd none of this is about strategy it's it's a mud fight with Congress over what he believes his prerogative should be but I'm firmly with Frank on this that the big motivating factor here is he wants to remain in the dark and I think that that's why we have to think about this process as something other than a typical Washington mud wrestling event there are principles at stake here about the Congress's prerogatives in terms of oversight of the executive branch and what we think the executive branch should be constituted of and Trump is trampling over core values and it's not just about Republicans versus Democrats it's about clean government and it's about corruption and he's corrupting everyone around in the places game with him I agree with you but he's moved and we're gonna get to this later in the show but Frankie's mood rod Rosen this time he was the target of all of that ire and all of that what the love letter I mean do you as a former FBI official do you think that that someone like congressman Schiff that the Democrats who see the world and see these principles as worthwhile at protecting do you think they can move public opinion along in their way I think sunshine is the best disinfectant to use the cliche and I think that if we begin hearings and if we air out the key witnesses and we can get them to the table without without going to the Supreme Court each and every time I think the American people will begin to see and it will resonate with many that this is a corrupt president ironically it's impeachment may then be the the way not only to target a corrupt president but as has been said to actually ensure that we're not redefining the presidency that's what's happening here like it or not the prayer or understand it or not the president's trying to redefine what being president means and trying to have three branches of government where one is more powerful than the other and if the only way to safeguard that and preserve our equal branches of government and the way our system of checks and balances works is impeachment then that's even more reason to go forward with it actually I want to spend some time with you on just this idea that impeachment is this jump ball I mean Robert Muller released a report where he explicitly says he cannot say the president didn't commit crimes and everyone's like I don't know that's close it's so close now you've got the banks and Michael Cohen no angel testified in an open session that he faked the books cooked the books with Deutsche Bank to help the president buy a football team that didn't want him I mean the the the the evidence and it's almost how he got off in the Muller investigation well everything I did wrong I did it I did it on Twitter you can't catch me for that I mean what is the strategy moving forward he is continuing to obstruct investigations into himself with these tactics Congressional attempts at oversight and that's what the Democrats frankly have to grapple with even though a lot of them say that's not where public sentiment is necessarily and it's politically unpopular as frustrated as they were with what happened with the Muller investigation you have an increasing number including committee chair sort of saying he's continuing to obstruct he's continuing to abuse his power and even if we don't have the public on our side and even if we don't have you know any Republicans in the Senate joining us we have a constitutional duty to move forward so you had the Muller report which Democrats sort of viewed as using as regardless of what conclusion he came to an attorney general bar came to you had Democrats who sort of wanted to use that as a road map as a template to even if they didn't move forward on impeachment call witnesses before the committee say hey we know from the Muller report that you took copious detailed notes we want to see those memos we want to see those notes to subpoena documents and now the president is preventing them from doing that so that's actually a real tangible challenge of where they go from here and then from the president's point of view of course as I said before he doesn't actually want them looking into all of this stuff but he also believes to a certain extent that a bit of this is a public relations war and because the Muller report it was 448 pages but a lot of it not all of it but a lot of it was litigated in the press before because there was great reporting in a number of publications and so they sort of feel like it's not as big a deal as it would have been were it all brand-new information and there's a bit of fatigue on the part of the public which again is why they feel emboldened in trying to kind of stymie the Democrats at every turn all right really quick last question actually when is the president most detrimental to himself when he feels like something has emboldened him dand exonerated him as you're suggesting he feels about the Miller report or when he feels like he's been caught doing something extra naughty even for him that's a great question I either don't know the answer I think it's a bit of both I mean you saw the Muller investigation is a classic example he sort of felt under attack just to have Russian interference looked at and that's why we want to do that right like why would we want to know what our adversary did and then therefore he he felt under attack and so he began behaving in a way is that then added this whole extra bucket of obstruction of justice to the investigation so that's him behaving sort of poorly when he feels vulnerable and under attack but now that he feels emboldened he's sort of exhibiting the exact same behavior but for a different set of reasons so I think the answer is both hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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